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The Power of Partnership
by Charly Emery

Manifesting freedom The weather is hot, beaches are heavily populated and friendly gatherings prevail. Even though we are experiencing what many refer to as the lazy days of summer, the vibrant sunshine and social energy of the season offer us a great climate to create desired change. We examined how decision and choice are able to go hand in hand or are mutually exclusive--how your choice can be an invaluable part of creating what you truly desire. It can help you take ownership of your decisions, have peace about them and enable you to recognize limitations that may or may not be your own, thus providing you with more freedom.

Becoming more aware of the role choice plays in your life can have a profound effect on your ability to take more responsibility for your actions and create enhanced results. So how else can you add power and strength to achieving your desired transformation? Consider the Power of Partnership!

We create our own results. Therefore, the more we align ourselves with the choices and actions that support the manifestation of our desires; the faster our desires become our reality. The buddy system is certainly not a new concept. Gyms and fitness programs demonstrate the amazing physical and emotional transformation attained though partnership everyday. If there is something special that takes place when we truly commit to a goal by speaking that goal aloud, there is certainly even more magic that takes place when we utilize an aspect of partnership to enhance our progress.

Friendship has long been revered as one of life's most precious gifts; and it is within your friendships that some of your greatest potential partners can be found. Our relationships are about growth, hence throughout the years, many of my buddies turned out to be lessons rather than long-term friends or trustworthy consorts. While many of us enjoy our acquaintances, you may consider reserving your maximum amount of energy for those who can be integral components for mutual greatness.

True friends... A true friend will always nudge you to be your best without harboring any jealousy or resentment toward your achievements. Today I am blessed to enjoy empowering friendships with some extraordinary men and women with whom I share an unspoken ongoing support in achieving each other's personal best. This brings me to an example of how one of my best friends and I create some terrific results.

When one of my closest friends spoke with me about her desire to move from Colorado to Los Angeles, I could not be more thrilled! The scope of her move was extensive because in addition to a physical move, she set her sights on a career in television production, which she had not been involved with for more than four years. Her intention to relocate appeared to be highly supported when she had more than one option for inexpensive living arrangements manifest immediately. After a few weeks, she felt like she was not making progress and she questioned whether her location was conducive to achieving her goal.

I invited her to come and stay with me. We wasted no time heading out for a dinner celebration within two hours of her arrival. During dinner, we caught up and inevitably discussed what we both desire to create. We made a pact that evening to support each other fully while encouraging the actions in each other that would yield the results we wanted. We chose to become partners in helping each other reach our goals. The results we have gained through sustaining one another have been unbelievable!

Even though our individual goals differ, the positive attitude, action and awareness required to manifest those goals has increased exponentially. Once we began to support each other, some of our gains came to us through each other as well. By supporting her goal of a position in television production, I discovered I had a contact that could refer her for an interview with several different shows. Similarly, she has met people that are beneficial for me in different ways. After less than five weeks, she now works on the number one show on television.

We have since extended our partnership to include enhancing each other's health, attitude and focus. Collaborating with one another for success has given each of us more energy and fuel to take the necessary actions required to maximize our success!

Partnering with self... As we examine increasing your power and strength to create your desired results, consider the idea of partnership from a personal perspective. This is indeed the most valuable and integral form of partnership you can employ: Partnership is about collaboration. Therefore, in addition to having other people serve as your partners, you can also enlist your own habits and actions to be a partner to your efforts. Partnership begins within; there is no better form of partnership than the one you can have with yourself.

When you choose to cooperate with your labors, you are able to determine what external resources and people are most advantageous to achieving the results you want. As you identify your goals, take a moment to assess what behaviors you can adjust or engage in to support your goals. For example, if you have a goal to lose weight, a friend can support you in sensible ordering at a restaurant while you can assist yourself by stocking your cabinets and refrigerator with items that will enhance your success. In this case, the way you shop is collaborating with the goal you have of losing weight.

Years ago after trying to block out an assault, I gained 45 pounds, which was significant for a woman with a petite 5' 2 " frame. After I began healing, the day arrived when I became my own partner to lose the weight. That day I realized that the best way to help myself was to have my menu organized so I had something to follow that would ensure my success as long as I did not deviate from it.

I purchased only what I was guided to eat, and for the last nine years my food choices and shopping have served as a partner to my goal of keeping the weight off. Without harnessing the power of partnership from within, I may not have identified what resources would best help me or been able to enlist the behaviors that have enabled me to keep the weight off all these years.

If you have a goal to work out a specific number of times per week, yet you do not have a trainer or friend to exercise with, you can at least identify the best times, method or place for exercise in order to increase your chances of doing it. You can also keep a log to make yourself accountable, and act as your own trainer.

When you agree to work in partnership with yourself, you will also attract more individuals and opportunities that will support your intentions. Partnership has the ability to take place on many levels throughout your day. Synchronicities... Negative self-talk and disbelief in one's dreams are prime examples of being just the opposite. You will be astounded by how much more energy and perseverance you will derive from aligning your own habits and behaviors with your intentions. The mere effort you put into being supportive of yourself will have extensive results.

Before you know it, you will attract an abundance of synchronistic events and people as well. Please remember the greatest form of partnership is the bond you develop between yourself and your innermost desires for a fulfilling life!



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