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Creating Space for Your Goals to be Realized
How To Manifest What You Dream of...Today!

by Charly Emery

Manifesting freedom With spring just around the corner, it is a wonderful time to examine how we can nourish the buds of our dreams to develop and blossom into fresh new aspects of our life experience. There are so many ways to maximize our efforts and facilitate the manifestation of our desires. Let us continue along the journey.

Last month we talked about the value of identifying what your true desired results are so you can focus on developing them directly. If you are just joining us in this process, I encouraged readers to look closely at their list of goals and dissect each one more meticulously to determine what the specific desired results are for each. For example if the target is to create more money, you need to ask yourself why you desire to create more money and identify what it is you believe the money will provide or give you so you can in turn focus on that specific outcome rather than money itself. With such a broad objective as money, you will probably find looking within the money goal yields several different desired outcomes. Surprisingly enough sometimes, we are not able to achieve what we really want through the path we have decided is the source for it. For this purpose, knowing what are you most motivated to accomplish or obtain has immense value. You can consult your list to complete the exercise and continue, or go back through the archived articles to investigate what else we have explored on this topic thus far.

Now that you have your true desires in front of you, let us explore how to create space for those desires and results to be realized more easily. Just as it is vital to become a positive energy force personally like a magnet so you attract optimum energy, it is also important to have positive expectations for your goals, so they can more easily take shape in your life.

wishes When I made my first move to Los Angeles, I had a fairly detailed wish list for my apartment including; location, environment, neighbors, space and of course, the almighty rent figure. When I mentioned my wish list to a friend in Los Angeles, he declared I would have great difficulty in finding what I wanted. The first step in this case was to let go of his opinion and develop my own perspective. Once I had determined that there was nothing unreasonable about what I was seeking and I felt sure about my intention to move, I expected I would find what I was looking for. My list was not so specific to designate the color of the kitchen or shape of my driveway, however; it gave me great guidelines to use in selecting what would be the best new home for me. I was disappointed with the first several showings though I continued to embrace positive expectations, keeping myself open. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I had flown in for the day to see two properties. During the extra time I had between the two appointments, I sat in the parking lot of a drugstore reading the free local paper when I saw the ad that appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. Excited, I made the call, managed to get a tenant to show me the apartment and had the paperwork filled out before I flew back that evening. Even though the apartment search companies I had joined were not delivering any desirable results, I kept an open mind and positive expectations, which enabled me to take notice of things I might not have otherwise paid attention to--like this brief local paper. There was one item on my wish list that I had to pick up myself, however everything else I wanted was there, which brings me to the next step; letting go of narrow views or rigid boundaries.

Everything we manifest, enjoy, and experience holds a lesson or piece of learning for us. Similarly, the progression of obtaining or creating our desires holds lessons for us as well. Sometimes on our way to one goal, we come upon another that may hold great value for us and even indirectly satisfy our desired outcome. Letting go of specific ways something has to develop in favor of being open to how it may develop can prevent you from blocking what you desire in addition to helping it come about faster.

New Mexico Years ago, I moved to New Mexico from Massachusetts with virtually no resources. I manifested the move, a place to live temporarily, and off I went. Within the first seven days in Santa Fe, my living situation fell through. With no network of people in the area, I resisted the panic and disappointment that tried to set in, instead, opting to make room for a solution. While I had no idea how I could possibly solve this problem, I was positive that I was supposed to be in New Mexico and determined not to return to Massachusetts. My desire to stay in New Mexico created room for a solution in New Mexico. A synchronistic moment and less than twenty-four hours later, I had a place to live on a beautiful horse ranch 52 miles south in Albuquerque. It was truly magical! Living in Albuquerque also proved to be a better fit for me. What if I had only considered a solution that manifested in Santa Fe? That would have been an example of possessing a narrow view, and one that may have sent me back to Massachusetts. Be open enough to recognize when your desired outcome may be in front of you. It may not always look exactly as you imagine it will.

Now that you possess positive expectations and have an open mind about how your desires may manifest; that they may come in unexpected packages or within new opportunities, create a list of several ways you can achieve your results. For example, if you desire to travel, let your imagination be free to come up with several different ways your goal of traveling can be satisfied. If you desire a partner because you want love in your life, consider how many ways you can bring that feeling of love into your life. Once you can appreciate the various avenues you can activate to manifest what you want along with all the different ways they can materialize, you will be excited about having an open mind and seeing how magically things begin to come together and transform. It will also enhance and strengthen your ability to become a possibility thinker thus making it easier to continue approaching your goals with positive expectations. Open your mind creatively as you open your senses to the nuance of spring and begin to experience the enchantment that possibility thinking and positive expectation will bring to manifesting your dreams.



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