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by Charly Emery

Wheel of life Have you ever looked back on your life and created a map of your journey... the jobs you've held, relationships you've had, people you've met, friendships you've cultivated and places you moved to--then examined how each one led to another or how they were intertwined?

Did you ever think about what the themes in your life may have been that inspired or resulted in those experiences?

As a child I was faced with constant prejudice and intolerance as a result of my parent's interracial marriage. I was motivated to learn and understand the purpose of my life. However a theme of feeling like I didn't belong grew stronger leading to an intense desire for acceptance along with a self sacrificing practice of trying to please others. After years of perceiving my unique looks as being largely unaccepted, education stood out as another path to finding acceptance; hence I sought out to use my academic prowess to earn prestigious degrees.

Of course there is danger and false security in relying on conditions or achievements outside oneself to find acceptance. During my second year in college I was raped. Although I worked extremely hard to keep my secret and continue my education, the pain and shame I felt eventually overpowered my ability to do so resulting in my departure from the University. My plans for finding acceptance and the sense of value I longed for were dashed. My theme for life evolved from feeling like I didn't to belong to believing I was broken, tainted, unworthy and unable to create the life I'd envisioned for myself. At the age of 18 I believed my chance for an extraordinary life had already passed.

Healing is facilitated by figuring out what we feel about ourselves at our core. Shay Arave and Pure Energy Rx has been guiding me with my daily needs for optimum performance in addition to directing me toward products which serve me during exceptional conditions such as when I had oral surgery or have had to take antibiotics. Along with the holistic approach we embrace for what we use on our bodies and ingest for optimum health, the information we have regarding what we feel on the inside enables us to map out key points along our journey, helping us understand why we attracted certain experiences, people and relationships. It can also help us understand which empowering lessons are hidden within our challenges, awaiting our discovery of them. This is so important because when you understand that you do possess a role in the manifestation of events in your life, you will see that you are not powerless. In fact you have a lot of power to direct the course of your life. We do not need to suffer as we learn. It is often our reluctance to accept the messages we receive that causes us more difficulty and from time to time anguish. Though it's more effective to glance at the past rather than stare, the past holds invaluable information for us. Our subconscious and conscious thought patterns are the currents that direct and carry our vessels to where we desire to go. Just as weather conditions affect the ocean waters causing their strength to wax and wane, our state of being can either support our abilities to manifest our goals with robust energy and momentum, or significantly hamper our capacity for progress and the creation of our goals. Once we define what those themes are, we can determine whether they support our prosperity and growth or stem from past disappointments and false fears consequently hindering our ability to thrive.

I spent several years living a completely different life than I dreamed of. After my trauma I felt less than every other woman I came in contact with. I continued to victimize myself by choosing to believe I no longer deserved to aspire to the life I dreamed of let alone live it. I write about that phase of my life in my upcoming book Triumph Over Trauma. The extraordinary turning point for my life came hidden within the pain of the memory resurfacing along with the work required to create an authentic life.

We have the power to create our lives. In the next few months I welcome you to take a journey with me and explore how to powerfully and successfully manifest what you desire in your life. It's much simpler than you might think. There are several things you can do to facilitate your ability to manifest. For instance, we all attract and direct energy. We'll examine what kind of energy you attract and how the way you feel about yourself directs that energy. I'll encourage you to take a close look at the expectations you truly possess for your life along with the themes that are steering your craft today. Using a journal to take notes is a fantastic way for you to begin harnessing your own power. In subsequent segments we'll enjoy identifying ways to determine the various lessons and gifts you'll receive by manifesting what you want and how to focus on those to generate what you envision faster. Understanding how to create space for what you wish for in addition to having the best expectations are also optimal for creating the life you desire.

The numbers of us who have suffered traumas are countless unfortunately. However we have the ability to empower ourselves through any challenge we endure. Only we have the power to take away our choices in life. I pushed my spirit and all my desires for life deep down within because I took away my choice to fully enjoy my life. Today the theme for my life is "Life is meant to be magical, anything is possible and I belong everywhere I desire to be!" I am so thankful for my healing. I've learned how to manifest a magical, joyful life and I look forward to sharing the tools I've learned to use with you. Join me next month for the beginning of a potentially life changing odyssey into the power of Manifesting what you dream of…Today!

About the author...
Charly Emery Charly Emery is a writer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Her early experiences as a multi ethnic woman in the midst of prejudice led to her desire for inner acceptance and understanding of the purpose of her life. Always enthusiastic about education, it was her sexual assault in college and subsequent departure from the University she attended that impacted her life the greatest. After several years of denying herself the ability to aspire to the goals she'd envisioned prior to her trauma, Charly underwent an intense emotional and spiritual journey to recapture the power of her spirit.

She courageously moved across the country and found the peace and joy within herself she'd always sought elsewhere. The life she has manifested today has virtually no resemblance to the one she once lived with the exception of her continuous curiosity and wonder about her journey in life. She is thrilled to inspire and assist others in discovering their truth, harnessing their power thus manifesting magical, joyful lives.

Quote from Charly -- "There is no degree, title, amount of money or group in the world that can empower us the way our self love empowers us. Self love is the foundation in which the roots of everything extraordinary in our lives can be planted, nourished and supported."

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