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Finding the Hidden Treasure within Your Desires
How To Manifest What You Dream of...Today!

by Charly Emery

Manifesting freedom February may be the shortest month in the year; however, it offers us a bridge to begin our journey from the heart of winter into the promise of spring. Similarly, what we look at this month can also serve as a bridge from conceptualizing the idea of manifesting your goals and understanding the role of energy to creating positive results. Just as the groundhog may deliver a message of six more weeks of winter, the changes you begin to make may also stir up some feelings of static or impatience. We have already examined how to identify what kind of energy you put forth and conversely attract, to determine what may need to change or evolve within you to transform you into a magnet for optimum energy. We used an automobile to illustrate that no matter how powerful your engine, or positive energy, you need to steer the vehicle in order to arrive at your desired destination, just as you must direct your energy and focus in the course of your goals. While it sounds simple, it is not always easy. You are transforming your way of being in the world, which will then transform what you create in your life.

Developing a new attitude and method of attaining your goals often feels very exhilarating; however, it may not prevent you from experiencing the classic cause and effect slump. It is as if one day you are basking in the glow of your new attitude, expectations and active role in directing your energy, when suddenly you face the existence of some undesirable aspect in your life that appears larger than life itself. Often this happens because it is after we have begun to make these changes, that we become even more aware of what we no longer desire. We always want fast results. This feeling of frustration or even futility in some cases can feel like a weight on your back and threaten your belief, new attitude and focus. Do not let it. Remember that we create our own results; therefore, the results you may be experiencing today are most likely the effects of your previous attitude and focus. This presents an opportune time to develop even greater power and clarity by re-establishing your goals and exploring your motivation for attaining them.

treasure.jpg What comes to mind when I mention hidden treasure? Do you think of ancient maps and dueling pirates? Or do you get a mental picture of old wooden trunks with rusty hinges overflowing with jewels and gold coins? Regardless of what comes to mind individually, we all know that hidden treasure means something valuable and the prospect of finding it is very exciting. What if I told you there is hidden treasure in your every day desires and dreams, just waiting for you to discover it? Even more exciting, is how this process of discovery can aid you in manifesting your dreams.

There is always a purpose for why you desire what you desire, which is why some people experience a feeling of disappointment when they finally get something they thought they always wanted. Look at one of the desires or goals you've generated for your life. Now ask yourself, why do you want it? Perhaps you desire to make more money. Making more money is a very general goal. Why do you want to make more money? Take a moment to reflect even deeper. Something happens when you delve under your initial goals to see if you can find more. It is within this more detailed list that you'll find the hidden treasure I speak of; hidden because it is found within the deepest underlying explanations of why you want what you want, treasure because of how identifying this information can add value and clarity to your life.

For those of us who live in Los Angeles, our planes, trains and automobiles are filled with people who desire to manifest fame. Conversely, we see examples of famous people who are depressed, dependent on alcohol or drugs or even resentful of their fame. Do you think these latter examples made a mistake and did not really desire to be famous? Perhaps. Although it could be that their fame did not give them what they wanted from it the most, because they had not clearly identified what that was. For example, if you have money as a goal, what is the money for? Money may seem like a clear goal though really it is not. Do you want money for travel? Do you want money for repairs on your home or a new home? Do you want money for various types of purchases? Is there something you need that money will help you achieve? The treasure in this example is to define clearly, why you want the money, or what you want or need that you believe that money will give you. Doing so enables you to pin point your specific desired results so you can focus on manifesting them directly. Let us say you desire to travel the world and you are focusing on manifesting money. Suddenly you receive a large sum of money, but cannot spend it. It can only sit in your bank account. Would you have attained your goal? You have lots of money, cannot spend it and what you really wanted was to travel. It may sound a little silly however, people focus on manifesting things all the time that once gained, surprisingly and disappointingly do not always satisfy their true underlying desires. Equally, you can miss an opportunity to gain what you want by limiting your focus to one way of achieving it.

infinite.jpg By identifying your specific desires, your focus can shift to manifesting those rather than manifesting something you believe will give them to you. There are always an infinite number of ways to create what you want. The idea is that although you may still manifest what you originally believed will give you the goal, this process opens up additional paths and potential ways for you to achieve your goals faster. It also ensures you get what you want because you are focusing on what you actually want. Once you have identified this information, you can also brainstorm to come up with additional, creative ways to create what you want. If you desire to travel the world, changing your focus to that goal could mean you manifest winning an extensive trip, take notice of job opportunities that may fulfill your travel wishes, have a friend win a trip and invite you along or manifest the money necessary for your trip. When we set our goals it is very important to find out all the reasons for wanting those specific goals, then we are able to determine everything required to satisfy them. While many times you focus on tangible wants, other times you may find your true desire is something intangible such as self-acceptance or self-love. Upon further review, you may discover that your approach is not the one that offers you the greatest success.

Get comfy in your home office or cozy on your couch and embark on a wondrous odyssey to uncover what awaits your definition in your mental treasure trove. Join me next month with your true desires in front of you so we can explore how to create space for your desires to manifest!

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