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November 30, 2007 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAYIssue No. 87

Hello, Vibrant Reader!

holidays After re-reading Charly Emery's article, Take Time Out for Giving Thanks, about giving thanks during the holidays, I realized that--even though you may do it all other times of the year--it's especially easy to forget to be grateful in all the hubub surrounding the holidays. Adding gift-giving, event planning, home decorating, and the sometimes stressful family interactions to an already packed out normal schedule, can distress even the strongest of us. Charly's point is to make it a priorty to slow down--stop, even--and look around at what you are truly thankful for. It's an automatic lift, and can make all the difference in your outlook--and your intention.

AlterNet last week, posted a long, but very good article entitled, "Is Our Worship of Consumerism and Technology Making Us Depressed?" One of the points of the article is that the way we define happiness and depression in modern society is very different from how Buddha, or Spinoza, would have defined such concepts. And, the spirituality of things has been undermined by a paradigm of materialism.

In this materialistic view, any behaviors outside a narrow band of "normal," is surrounded by a tremendous social taboo. "There are many possible reasons for the increasing rate of depression among Americans, but I believe that one important cause is a culture that demands happiness. The pressure to be in a good mood can make people ashamed of not being in one."

Instead, take a moment a few times a day to step back, reflect and accept your feelings, then embrace in thankfulness the opportunity of just living.

Until next week...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


Can Cayenne Peppers Really Cure a Headache?

mood boosters Chronic headache sufferers may soon have some new alternatives. The active ingredient in cayenne peppers, capsaicin, is believed to bring headache relief by depleting Substance P, a neurotransmitter that helps send pain signals.

Although some are still skeptical, a number of studies have tested the claim, and most have found evidence to support it. One prominent study on capsaicin for pain relief was published back in 1998 in the Clinical Journal of Pain. Their review of 33 previous studies found that capsaicin worked better than a placebo for cluster headaches.

Most studies suggest that the capsaicin needs to be applied topically, such as swabbing the inside of your nose, in order for it to be effective. >>> MORE NATURAL WAYS TO EASE HEADACHES

Center for Natural Alternative Solutions

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Candice Covington in India
Candice Covington Our resident aromatherapist, Candice Covington, and her husband, Charles, have wrapped up their trip to India, and returned with new, exotic essences, and plenty of stories of their adventures. "Our experience here has been profound and we have had the good fortune to meet some remarkably kind and generous people with whom we hope to keep lifelong friendships," says Candice. "We were blessed with many lessons, learned not only through our interactions with the people here, but also through our interactions with nature, both plants and animals." Candice is now making herself available for one-on-one consultations until December 15. >>>> MORE

Time Out for Holiday Thanks
Charly Emery Our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery, explores what happens psychologically during the holidays, and how taking a break to give thanks can be a daily activity, as we sit down to any meal: "I hope you will create time to put yourself on standby, perhaps at the dining table while you enjoy your meal. In the process of manifesting the life you dream of, your every day actions affect what you attract to yourself. If you are visualizing an abundant life, yet you cannot make time to appreciate and get pleasure from what you already have, it may be harder to attract what you want." ... >>>> MORE

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Feng Shui expert, Donna Stellhorn, is back with her enlightening, fascinating articles, "Feng Shui" by the numbers. She describes the relationship between numbers, numerology and feng shui, and how to use this knowledge to make your life run smoother. Donna says, "The numbers that make up your house number, the number on your apartment door, your cellphone, your license plate number and even your age all have a very specific significance to you and to your life. The energy of these numbers can describe the experience you will have in that house, with that car or even during a certain year of your life..." >>>> MORE

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By Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney, Women's Health is a definitive look at the relationship between digestive enzymes and hormones, and how hormonal imbalances in women can be traced back to enzyme deficiencies. This book is a logical, no-nonsense evaluation of the current medical approaches that overlook digestive enzymes as an ultimate solution. Dr. Fuller-Looney makes her case by showing that the symptoms of protein malabsorption are the same as the symptoms of menopause. DOWNLOAD HERE

Body, mind, spirit news...

  • "Mirror Neurons" lacking in autistic kids
    CHICAGO (AFP) - Autistic children, who are hindered in their social interactions and communication skills, appear to have fewer "mirror neurons" brain cells that govern empathy and learning by observation, according to a study released Thursday...
  • Termites May Solve a Biofuel Problem
    Their secret is a type of gut bacteria that turns wood into digestible sugar. Now researchers have moved closer to harnessing these unique microbes to help fuel much bigger things, like cars...
  • Going green--even with the funeral
    Green burial-which eschews the use of embalming chemicals and caskets that refuse to biodegrade-is on the rise across North America, say trend trackers...
  • Extreme Weight Loss Experiment Takes Heavy Toll
    A new BBC America documentary looks at the cost of extreme weight loss, that "supermodel thin" look that too many women think they want, in the film, called "Super Skinny Me"...
  • World's longest scientific health study turns 60
    Doctors didn't know cigarettes were bad and thought high blood pressure could sometimes be good when homemaker Helen Vaughn was lured by a newspaper ad to join one of history's most important medical studies, in 1948. Now she's 91, and the subject of over 1200 scientific papers generated by this famous study....
  • BLOGSPHERE: The role of self-punishment in Dis-ease
    Steve Wells from Australia gives us his insights about how our diseases are often caused by self-punishment. He says, "How much illness results from us doing what we know to be "wrong" and then subsequently creating / experiencing an internal state of dis-ease about our own actions? How often does our dis-ease with our behavior become dis-ease in the physical sense? I think quite a lot"...

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