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About Dr. Yury Kronn

Dr. Yury Kronn, Physicist Dr. Yury Kronn is a world-renowned research scientist, inventor, theoretician, Human Rights activist and organizer. Most recently he invented the Subtle Energy Field Infusion Generator (SEFIG). SEFIG offers a unique technology that imprints Subtle Energy patterns into concentrated trace minerals to realize a significant and immediate, beneficial effect upon the body.

Dr. Kronn was educated at Gorky University, one of the world's premier schools dealing with the physics of nonlinear vibration. He earned his post doctorate degree at Russia's leading research institute, the Lebedev's Institute of Physics in Moscow. After finishing post-graduate school, Dr. Kronn worked for more than ten years as a senior scientist. He began his career in the Radioelectronics Design Bureau where he invented and designed a new type of decimeter wavelength generator and antenna. He was one of the leading researchers and theoreticians heading up research in high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics and nonlinear optics. He also headed a group of theoreticians from the Academic Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics, as well as a group of experimenters from Moscow University. After defending his post-doctorate dissertation, Dr. Kronn joined the Department of Dye-Lasers in the Institute of Organic Dyes in Moscow. He was appointed chief of the laboratory and was there for eight years. Dr. Kronn combined his scientific and organizational work with educational activities as a lecturer and Adjunct Professor of Moscow University, the Physics and Technical Institute and the Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys. He taught courses in nonlinear optics, quantum electronics and quantum mechanics to bachelor and doctorate students and served as a dissertation adviser to Ph.D. students.

Dr. Kronn has been a leader outside academics as well. In 1982, Dr. Kronn, together with ten other Russian dissidents, organized the "Trust Group," the first independent movement in the history of Russia for Trust and Peace between Russia and the Western world. In 1987 Dr. Kronn was again part of Russian history when he chaired the Disarmament Section of the first Moscow International Symposium for Humanitarian Problems, which was broadcast around the world. The KGB and Russian authorities persecuted him for his social activities and, finally, he was able to immigrate as a political refugee to the U.S. in 1988. Dr. Kronn arrived in this country to start a new life with only a suitcase and $150.

Dr. Kronn's achievements as a research scientist include:

  • The development of the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of coherent EM field with atoms and molecules.
  • Co-author of the definitive book in his field titled "Nonlinear Resonant Interactions of Light with Matter," based on his theories. This book is published in several languages and is used by universities around the world.
  • Publication of over 75 articles on the Interaction of Light and Matter.
  • The design of EM field generators and antennas, including one patented in the US.
  • The development of the theory of multiphoton lasers and laser-stimulated chemical reactions.
  • The unraveling of a series of nonlinear optics phenomena, which had puzzled scientists for years.
  • The development of the first four-photon tunable laser frequency converter in infrared range.
  • Research in the Subtle Energy field for over 20 years with ten years of those years spent in a scientific underground network in Russia.

    Shortly after coming to the U.S., Dr. Kronn began working on the design of a tunable generator that could produce specific Subtle Energy patterns. With the invention of this generator, he was able to formulate a number of vital Subtle Energy patterns that addressed specific psychological, physiological and spiritual applications. During the past 12 years, he dedicated his work to researching and refining these applications, developing a line of products and developing a network of connections to advance the understanding of Subtle Energy worldwide.

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