October 5, 2012

South Park sunset

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Walkin' the Dog

I'm lucky enough to live in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego, which is probably THE most dog friendly place in the world. It's not South Park, it's South Bark--which is also the name of the doggie wash store around the corner.

San Diego has several "dog parks" specifically for dogs to run unleashed, followed around by their owners religiously tending to poop patrol.

South Park has several food establishments and even some bars that have dogs-welcome policies. I visited the Whistle Stop Bar with my dog Wookie, sat on a barstool and put Wookie on another. The barkeep came up and asked Wookie, "What'll ya have there, Shorty?"

I'd say 80-90 percent of South Park residents have at least one dog, so as people filter back home from their workplaces, the sidewalks fill up with dogs, leashes and their owners. It's a much more social place than most I've lived in because of the dogs. If nothing else, you can talk about your dogs. I know dog's names when I didn't know the owner's name!

Dogs seem happiest with routine, and I don't know if that's because humans are, or if dogs by themselves are, but the combination of dog + human is a study in routine. Dogs seem to respond to repeated actions. They can remember practically every place there is a good smell, and the exact route to the dog park. I'm impressed with this because I think dogs use different perceptions than we do to arrive at the same information, which is fascinating to me.

Wookie, because of a congenital and chronic eye condition, is mostly blind, and yet she lunges forward, fully the alpha dog, fearlessly and happily tracking down the next smell, almost oblivious to curbs, fences, telephone poles and yard signs--all of which she's run into before I got a chance to steer her clear. The enthusiasm dogs have for the littlest things is an inspiration. Wookie will spend a full minute, or two, carefully sniffing some exotic odor like some sort of wine connisseur, lost in some deep concentration that no manner of distraction can break.

Dogs are also completely in the NOW. If nothing is going on for them, they sleep. If something starts happening, they are fully awake, engaged and loving the action. It's a wonderful model to me about how to live in the present moment. Dogs' enthusiasm for their lives is infectious, too, and I think that's why humans love them so much. The dog's simple responses and unbridled focus seems to somehow bring back those ancient human days when we were simple and wild.


Avocado I discovered the ecstatic side to dancing when I was in junior high school in Iowa, oddly enough. It was one of those sanctioned school dances where the boys were on one side, and the girls on the other, and Herman's Hermits played on the stereo. It was also the late 60's and self-expression was given particular weight during that time, and, well, I took full advantage of it. It was the era of "dancing by yourself" which was kind of new back then, although it was still better form to have a partner of the opposite sex dancing by herself along with you.

I discovered that I could make up my own dance--I could move rhythmically, all in my own way and it felt really good. I worked up a sweat and felt more alive. Oddly, after the event, I went back to my regular teenaged life without a second thought about it--until the next dance, of course. I did learn that I could do this where I noticed others were either too shy or not coordinated enough to look like they were, 1. dancing, 2. having a good time. I realized I had an aptitude.

Flash forward to adult life, and here I was dancing full out again at a concert. The music was full blast and fully immersive, and my body just responded. I laughed, I sweated, I felt my heart pounding, I felt so ALIVE. After the concert, I went home, re-entered my mundane life and barely gave it another thought, other to say, "I danced my ass off last night," to those who inquired.

Flash forward to the Whole Being Weekend a couple of weeks ago, and once again--after about a couple of years--I was full-out dancing to Larisa Stow & The Shakti Tribe with an enthusiastic crowd, who circulated around each other creating a sort of group dancing gestalt I experienced as quite profound. Here we were all expressing ourselves to the music and it somehow all came together as though rehearsed.

As I floated back to the RV after the show and dance I wondered why I didn't do that more. Why don't I just dance in my house? Why not just dance outside? It made me feel so good, why not make it a part of my daily routine? I realized I had compartmentalized my dancing experience and set up strict requirements as to what specific circumstances must exist before I do it. I realized how ridiculous that was.

I don't need music to dance. I don't need a concert-level sound system to dance. I don't even need any reason to dance, because dancing is reason in and of itself. After all, Life is a dance, really. We dance among our thoughts, we dance around in rhythms with our cars, our friends, our family, our values, schedules, judgments and pets. And all around us things are dancing: air molecules, trees, dust, noise, and smells. Everything is in motion--everything dances.

So now, I just dance, and it always feels good.

Using PureZyme™

feel the love I take PureZyme every day, and have for several years, but I mostly took it for my body type with food. Dr. DicQie Fuller's book, The Healing Power of Enzymes presents one of the first body-type approaches to nutrition in the field. Dr. Fuller noted that the way a body stores fat or not, and where was a signal of certain enzyme needs or chronic deficiencies. By taking a simple survey, a body type can be determined and the deficiency corrected.

When I initially began this enzyme regimen I lost 30 pounds and kept it off, and have continued using the PureZyme with my meals. However, that is not the subject of this particular Vibrant Living Adventure. Instead, it is using PureZyme between meals and/or during fasting.

When PureZyme (a high dose of the enzyme protease) is used between meals or for fasting, the protease enters the blood stream instead of remaining in the digestive tract to digest the food immediately consumed. Protease in the blood stream does two remarkable things: 1. It breaks down bacteria, viruses and other protein-based debris floating around the cardiovascular system, and 2. It reduces inflammation wherever it goes. Inflammation in the body has been found to be caused by undigested particles of food, fauna, and abnormal cells stimulating the immune system into an immune response. It is the primary cause of arthritis, gout, and many other auto-immune disorders.

I bring this up because I had rather overlooked this property of PureZyme and recently applied it to great result.

I decided to start doing intermittent fasting--where I'm basically eating two meals: One, late in the afternoon made up of vegetable juices and/or avocado, or a protein shake and, two, a regular-sized meal before bedtime. This means that from the time I finish the last meal until I begin the late-afternoon meal, I've spent 16-18 hours fasting.

There is a lot of recent scientific study on this mode of eating, but I'm finding it works well for me. By adding in the PureZyme during the fasting period, those nagging aches and pains we usually attribute to "age" subside, and my yoga practice has become much deeper and less painful.

Intermittent fasting in this way de-stresses the liver and kidneys so they can more thoroughly do the work of ridding the body of toxins, plus it increases the natural oxygen level of the body, tending to alkalize it.

Using PureZyme to amplify the fasting effects, amplifies the benefits, too, and is well worth the extra dosages. With food, it is recommended to take 2-3 caps per meal. Using it for fasting, it is recommended to take 3-4 every 3 hours. Check it out!

Featured Subtle Energy Formula

Vital Force Crystals Vital Force™ Crystals are an impressive application of the same technology that encodes the E-Formulas with their subtle energy charge. In this case, however, the subtle energy charge has been "zapped" into Swarovski crystals.

Several different energies are used to supercharge these crystals: Longevity, Success & Achievement, EMF Protection, Inner Peace, Chakra Cleansing, and Healing Love. The sublte energy charge is palpable emanating from these crystals when held in the hand, and the field that is created around the body when wearing or holding them results in a myriad of positive effects.

These elegant Swarovski crystal pendants have been powerfully infused by Vital Force Technology with a combination of energetic imprints from rare gemstones and crystals and healing energies produced by master healers. The Vital Force Intelligent Crystals use the "intent" of the focused mind to open the gateway between mind, body and higher levels of consciousness.

We can personally attest to the potency of these crystals, and have had some wonderful successes working with them. They make thoughtful and rewarding gifts, too!

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Personally, from the president...

Believe It, See It


I walked into the courtyard of my apartment complex (the "Love Compound" as us neighbors call it) one day, and didn't see my cuddly doggie, Wookie. It occurred to me that someone may have accidentally left the gate open and she wandered off--worrisome because she's mostly blind. I believed that Wookie was gone.

I called to her, no response. I stuck my head in my neighbor's door and called because Wookie hangs out there sometimes, but no Wookie. I hurried into my place looking around for her, and did not see her. I was sure she was on the loose. I went so far as to walk around the block calling her name and looking under every car and bush.

Yet, despite my concern, my gut told me she was okay, and to go back home. Certainly she'd at least show up for dinner. I walked into my place and there, right in front of me sleeping on the floor was Wookie. She'd been there all along.

The takeaway for me on this little adventure was that since I believed that Wookie had wandered off, I literally could not see her when I walked into my house. It was a perfect case of "see it when you believe it." I'm very much this type of person, and I believe there is another type--the "believe-it-when-you-see-it" people. They need to have some sort of physical evidence to support a belief, whereas I, and people like me, must have a belief first and then evidence becomes apparent.

After considering this, I realized the extent beliefs shape how we see others. But it goes deeper than simple judgments we make of people based on their appearance or their speech. It really begins with a world view.

If you believe the world is a dog-eat-dog jungle where only the strong survive, that is what you see. On the other hand, if you believe that the world is a loving place where everyone is just doing the best they can, then that's what you see.

I do believe that all of Creation arose from Love. I've come around to this conclusion only after fully embracing the "World of Suffering" paradigm. The reason I came around to the "Love" view is because it simply explains more. Why is that man over there spewing so much hate toward a political figure, or why is she so jealous and condescending about that movie star? Public figures in particular are great mirrors of society's inner pain.

That man spewing hate, basically hates himself. But that hate can only exist because somewhere deep down he knows there is love. That's why the hate--he hates not being able to reach the love--his true goal.

I ended up defending a friend of mine against some criticism she was publicly enduring about her breast implants. The critical person was disgusted that my friend had made that decision. I stepped in to say, "Hey, she has every right to do what she wants to her own body. You don't have her life. You don't know where she has been, or her values. It's not hurting you, so back off. You don't like fake boobs, then don't get them."

creation My buttons got pushed, for sure, but only because I could sense the underlying separation the criticizer had from her own compassion, and that threatened my own connection to mine.

I believe there is nothing "wrong" with making judgments, as long as they lead to compassion eventually. Judging is a step--a step toward seeing and believing there is love there. Judging the world as bad because it doesn't match your values or beliefs will go on only as long as you believe your life doesn't count.

When you give yourself permission to just be the uniqueness that is you, then the joy in that converts you to compassion for others' uniqueness. Because you now believe everyone has the right to their unique lives, you see them in a loving, compassionate light.

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

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