October 14, 2011



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As we head into this autumn season, it is a great time to give thanks for those things we have, the people we love, and the things we can do. Not to focus so much on what we do not have, or cannot do. Because, what we put our attention on expands. More attention on health, the more health appears--more attention on abundant wealth, the more wealth shows up.

I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. I wanted to re-post Boyd Martin's article, "Revisiting Abundance." So much has been written about this subject, I think Boyd has an interesting and useful take on it.

We hear from Gwynne Warner about the value of the color green in Feng Shui, and the Vibrant Living Tip of the Week has some great suggestions on simplifying and making your lifestyle more effortless.

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Shay Arave, President


Revisiting Abundance...

mirror I stepped outside one day last week into one of those rare sunny northwestern Oregon days, and paused taking a long slow breath, reveling in the sunshine. Everything smelled so alive and abundant. Just then, I noticed pine cones all around gently broken loose from their parent tree nearby scattered everywhere, blossoms were bursting out on several trees--each blossom to become a plum, or crabapple. I saw other plants all around that had matured, with fat packets of seeds ready to randomly journey off on the wings of Nature's winds and rains. It struck me how wonderfully ABUNDANT everything is... >>>> MORE


Feng Shui and the Color Greengreen Green, the verdant color of scented pine forests, moist mossy rocks at the river, seaweed dancing in oceans, bowls of steaming matcha tea. Healing. Nurturing. Relaxing. Restful. Rebirth. Uplifting. Growth. The perfect color for bedrooms, hospitals and healing centers. The color of wood and money. You can infuse your life with this green chi by:
  • Wearing the color green in clothing or accessories
  • Eating lots of leafy green foods, drinking green smoothies and sea vegetables, and drinking green teas (I love jasmine, myself)
  • Hanging green Swarovski crystal spheres in your windows
  • Painting a light green accent wall (very soothing in the bedroom); hanging green rice paper lanterns; or tossing green throw pillows
-- Gwynne Warner, 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui


Creating an Effortless Life

effortless Life can be a huge struggle, most of the time, and for years it was a struggle for me. I've gradually been learning what causes that struggle, and what works in making life easier, better, smoother. Life can feel effortless, like you're gliding along, if you learn to swim smoothly, to glide, to stop fighting the waters of life and start using them to buoy you up. I stopped thrashing and fighting, and started gliding and enjoying the swim. what you want from this list. I find these things work, but your mileage will vary.

  • 1. Do less. This is my productivity mantra, and it's counterintuitive. I actually don't believe in productivity, but instead believe in doing the important things. Do less, and you'll force yourself to choose between what's just busywork, and what really matters. Life then becomes effortless, as you accomplish big things while being less busy.
  • 2. Having less is lighter. Start asking yourself if you really need everything you have, or if you just have it out of fear. Start to let go of what you have, so it doesn't own you. And then, as you have less, you feel lighter. It's wonderful.
  • 3. Let the little things go. People who struggle often fight over little things. We obsess over things that don't really matter. We create resistance instead of letting things glide off us. Let the little things go, breathe, and move on to the important things.
  • 4. Clean as you go. I haven't written about this for a long time, but early in the life of Zen Habits I wrote about the habit of cleaning as you go. Instead of letting the cleaning pile up, put things away when you're done. Wash your bowl. Wipe the counters clean as you pass them. Sweep up dirt when you notice it. By cleaning a little bit at a time, as you make messes, cleaning up becomes a breeze, and it's never difficult. By the way, this applies to everything in life, not just cleaning.
  • 5. Make small, gradual changes. Most people are too impatient to follow this advice - they want to do everything at once. We have so many changes to make, but we don't want to wait a year for it all to happen. As a result, we often fail, and then feel crappy about it. Or we don't start at all, because so many big changes is intimidating and overwhelming. I've learned the hard way that small changes are incredibly powerful, and they last longer. Gradual change leads to huge change, but slowly, and in a way that sticks. And it's effortless.
  • 6. Learn to focus on the things that matter. This is implied in the items above, but it's so important I have to emphasize it. Swimming (or any physical activity for that matter) is best done when you do only the motions that matter, and eliminate the extraneous motions. Stop thrashing, start becoming more efficient and fluid. You do this by learning what matters, and cutting out the wasted activity.
  • 7. Be compassionate. This makes dealing with others much more effortless. It also makes you feel better about yourself. People like you more, and you improve the lives of others. Make every dealing with another human being one where you practice compassion.

Thanks to Leo Babuata


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