September 13, 2012

Temple at Black Rock City

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Four Agreements I'm always looking for simple life-improvement techniques that can be done anywhere at anytime, and this has got to be my favorite: Smiling.

It takes little effort (requires fewer muscles than frowning), has wonderful health benefits, keeps things interesting, and entertains your friends. That would be my definition of a panacea!

Much research has been done on smiling, and it has been found that this simple act raises the endorphin level in the body by 27%, calms the parasympathetic system (involuntary muscles), stimulates the immune system, and lowers blood pressure. Add laughing to that, and, well, it's off the charts for health benefits.

Smiling is also contagious--you smile and others tend to smile, giving them health benefits, too!

Smiling can even affect the way one person is recieved by another over the phone. A study, conducted by Amy Drahota, examined how smiling affects how people speak and are heard. From her research, she ascertained that "When we listen to people speaking, we may be picking up on all sorts of cues, even unconsciously, which help us to interpret the speaker." A person who is smiling while they talk can be sensed by the listener, even though they are hidden from view. And, the smiling imcreases the endorphin levels in the listener!

In Taoist meditation practices developed over thousands of years, one primary technique is the "Inner Smile." Life force, chi, or prana, is considered to flow better when the body is smiling. In fact, one practice is to smile at your organs--smile at the thymus gland and have it smile back, smile at the heart, smile at the lungs, the stomach, the intestines. By doing this, you are opening the channels of chi to that organ or organs. In Taoist meditation, the Inner Smile is the first act before doing other chi-moving exercises. Any part of the body in discomfort can be benefitted by this practice. So as the old adage says, "Smile and the world smiles with you!"

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Munch an Apple

Void of course Moon For me there is no more enjoyable fruit than the apple. And I think the apple is actually underrated for its transformative potential, despite it being hailed as one of Nature's greatest foods.

We are all familiar with most of the stats of the apple--rich in antioxidants, with loads of phytonutrients, rich in Vitamin A, C, and a great source of fiber.

Yeah, that's all great, but something President Bill Clinton talks about is eating the whole apple. He says doing this is the reason he hasn't gotten cancer, and with a belief like that, I'm inclined to believe him. Most people just leave the core, mostly because it is a bit tougher than the rest of the apple, and there is some misinformation out there about apple seeds being toxic. It is true that apple seeds contain very small amounts of cyanide. The body easily disposes of small amounts of cyanide, and it would take eating the seeds of hundreds of apples all at once to actually poison the body, so this bit of information has been blown out of proportion.

I, too, eat the entire apple, but it is for deeper reasons. First, the apple is a dental workout. Biting into a fresh, crunchy apple requires some actual biting effort, but the sweet reward after this small effort seems to spur one on to the next bite. It's a metaphor for effort and reward in life.

Chewing the apple has so many satisfying textures and levels to it. There's the skin that keeps the broken chunks of the apple intact while you chew, the juice is light and refreshing, and the pithy core and seed chamber massages the gums and makes you feel like you're eating something kind of wild, but really good for you.

It's the satisfaction of all these factors that appeals (pardon the pun) to me so much about the apple. I think the combination of textures, juice, and mastication force is why once you're done with the apple, it feels like you've eaten much more than you have. Hence, the apple teaches us that life is more than having--it is the enjoyment and the experience of it that matters most.

Of all the foods along the way, give me an apple any day...

Feeling the Love

feel the love I always think of John Lennon's famous song, "Love is All You Need," when I engage in this practice. It's a deep statement, despite being trivialized as a pop song.

I believe that love fulfills all needs one way or another. Love finds the starving child and feeds her. Love finds the depression of the financially distraut and gives them hope. Love finds the broken-hearted and reveals the love of self. There is truly nothing love cannot change or heal.

The thing about us humans is that we have that choice thing. We can choose to be loving and happy, or choose to be hateful and sad, about any circumstance. Sure, some circumstances are more or less life-threatening than others, yet we still can choose to love even in the worst of circumstances, and in doing so, turn those circumstances around. Can we expect to do that by NOT being loving?

The truth is, the universe loves love. Love amplifies itself--the more you feel it, the more there is. Hence, my little practice I call "Feeling the Love." Here's what I do:

  • After my yoga asanas I chant to myself, "I love you" a few times.
  • While I'm walking I look up at the wispy clouds, feel the breeze and the sun on my face, and give thanks in love for the moment.
  • Something unexpected or negative happens, and I love that I was there to experience and learn from it.
  • I think of all my friends and family and how much I love them.
  • I just sit in silence and feel love for being alive and being who I am.
  • I catch myself being critical of myself or another, and love that I have a choice to be otherwise.
Well, as you can see, it's a simple practice that can be applied anytime, anywhere. But most importantly, the more you do it, the more opportunities come along to remind you how much you are in love with life.

Featured Subtle Energy Formula

Vital Force Crystals Vital Force™ Crystals are an impressive application of the same technology that encodes the E-Formulas with their subtle energy charge. In this case, however, the subtle energy charge has been "zapped" into Swarovski crystals.

Several different energies are used to supercharge these crystals: Longevity, Success & Achievement, EMF Protection, Inner Peace, Chakra Cleansing, and Healing Love. The sublte energy charge is palpable emanating from these crystals when held in the hand, and the field that is created around the body when wearing or holding them results in a myriad of positive effects.

These elegant Swarovski crystal pendants have been powerfully infused by Vital Force Technology with a combination of energetic imprints from rare gemstones and crystals and healing energies produced by master healers. The Vital Force Intelligent Crystals use the "intent" of the focused mind to open the gateway between mind, body and higher levels of consciousness.

We can personally attest to the potency of these crystals, and have had some wonderful successes working with them. They make thoughtful and rewarding gifts, too!

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Personally, from the president...

Burning Down the Man

burning man

I finally got the opportunity to go to the 2012 Burning Man Experience, returning home early September 4th, fairly exhausted, but fulfilled in so many unexpected ways.

I had heard about the festival way back in 1989 when they were holding it on a Santa Cruz, California, beach. After a few years there, the crowds became so large, the festival was forced to find another location. Why they decided to choose the flat, dust bowl of the Nevada desert I could never figure out--that is, until I actually went there.

The Burning Man event is a small sideshow within the larger creation of what is called "Black Rock City." BRC is the city created by 60,000 or so "burners" who transform the 6 square miles of desert into the biggest, most outrageous and culturally extravagant art show in the world. And by setting all this up in one of the most hostile, lifeless places in the world, it somehow amplifies the art--like placing a masterpiece painting on a blank wall so as not to distract from it.

Yes, it's dirty--incredibly dusty, with highly alkaline desert dust that is finer than baby powder and gets into every crack and crevice (including your body). You breathe it, you eat it--you can't avoid it. It is a total immersion into Mother Earth, and soon you are riding your bike across the playa realizing you feel wild, but completely at home; half-crazed with energy, yet totally fascinated and enamored with life. The land does this to you, but the human creation of BRC takes it to galactic proportions.

"Art Cars"--huge moving structures on wheels--like giant parade floats, glide up and down the streets of Black Rock City, amped up with bass-heavy concert-level sound systems and hundreds of revelers bumpin' and celebratin' like no party anywhere. Bikes are the main mode of transport, and it is all BRC citizens' responsibility to make art with the bike--especially at night, where glowing light strands (L-wire) adorn both bikes and riders, as well as all shapes and sizes of bizarre and comic creations. For two nights I just sat at the RV camp at night watching the parade. I laughed, I cried, I was stupified.

My favorite retreat was The Temple. A four-story-high elegantly designed structure of burnable 2 X 4's completely covered in filigreed jigsawed plywood in incredibly intricate patterns. It must have represented months of work by some dedicated, in love craftsman. Thousands of citizens whipped out magic markers and wrote directly on the building about their hopes, their fears, their conundrums--things they wanted to release when the temple was burned to the ground. Thousands of citizens who had lost loved ones brought tributes and loving messages to their deceased to be purified in the fire. The emotional impact of all this brought all who entered the temple to tears, with deep primordial feelings of the grief of separation mingled with the joy of freedom.

I suppose Burning Man is not for everyone, but there is a particular segment of earth's human culture that calls Black Rock City their home every year. Now I am one of them.

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, President

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