August 26, 2011


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We're very excited about our new website design coming up soon. You'll find the site is easier to navigate and will have a more consistent look throughout--and the Vibrant Living Newsletter will get its makeover, too!

Speaking of makeovers, I feel that there is so much big stuff going on in the world, it's sometimes hard to keep from getting overwhelmed. But I've come to realize that keeping to the basics gets you the most "bang for the buck" when it comes to personal well-being. When I speak about basics, I mean...

  • Feel gratitude and appreciation.
  • Drink enough pure water.
  • Get proper exercise daily.
  • Breathe.
  • Eat pure, raw foods.
  • Get grounded with your bare feet on the earth.
  • Get good sleep.
If these fundamentals are in place, you've covered 95% of the bases. So many diseases and conditions are caused by a lack of these fundamentals. In fact, if you just focussed on getting these things actively fitted into your lifestyle, it's just about all you need to live a healthy, vibrant life.

At Pure Energy Rx we offer products for the other 5% that isn't covered by doing the above. Yes, enzymes are important, but are more important to the extent the above is not in place. Yes, our subtle energy formulas can balance and harmonize, but they are so much more effective with the basics in place.

For this issue of the newsletter, read Boyd Martin's new article, "Gratitude is the Attitude" for tips on how to develop the skill of gratitude. Gwynne Warner, our feng shui expert offers her "blessing" ritual, and the Vibrant Living Tip of the Week is also about gratitude. So be kind, be grateful, breathe, and live in the moment!

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


Gratitude is the Attitude

kindness I still see that bumper sticker around: "Practice random acts of kindness." And every time I see it, it makes me feel good. Lately scientific research on human behavior has revealed why. Did you know that even simply witnessing and act of kindness creates endorphins in the brain? Biosciences are starting to conclude that humans are hard-wired to experience pleasure from kindness, gratitude and appreciation. So much so, that even the act of watching someone do something nice for someone else is enough to stimulate de-stressing biochemicals in the brain.

In fact, the HeartMath Institute in California has been studying this phenomena for many years, leading to ground-breaking conclusions about the human mind-body predictament we all experience. In reports published by the Institute, they demonstrate how by self-inducing appreciative feelings, such as gratitude, kindness, and compassion, a powerful cascade of brain chemicals is stimulated, leading to increased well-being and creativity. >>>> MORE


The Blessing Meditation

heart I recently found this blessing ritual and wanted to share it with you all!

Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing, breathing in and breathing out. Silently say the words "Blessings to" as you inhale, and as you exhale say the name of someone you know and love, as it is easier to give a blessing to them. Continue for several minutes, extending your blessings to include your family, friends, past boyfriends or girlfriends. You will find that as you say their names, their image will appear to you. With consistent practice you will be able to not only see them but also feel their presence when you name them. Over time dificult issues that you may have with them will begin to resolve...

Learning how to give blessings in an anonymous way is a powerful means to transform your world and that of others. -- Gwynne Warner, 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui


Use Gratitude for Increased Well-Being

appreciation Recent research has found that the feeling of appreciation or gratitude creates a host of positive responses in the body and brain. Whether a person experiences the feeling due to the actions of others, or causes the feeling in others, or simply chooses to feel it, the response is the same in the body.

The idea here is to enter into the emotion, or feeling-state, of appreciation or gratitude. And you enter this state of body and mind for no reason other than choosing to experience it. In other words, you don't look to something in your life that you feel appreciation or gratitude for. You enter into this feeling-state through an act of will.

When you reside in this state of body and mind, you create a "positive attractor." It positively affects your mood, your thinking, and your behavior. Enter into this feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude several times a day--by making this a practice, we can enter it anytime of day or night at will.

The feeling state of appreciation or gratitude is an antidote, a mental/emotional protection, against stress, and experiments with this reveal that a person under stress who is also able to feel appreciation and gratitude, shows much less of a stress response--cortisol levels, blood pressure, tenseness, and even blood sugar can be normalized.

The more often you practice this flipping of your mental/emotional state into the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, the better you will become at it. Thanks to Tom Kenyon, Healer


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