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August 15, 2009 RELEASED TWICE MONTHLY Issue No. 122
Dear Friends and Vibrant Readers,

women's health I've come across a product that has blown me away. It's potential impact on women's health (and men's) is very exciting and far-reaching, so I feel a strong responsibility to share it with you.

Winalite's flagship product is the Love Moon Sanitary Napkin. Besides providing the obvious function of absorption during a woman's menstrual cycle--and better because of higher absorbency--it enhances physical health and mental well-being by emitting negative ions (anions) during use.

Ions are electrically charged atoms that can carry either a positive or negative charge. Negatively-charged atoms (anions) are required to sustain life. They have strong absorption capabilities, removing micro-particles in the air. Anions in the air are as important as vitamins in food! When anions are low or missing, body chemistry changes leading to fatigue, pain, and a host of other symptoms.

After many years of research, Winalite International successfully integrated an "anionic strip" into sanitary pads. Negative ions are released by the friction of wearing the pads or moisture. The anions may help reduce odors, general stress, and enhance metabolism and hormonal balance.

The anion-enhanced pads have also been scientifically documented to help the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and the immune system.

These features put these unique pads head and shoulders above other name brands, and does it in the same price range! Winalite's Love Moon pads have seven layers including the anion strip and a unique absorbent material that holds and isolates twice as much fluid as leading brands.

I can't say enough about these pads! I've been using them now for a month, and they are simply wonderful. I hope you'll check them out. I am especially interested in seeing young women using these for the long-term health benefits. Read our featured article this month, "Toxic Tampons," and you'll get your eyes opened about this under-reported and extreme health risk.

sanitary pads A man's viewpoint on Love Moon pads...
Women's health has a huge effect on men. If a woman is uncomfortable, sick, tired, stressed out--usually a man is nearby to experience that with her. It's in his best interest to help the women around him to be healthy. Moreover, when it comes to intimate relationships, the health of both partners is paramount to lasting and healthy sex. If a woman is not healthy gynecologically, it can hinder intimacy, if not put the man at risk himself.

The Love Moon pads, because of their unique negative-ion generating anionic strip, can be used by men, too. The panty liners can be used in shoes to keep the feet fresh and comfortable, put one in the underwear for genital health--protecting against funguses and urinary symptoms, for genital itching, and for destressing the prostate.

Beyond that, with healthier, happier women in the world, it makes the world a healthier and happier place for men! --Boyd Martin

So, I urge you to check out this important product for women's (and men's) health. Find out how you can get a free package of Love Moon pads to try for yourself!

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


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bottled water "Tapped" -- New Film Dumps on Bottled Water Craze
Tapped, a new documentary about the bottled water industry from director Stephanie Soechtig and the producers of Who Killed the Electric Car?, is a pretty damning look at how consumers have been tricked into spending too much money on water packaged in plastic and quite often not as clean as what?s available from the faucet.

Not only is it a clear waste of resources (only 20 percent of plastic water bottles used in the United States are recycled, and far too many of the rest probably end up in the Pacific Garbage Patch), it?s an incredible waste of money for consumers, who pay more than the price of gasoline for water that?s marketed as ?pure,? but in reality is largely unregulated, full of harmful toxins like BPA, and far less safe for drinking than free tap water. (In fact, 40 percent of the time, bottled water is nothing but municipal tap water, freed from the government oversight that keeps it safe.)

Tapped, which began a one-week run at the IFC Center in New York on Friday, traces the evolution of bottled water from its hoity-toity Perrier days to its present ubiquity, and succeeds at making the industry reps look like total jerks. A few too many mid-interview cutaways to Soechtig looking concerned came off as a little journalistically self-important, but Tapped does a solid job of covering every aspect of this damaging industry and inspiring more outrage than despair. It features interviews with the likes of Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin and Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), not to mention some footage of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) tearing into an FDA rep at a government hearing. >>> MORE (Trailer)

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 Toxic Tampons
Toxic Tampons So your tampon's out of sight, out of mind... right? Maybe it shouldn't be. Tampons have been around for almost 70 years, but it wasn't until the addition of synthetic chemicals and the discovery of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) that researchers began to question their safety. In doing so, they've pulled the plug on possible health risks. Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, retired professor from San Diego State University and author of the recently released The Uterine Crisis, said women who read the risks of tampon use off the side of a box aren't getting the full story. >>>> MORE

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