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May 11, 2007 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAYIssue No. 67

bath time Hello, Vibrant Reader!

After digging in the flower beds, cleaning the gutters, and mowing the lawn, I began to meditate on the power of SOAP... It wasn't 12 hours before I received an e-newsletter from Pangea Organics about the punk rock band fiasco. Seems that the band managed to get their van and themselves searched by police, who ended up busting them because a "smelling" device called NarcoPouch 928 gave a positive read for GHB (the date rape drug) in the Dr. Bronner's soap the band was carrying. Gives a whole new meaning to "cleaning up this town."

Anyway, apparently the device will always give a positive read for GHB on any truly natural soap. And as the case unfolded, the band showed the Dr. Bronner's Company a whole lot more about their competition. Don Bolles, drummer for the punk rock band, The Germs, ended up having to hire a lawyer to help him and his bandmates out of the legal mess they were in. In attempting to make their case, they tested several natural soaps to show that the NarcoPouch 928 would test incorrectly for GHB. Well, it turns out that the purported "natural" soaps, were not soaps at all--some were detergents, some were out and out chemical solvents, and so, tested negative.

"Our testing shows that real soaps which are made using the ecological time-honored process of saponification of vegetable oil will always test positive for GHB, while complicated synthetic detergent-based so-called 'liquid soaps' test negative," said David Bronner. "The NarcoPouch® 928 is a great test for determining if a product labeled 'Soap' actually contains real soap or not. It's ironic that the flawed GHB field test used by cops shows in a graphic, immediate way, true versus fake soaps. Fortunately for Don Bolles, the much more accurate confirmation drug-testing by the Orange County crime lab proved our soap did not contain the drug GHB."

Detergents in fake soap products are usually made in part or even entirely from petroleum along with vegetable feedstocks. For instance, Olefin Sulfonate, the main ingredient in both Nature's Gate ORGANICS "Soap" and Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic "Soap," is made entirely from petroleum.

Bronner laments: "Companies mislead consumers in conflating their detergent-based products with ecological biodegradable soaps, even calling these synthetic detergent products 'organic.'"

You can read the entire article here, which includes a fascinating video featuring the band.

Meanwhile, we're sticking with our favorites, Venables Valley Soaps--handmade from a family in Canada, who uses essential oils and vegetable fats to create these wonderfully aromatic soaps.

Also, we recommend, Sunfood's Tea Tree Soap, and of course, Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap Almond Castile

So, stay clean until next week...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


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The trend in fitness these days is fantasy, according to Crunch spokeswoman Amy Strathern. "By day you're an investment banker, and at night you're an action movie hero."

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  • Estrogen May Help Fight Disease
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  • New Fears Over Additives in Children's Food
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  • Clothing Created to Block Flu, Colds
    Would you like a coat that can snatch viruses out of the air before they can give you a cold? How about a shirt that eats smog, letting you breathe clean air? Or a dress that destroys harmful bacteria and even protects you from toxic gases? ...
  • Weight Grade on Report Cards Angers Parents
    Four times during the school year in Campbell County, Wyo., the school sends report cards home. Anxious parents and worried students are provided with the typical grading categories -- academic performance, attendance and a work ethic score, and now, Body Mass Index...

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