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April 6, 2007 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAYIssue No. 64

Thailand Hello, Vibrant Reader!

A very dear friend of mine has been traveling in China and Thailand this past week, and today sent me some great pictures of spring in Thailand. I've always been fascinated with other cultures and "far away lands," so the pictures were like magic carpet rides to the other side of the world.

Although languages and customs are sometimes different, the true differences are really a very tiny percentage of the total variation among humans. In a 2003 study by the Journal of Science, researchers found that among the total human population there is a genetic variation of 99.9%, and, more surprisingly, of that .1% variation, 94% of it is found within the same regional populations.

This paints a very interesting picture of Nature choosing to do her evolutionary changing process mostly within our own backyards, rather than cross-culturally. Celebrating diversity takes on a whole other dimension--celebrating the differences between you and your mate, your neighbor, the mailman, or the grocer. It's Nature's way.

And on that note, in my never-ending entreprenurial quest, I took a position with an upscale Oriental home and garden outfit here in Portland, called Jeffrey Allen. Run by two Vietnamese-American gentlemen, they have some of the most exquisite antiques acquired over the years from mainland China, but my primary enthusiasm is with their vibrant and fecund gardening area. They specialize in orchids, and have a world-class collection. They even have an "orchid exchange program," where you can bring your non-blooming orchid in and exchange it for one that is.

I so enjoy the cross-cultural interaction, and the transcendant vibe of the place. It's really exactly "up my alley," since I have an extensive background in interior design, and back in the day, travelled back and forth to Japan for upscale clients.

So, as spring vigorously shoots its stems and blossoms up and out, I am reminded daily about the fabulously differentiated variety of life--from people to animals to plants and terrain. Every day I put out the intention to really SEE the world in all its glorious diversity. And, seeing it all embraced by the Arms of God.

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
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