The Power of Simplicity

by Boyd Martin

Gerry Shigekawa and his wife/office manager, Marietta Dr. Gerry Shigekawa, or Dr. Shig, as he is informally known, has been in practice in the Orange County, Calif., area as a naturopath and chiropractor for 20 years. He sees 60-80 patients a week, spending up to an hour with each, using a direct, uncomplicated approach. "I have a very simple practice based on just letting body heal itself by giving it the genuine replacement parts," says Dr. Shig. "I try to keep it simple and elegant. That's a premise by which we base our practice and how we service our patients."

Dr. Shig uses a few powerful tools to improve the quality of life for his clients. Among them are enzymes, and the Pure Energy Rx E-formulas. "One of the causes of a lot of the degenerative changes leading down the path of illness and disease is that people forget about the past traumas. One of the manifestations of past traumas are scars on the body from surgeries and injuries. I found out by accident that E-3 works very good in combination with a low-intensity laser that drives the E-3 into the body."

For example on a tonsillectomy, he would apply E-3 lotion to the throat area, then shoot the laser into it, effectively driving the biologically active frequency of the E-3 into the surgical scars from the tonsillectomy. "It restores all the tissues back to their normal resonance and physiology. The scars are abnormal physiology that are literally draining all the other tissues around it. So it gets it back to the normal state so the body can heal," enthuses Dr. Shig.

"Subtle energies are just now coming to the forefront," says Dr. Shig. He refers to Stanford engineer William Tiller who points out that the frequency spectrum of the universe is far vaster than our senses or instruments can perceive. Our senses cover just one small group of frequencies. "So any way we can harness the subtle energies is really a gift--a natural way--the natural replacement parts the body needs to heal."

Always open to the most effective modalites to use for his clientele, Dr. Shig always questions what he knows with an eye to progress for his clients. "I use the parable that it's what you learn after you think you know it all that counts. That's why they call it a 'practice'--we're practicing! I thought I knew everything about nutrition until the enzymes crossed my path and I did some research. I had many clients on long-term nutritional protocols, and wondered why they weren't getting better. As they get better they should require less nutrition. The key was the enzymes." Enzymes are the spark plugs, the catalyst, the taxi cabs, acting as transportation for nutrients throughout the body.

Dr. Shig discovered the SES formulas at a Transformation Enzyme seminar, where he was speaking. He had been using the enzymes for about three years. "I'm one of a small group of providers here in Southern California that use enzymes in practice."

"One of the eight or nine causes of disease is the emotional component. The emotion is really another form of energy, so anything that changes the meridians of the body...I am curious to follow through." So he tried the SES 1-4, and has been particularly pleased with the results of E-3, using E-1, E-2 and E-4 as support. He uses kinesiology (muscle-testing) to find out what each individual patient needs at any given time."

To discover what enzyme protocols and SES formulas to use, Dr. Shig uses Autonomic Response Testing, developed by Dietrich Klinghardt out of Bellevue, Washington. "That's my analytical protocol and the validation system. ART proposes eight reasons why a person's autonomic nervous system can be out of balance. This shows up as stress along the major meridians of the body."

Dr. Shig then brings in E-1 and E-2, or E-4 to revitalize weakened meridians. He then determines how many drops of which formula, how many times a day, and for for how long, to prescribe for his clients. "There is no straight cookbook recipe. Everyone is different." Once the client has been brought into normal range, Dr. Shig begins a nutritional rebuilding program.

Since using the enzymes and SES, Dr. Shig says he knows he's helping his clients by the sheer number of them who don't need as much of their protocols as they did before. Where a client was taking 10-15 tablets a day, they're down to 2-3 a day. "They get down to the maintenance dose much quicker. The bottom line is that the clients are getting better, and they like that. Plus lower dosages is better for compliance on a practice-management basis. It's a key factor in keeping clientele. Although they may believe in alternative medicine, or the natural way, they still may be reluctant to take huge volumes of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or even homeopathic remedies."

"I'm finding a lot of these chronic cases, or difficult cases, are usually a food allergy or some type of environmental exposure to toxins." Dr. Shig thinks mercury is more prevalent than people believe, as well as the additives put in fuels. He says cadmium frequently is found in his clients, which he attributes to rubber and petroleum compounds in vehicle tires constantly pounding freeway pavements creating a cloud of toxins.

Heavy metals poisioning has been the most common ailment Dr. Shig sees in his practice, particularly mercury poisoning. Mercury poisioning is medically difficult to pin down, as it imitates many maladies such as Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or fibromyalgia, leading to long drawn-out and complicated protocols often requiring drugs. These are the cases Dr. Shig has been able to dramatically turn around.

In one case, a 49-year old man came in after going through three years of therapy to treat a stubborn chronic yeast infection. Dr. Shig concluded the infection was the indirect result of mercury poisioning. "When he first came in, he was practically on disability. He could only work about two hours a day before he had to lie down. They had to provide a cot for him at work for him to sleep. His immune system was shot--he was always having a cold. I got him to a holistic dentist who extracted mercury fillings from about eight teeth. We put him on a nutritional protocol with digestive enzymes, whole food concentrates and homeopathics. It was a long process, but after about a year and half of treatment he is back to normal. Now he thinks he has a life, and can look forward to retirement."

Dr. Shigekawa can be contacted at his office in Orange, California, (714) 633-2923, or by email, docshig@aol.com.