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Deepening Your Feng Shui
by Gwynne Warner
Gwynne Warner Is your energy a little down, exhausted or stale? Maybe you're feeling anxious? This month's invitation is to move out that "sometimes-too-much-yin-chi-funk" and get your Feng Shui groove on with some powerful yang energy!
  1. Host a happy, noisy and celebratory party! There's so much to celebrate-being alive, the budding and blossoming of spring, the litany of appreciation for the simplest things! Don't have a big booze-up, however, it leaves you 'hung-over' with low chi. Have lots of light (sparklers, lanterns, candles, scattered crystals, twinkling lights and so on); an abundance of great food; fresh scented flowers; uplifting music and your loved ones. The advantage of being the host/ess is that your home is left with the happy chi even after everyone leaves.
  2. Dance! Move your body and fill up the meridians with fresh and vibrant chi. You can dance at home with uplifting music or with two of my friends and clients--at their beautiful Feng Shui-savvy spaces!-- Paula Byrne at Soma Space and John Johnson at Oasis Healing Arts.
  3. Increase your good mood by wearing elevating scents such as neroli or bergamot essential oils (both in the Feng Shui-loving orange family); wearing red, orange or gold clothing; and wearing sparkling, glittery or brilliant jewelry that catches the light.
  4. Keep the chi uplifted even when you're not at home. Play happy music and keep some lights on while you're gone. Your beloved animal companions will appreciate this too.
  5. Pay attention to your "Inner Feng Shui" by tending to your mind-set. Check out my free audio on this at my blog.
  6. Increase the life force inside and around your home. Offer the birds food and baths; install an aquarium; have songbirds; purify your air and open the windows for fresh air; hang wind chimes all the way round your home; fill your house with healthy green plants and fresh flowers; have a water fountain at your front door as well as one inside (make sure to put it in the correct area of the Bagua--check with me if you don't know.) Visit my friends and clients at Jeffrey Allen Home and Garden for the most beautiful plants and orchids: Jeffrey Allen Home and Garden.
  7. Make your meals special. Break out the good china, light candles, create a beautiful tableaux, try new flavors and foods-shake up the chi!
  8. Do something different. Drive home a different route from work; do everything upside down and backwards (literally) one day; explore a neighborhood in your city; go to a new café; see a new genre of film or read a new book-just change it up and have lots of fun doing so.
  9. Increase the light. Hang twinkling lights which now come in such beautiful styles these days. Keep the lights on!
  10. Create a happy environment. Throw out the clutter, paint your walls, install a water feature, hang Swarovski crystal spheres in your windows, bring in armfuls of fresh flowers (I love those lilies over at Trader Joe's).
  11. One of the best things you can gift yourself with is a blessing ceremony. There's nothing like it to reinvigorate your chi and move and groove your blessings: 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui Ceremonies.
Gwynne Warner
10,000 Blessings Feng Shui
info @ 10KBlessingsFengShui.com

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