Our Electrical World
by Boyd Martin

aurora borealis I had a mystical experience once as a teenager living in Iowa. It was summertime, and one of the exciting features of an Iowa summer is thunderstorms.

One night shortly after dusk, with the thunderstorm approaching, I was studying the various types of clouds associated with it, and taking notes. One of my teenage pursuits was forecasting the weather. I subscribed to the National Weather Service's daily weather maps (you could get that for $5 a year in the 60s), and had gotten one of those "weather stations" for kids for Christmas. I was way into it.

On this particularly interesting weather night, to the south there was a big thunderhead brewing up coming our way, but in the northern sky, it was completely clear with stars beginning to peek out of the growing darkness. I was enjoying the contrast between something big happening on one-half of the sky, and absolutely nothing happening on the other. Suddenly, to the north, I saw some flickering color. At first I thought it was some visual weirdness with some neighbor's flashlight, then I realized that I was seeing an aurora borealis. It was faintly green with tinges of red, and sat right on the horizon, undulating slowly.

Just then, there was the deep rumbling of far-off thunder. I looked at the coming thunderstorm and saw flickering cloud-to-cloud lightning flashing against dark blue nimbus clouds. The whole scene was awe inspiring. I had the aurora borealis on one side, the big thunderhead on the other.

About a hour later, there was a real doozy of a storm, with hard winds, hail, and lots of lightning. One lightning strike split an old oak tree in a horse pasture about a half-mile from our house.

These events got me thinking about how electrical Nature is. The aurora borealis caused by highly electrically-charged particles from the solar wind and cosmic rays; and the lightning caused by the static electricity from trillions of raindrops whizzing around inside a weather system.

Much later in life, I read The Body Electric by Dr. Robert Becker (1985). The book had compelling arguments and experiments about the effects of electricity on regeneration of cells, specifically bones. He studied the salamander's ability to regenerate limbs and found that after an amputation, electric current peaked and then continued to flow until the limb was regenerated. Becker also showed that human bones can be considered semiconductors, piezoelectrical in nature (under pressure they give off electricity). When a small outside electric current was applied to a set broken bone, it healed much faster.

The human body, in fact, could be considered a complete and complex electrical system with circuits and nodes, fields and electromagnetic impluses: 1) Acupuncture meridians are energetic electrical pathways throughout the body that govern how the currents in the body move and change. 2) We measure brain activity in electrical units. 3) Measurements taken around the heart, indicate an electrical field that is many times stronger than the brain's. 4) The acid-alkaline balance in the body affects electrical current throught the bloodstream and lymph system. 5) The body depends on mineral electrolytes to maintain an electric potential across cell walls--without it the body dies.

One of my chiropractic friends pointed out to me once that an electric current creates a magnetic field, and that in the body, the hemoglobin in the blood contains iron--an excellent conductor of electricity. As it moves through the body, magnetic fields are set up that influence all the organs and systems of the body.

electric earth One of my gurus poetically told me that we are all points of awareness swimming in a universal sea of electromagnetism. In fact, he said, electricity is the flow of energy from the unmanifest to the manifest--making the universe one big electrical circuit!

Needless to say, manmade electrical devices and their electromagnetic fields have become a health issue, especially when the electromagnetic structure of the human body is taken into account. Who could help but wonder at the warping, twisting, stretching and compacting our electromagnetic body fields take in the course of living a life in the modern device-laden world.

I used to work at an electronics company making components for phone systems. At the time I lived about two hours from work near the Mt. Hood National Forest above Portland, Oregon. As soon as I got within a few miles of the forest, I would get this wave of relief and relaxation through my entire body, as I breathed in the negative ions, fresh air, and experienced the natural bioelectric fields of the giant trees.

Electromagnetic field (EMF) stress is a scientifically accepted condition of modern society. And some people are more susceptible to it than others, in some cases leading to all kinds of health problems from skin rashes and headaches to brain cancer and liver failure. Although a lot of research has ended up being inconclusive in controlled experiments about long-term effects of continued exposure to EMF, there are many scientists around the world convinced this problem represents a serious health hazard. Those practitioners in health fields see it first hand, and the questions, "Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer?" and, "How much TV do you watch?" are showing up on more and more medical intake forms.

It doesn't take complete scientific consensus before products begin showing up in the marketplace to address EMF stress. There are many of them, as a casual Google search will reveal. That said, I personally have worked with a couple of them and can vouche for their effectiveness.

body electric One is the Vital Force Clean Sweep Energy Spray, developed by Dr. Yury Kronn in a partnership with the University of California. Dr. Kronn and researchers tested survival rates of cells exposed to gamma radiation. Those exposed to the Clean Sweep had a dramatic 80% increase in survival rates compare to the control group. Outside the laboratory in "real life," I can attest that gamma radiation aside, Clean Sweep neutralizes ANY kind of negative or anti-life-force energy. In the course of a normal day tangible energetic emanations linger in the environment from all kinds of sources, including distress and suffering, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships, and negative thinking--as well as from electrical devices, such as televisions, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and wi-fi. I've been emotionally upset by some situation, sprayed the Clean Sweep around my head, and in moments I was wondering why I was so upset. Great stuff.

Another fine EMF-effects neutralizer is the Vital Force Computer Crystal. It is an 8-inch long industrial crystal (manmade) that has been bioenergized with subtle energies that counteract the effects of EMF on the body itself. The subtle energy strengthens the immune system, liver and thyroid, the main things affected by EMF. I've used this interesting-looking object for a few years now, and can attest to the elimination of the computer fatigue at work I used to get daily. Even now, when I'm away from the crystal working at a coffee shop or hotel, it takes about an hour and a half before I need to stop. When the crystal is in play, I can go for much longer with much better focus and energy. Of course, it's always recommend to take a break every hour or so anyway, but with the crystal, there's no "hangover" effect where you feel tired just sitting there.

Because EMF is yet another environmental stressor, we also recommend supplementing with enzymes. Stress lowers the overall digestive enzyme capacity of the body, leading to undigested food in the intestinal tract, colon problems, and heightened toxicity.

Just as the captain of a ship wouldn't set sail without the proper provisions and equipment, we should make sure we have the proper protection during our swim in the electromagnetic sea of life.