Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine: New Paradigms, New Technologies, New Possibilities

Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD; Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, DC, CCN; Robert C. Eanes


Subtle Energy and the Cosmos
Scientists are reaching further out into the heavens. Their latest discoveries have fostered a new model of the nature of creation and our universe. This model lends itself to a scientific explanation and understanding of the nature of Energy Medicine. Ironically, this new model may be another way of expressing what ancient visionaries told us thousands of years ago.

A discovery was made in 1933 via astrophysical observations and measurements concerning the motion of galaxy clusters in the far reaches of the universe. Scientists observed that the galaxies were moving in ways that could not be explained by normal laws of mechanics. To explain this movement, it was necessary for scientists to assume that the cosmos must contain enormous amounts of an invisible substance, which interacts gravitationally but does not react with electromagnetic energy [1,2]. Astronomers estimated that the total mass in a "galaxy-plus-cloud complex" could be as much as 30 times what they could see in their telescopes. But this invisible substance they named Dark Matter, was not detectable because it did not interact with electro-magnetic energy, and so could not be measured via light or radio waves.

The invention of ultra-sensitive radio telescopes gave scientists the ability to view the movement of hydrogen atoms in the far reaches of space, not only in the galaxies but also in the seemingly empty distances between the galaxies. What scientists observed was that these hydrogen atoms moved as if they were part of a "cosmic gravitational soup"[1]. In other words, the void of space is not empty at all.

Observations using the Hubble Telescope in 1997 led to the discovery of the most distant super-nova ever viewed. Scientists observed that this dying star "gleams brighter and moves differently than it would if the universe had expanded at a steady rate since the beginning of time" [3].

In April 2001, three teams of scientists reported the same conclusion in calculating the contents of the Universe: the mass of all of the galaxies, stars, cosmic dust, planets, people and so on "accounts for less than 5% of it all. The rest takes the form of ‘dark matter' (30%) and an even more enigmatic ‘dark energy' in space (65%) that is causing galaxies to rush apart from one another at an accelerated rate." What that means is that matter and energy are pouring into the Universe, literally pushing and expanding the Universe apart.

No matter where we look, what scientists call Dark Matter keeps showing up everywhere. Since the "Big Bang" it continues to pour into our Universe. "All space is now bubbling with an invisible form of matter and energy that creates a mutual repulsion between objects normally attracted to each other by gravity" [4]. It's no wonder this situation has created a high level of frustration and discussion within the scientific community.

"It's a fairly embarrassing thing for an astronomer to admit that we can't find ninety-five percent of the mass of the Universe," said Bruce Margen of the University of Washington [2]. "Dark matter is strange stuff. It's all around you but you can't see it.

It's whistling by your ears but you can't hear it. It is arguably the most important material in the Universe, but until recently scientists had no idea that it existed. It will decide the fate of the Universe, but we have no idea what it is. How can scientists, after so many centuries, still know so little about the workings of the cosmos?" [1, p.27].

What Does This Cosmic Saga Have To Do With Energy Medicine and Human Health?

In their wisdom, the ancients discovered and developed entire health care systems based on their understanding of the energy system of the human body. Acupuncture meridians and Chakras refer to this energy system, but what is this energy?

Homeopathy too is based entirely on the notion of working with some form of energy. At higher dilutions or potencies, homeopathic remedies offer no pharmacological or chemical effect, yet they seem to have an effect on the body. But this medical modality, one of many forms of modern Energy Medicine, generally has been ignored and dismissed by the scientific community because the energy it utilizes cannot be seen, measured or detected in any way.

In contemplating all of this a question surfaces, is there some relationship between Dark Energy and Dark Matter of the scientific community and the elusive energy referred to in Energy Medicine and the human energy system discovered by the ancients? The answer to that question is one of the primary objectives of this article. (For ease of understanding, we will refer to all of these energies as Subtle Energy.) In the information that follows, we intend to:

  • 1. Explain and define the nature of Subtle Energy and its relationship to Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Energy Medicine and the Human Energy System.
  • 2. Offer the reader a practical working model for understanding the nature of Subtle Energy, Subtle Energy worlds and their mechanisms of interaction with our physical world.
  • 3. Describe new advancements in scientific research that give us a better understanding of Subtle Energy.
  • 4. Unveil breakthrough technologies that begin to harness the incredible possibilities of Subtle Energy for therapeutic uses in Energy Medicine.
  • 5. Present, for the first time, the results of more than a year's work of clinical trials studying specific Subtle Energy patterns and their influence on physiological parameters of the human body.
The Nature of Our Physical World

We can reduce our physical world down to a few simple components. Our physical world consists of two things: matter and energy. All of the various substances (matter) in our physical world are comprised of three basic stable particles: electrons, protons and neutrons.

The energy types of our physical world are electro-magnetic, nuclear and gravitational. But, for the subject of this article, we will focus only on electromagnetic energy, which defines the processes and actions essential for this discussion.

Now let us make some considerations about the physical world:

1. Matter and energy are interrelated and they have an effect on each other (Fig.1).
2. E = MC2 suggests that matter and energy are interchangeable, but, for all intents and purposes, except in the occurrence of nuclear reactions, matter and energy are not interchangeable. They maintain their own identities and properties. In all processes important for sustaining life, including chemical reactions, energy can be released or absorbed but the basic particles of the physical world do not convert into energy or vice versa.

At this point, it is important to make a comment about the limited extent of our understanding of the physical world. Science has developed a thorough understanding about the laws and properties of electromagnetic energy. But, science has never answered the question, " What is the origin of this electricity and this type of energy?" Additionally, science suggests that the atomic particles: electrons, protons and neutrons are made up of subatomic particles called quarks, gluons, neutrinos, etc. But, what is the origin of these particles?

To explain the properties of subatomic particles, scientists have developed the "Superstring theory", which postulates the existence of a 10-dimensional Universe [5]. Does this theory possibly suggest that the substance of the basic atomic particles originates from another dimension, one outside of our 3-dimensional Universe?

Worlds Within Worlds

Of course, modern day research scientists and astronomers are not the only people to come along and give a thought to the nature and structure of the Universe. Millennia ago, ancient visionaries developed a sophisticated schematic of the Universe called the Tree of Life1 [6 - 9]. According to this schematic, the Universe is constructed of a sequence of worlds, each one made of a successively grosser or denser and less subtle substance. Each of these worlds originates from the previous, subtler world. Therefore, our physical world "originates" from a more-subtle world, called the Etheric World, and that subtle world originates from a more-subtle world and so forth and so on.

Each of these worlds has its own energy, which interacts with the substance of that world. An example of this was described earlier: Atomic matter in our world interacts with the electromagnetic energy of our physical world (Fig. 1).

A "veil" separates each of these worlds and these veils may be described as a limit of interaction. The substance of one subtle world interacts with the energy of the same world. However, this same substance does not interact directly with the energy of any other world (Fig. 2).

And in the same manner, the energy of one world does not interact directly with the substance of any other world.

At the same time, each world has a point of connection with both the previous and the next successive world. This is referred to in the Tree of Life as Jacob's Ladder [7]. Each world has transitional types of substance as well as transitional forms of energy, which can be converted from one world to another. Logically, it means there is a point of connection, like an interface, that allows for the substance and energy of a more-subtle world to create the matter and energy in the next grosser or less-subtle world (Fig. 3).

The substance of each world is considered to be a restricted vibration, one that is confined within itself (Fig. 4).

The energy of each world is considered to be an unrestricted vibration, one that has the tendency to propagate (Fig. 5).

Over 70 years ago, Dr. Henry B Pullen-Burry described the nature of energy and matter like this:

"Put the tail of a serpent in its mouth, and permit it to wriggle, and it will symbolically continue to do so . . . this is an excellent presentation of the principle of construction of an atom of the simplest and most ethereal of all substances. To make a symbol of a physical atom of the heaviest kind, one would need several thousand such serpents, tied up in a knot by interlacing one with another. The construction of atoms depends upon the vortical principle; that of rays depends on the helical principal or straight corkscrew whirling. The former is substance, the latter is energy." [6, p. 48].

The world preceding our physical world, the Etheric World, is considered a part of our physical world, but it is subtler than our world of solids, liquids and gases. As discussed previously, the Etheric World creates physical matter. The three basic particles of our physical world: electrons, protons, neutrons and consequently atoms, all originate and are created from the substance of the Etheric World. The basic particles of the Etheric world were named "Anu" [10,11] (Figure 6).

This process of creating the substance or matter of our physical world originates from the two simplest Etheric particles called positive and negative Anu.

Anu combine with each other in different combinations (+ - +,+ + -...) in a step by step way to create more sophisticated combinations. These combinations are what we call sub-atomic particles [10]. This process ends with the formation of the basic atomic particles (Figure 7), which make up the atoms of the Periodic Table of Elements i.e. Hydrogen, Iron, Lithium.

Three people with unusual extrasensory abilities described this process in detail at the beginning of the 1900's. They were Edwin D. Babbitt, Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater [10, 11]. Through experiments involving extrasensory perception, Babbitt, Besant and Leadbeater found in their research that the basic particles of ether, called Anu, appear as complex vortexes of substance coming from a preceding world. Each vortex consists of 10 independent but interrelated closed strings. Some present day researchers have found that the Babbitt et al. observations are consistent with modern day quark models and these observations "bear a striking resemblance to the basic ideas of the Superstring theory" [12].

Therefore, we can conclude: The creation of all physical particles and consequently of all physical matter can be visualized as a dynamic, continuous process.

The Etheric World and Dark Matter

This description of the creation of physical matter by Babbitt et al. stands in agreement with the ancient picture of substance and energy in different worlds, with similar correlations to the point of connection between worlds and with matter as restricted vibrations, etc. The following chart compares general characteristics of the Etheric World, according to the Ancient Schematic along with Extrasensory Research, to the world of Dark Matter, according to modern science:

The Etheric World
Dark Matter
1. Etheric substance creates physical matter. 1. Physical matter is created by sub-atomic particles. Hypothetically, Dark Matter may consist of some of these particles [1].
2. The Etheric World is comprised of more than just the physical world. Its substance as well as the substance of the preceding world is subject to gravitational forces [6, p.33] 2. Dark Matter contains more than 95% of the mass of the Universe.
3. The existence of "veils" limit interaction. Ether does not alter stable combinations of Etheric "atoms", which comprise particles of the physical world. 3. Dark Matter does not interact with physical matter.
4. Basic particles of the Etheric World resemble string-like, complex vortexes. 4. The latest theory of sub-atomic particles is called the Superstring Theory.
5. Energy of the Etheric World does not interact directly with physical matter. 5. There is no indication of measurable energy emitted by Dark Matter.

This comparison illustrates that the Etheric World of the ancients, the world of subatomic particles and the Dark Matter of modern science could very well be overlapping worlds, if not entirely the same.2

A Working Hypothesis

Summarizing everything discussed above, the following hypothesis can be made:

  • 1. Subtle Energy is energy of the Etheric World and of the worlds preceding it. In their proper worlds, these subtle energies play a role analogous to the role played by electromagnetic energy in our world. Scientists refer to Subtle Energy as Dark Energy.
  • 2. According to both ancient and modern sciences, the Subtle Energy of the Etheric World does not interact with physical matter directly. For this reason, we cannot directly measure Subtle Energy via electromagnetic devices.
  • 3. The energy fields of the different worlds or layers of the Universe are connected with each other. In the same way, the substances of these worlds are products of the preceding world [6]. Therefore, energetic processes in our world such as electric and magnetic vibrations and electromagnetic waves definitely influence vibrations in the energy fields of the Etheric World and of all preceding worlds. This phenomenon consequently influences the substances of these worlds.
  • 4. The substance of the Etheric World, created from Anu, forms matter in the physical world. Our discussion supports the assumption of some scientists that Dark Matter is comprised of "basic" sub-atomic particles [1] and that these sub-atomic particles form matter in the physical world.
  • 5. Since Subtle Energy does not interact with matter of the physical world directly, the only conceivable way that Subtle Energy could have an influence on physical matter is through the process of dynamic creation of physical matter (Figure 8):
a. Subtle Energy influences the creation of primal particles of the Etheric World, called Anu.
b. Combinations of Anu form sub-atomic particles.
c. These combinations form the three basic particles of the physical world, electrons, protons and neutrons, and consequently of all substances in the physical world as we know it.
d. Therefore, Subtle Energy can influence properties of substances in the physical world through the process described above. We will call this process Indirect Subtle Energy Effect on Matter (ISEEM).
e. Through ISEEM, Subtle Energy might influence our physical world, including the biochemistry of the human body.
6. An electro-magnetic field directly influences the body in a "normal," physical way-through electrons, ions polar molecules, etc. And, an electro-magnetic field can also influence the Subtle Energy structure of the body through its connections to Subtle Energy. This is how an electro-magnetic field can be a "carrier" for Subtle Energy influence (Fig. 9).
For instance, the effect of imprinting "signatures" of various substances in water with the help of an electro-magnetic field [13], in our opinion, takes place due to this mechanism.

Various phenomena confirm this hypothesis:

  • Altering the absorption spectra of chemicals in UV range and the speed of hydraulic reaction and dye degradation under the influence of a Subtle Energy Emitting Device: Bio-Accumulator and Bio-Generator developed in Czechoslovakia by Robert Pavlita, investigated in the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences [14].

  • Changes in the infrared spectrum of water under the influence of receiving energy from a healing practitioner using a method called "laying on hands" [15].

  • Strong changes in the pH of water and alcohol and in the solubility of dye under the influence of a healing practitioner's energy [16].

  • There is a significant change in the precipitation process of salts of different metals as the planets change their position in reference to each other [17, p.35, see also 18].
  • Why Is All of This So Important?

    Why is this important to us as scientists and as health care professionals and, in particular, to us as human beings? The subtle world of Dark Energy (Subtle Energy) and Dark Matter (Subtle Matter) comprises about 95% of the energy and mass of the Universe. In light of this fact, it is obvious that Subtle Energy has an immense impact on the processes of our physical world and, thus, our health. The ancients knew this very well:

    "There are numberless energy rays in the Universe…All rays…come from the subtle nature of the Universe…The interwoven energy net influences the lives of individual human beings, whole societies and entire races…A virtuous individual who responds to the high, pure, harmonious Subtle Energy rays and integrates them with the positive elements of his own inner being may strengthen his life, enhance his health and power and lengthen his years." —Lao Tzu, Hua Hu Ching, 500 B.C. [19]

    Knowing the laws of interaction between the physical world and the subtle worlds gives us powerful tools for harnessing Subtle Energy. It should be stressed that the precise laws governing the connection between energy fields of different worlds are still unknown to us. Subtle Energy is not directly measurable by the tools of modern science. It can be researched only through the observation of its effects as produced on animate or inanimate objects.

    The properties of Subtle Energy are very different from the properties of energy known in the physical world. For example, the characteristics of the Five Elemental Energies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, metal, water, wood, fire and earth, describe some laws of influence of different patterns of Subtle Energy on the body that do not have an analogy in the physics of electromagnetic energy. To further benefit patients with successful therapeutic application, there is a strong need for continued research and experimentation with Subtle Energy.

    A New Generation of Energy Technology

    With a better understanding of the nature of Subtle Energy, the potential for using Subtle Energy in a wide range of applications, including Energy Medicine is enormous. Fortunately, new tools are being created and perfected.

    Dr. Yury Kronn, one of the authors of this article, invented one of these new tools, the first "tunable" Subtle Energy generator. This generator is capable of transmitting specific Subtle Energy patterns, which, in turn, produce very specific effects on the human energy system and the physical functions of the body. Dr. Kronn has experimented with this Subtle Energy generator since 1989. The output of the generator does not have noticeable electro-magnetic energy, yet it is capable of imprinting high-intensity Subtle Energy patterns into various substances. This makes Subtle Energy readily available for research and Energy Medicine applications.

    "Magnetic" Properties of Subtle Energy

    In his experimentation, Dr. Kronn uncovered an interesting phenomenon: various substances imprinted two years ago with specific Subtle Energy patterns demonstrated the same effect on the human energy system as freshly imprinted substances with the same Subtle Energy pattern. The only substances found incapable of holding a Subtle Energy imprint for a long time were distilled water and polished metallic samples.

    These experiments confirmed what many others have observed in their research and experimentation as a unique property of Subtle Energy that imprints of Subtle Energy into certain physical substances have a long-lasting effect. It was shown that this phenomenon is not connected in any way with magnetic field. A confirmation of this was verified in experiments with the most precise magnetometer in the world.3

    This property of the durability of a Subtle Energy imprint is immensely important because it gives us a long lasting delivery system with the greater potential in using Subtle Energy patterns for research and application in Energy Medicine. We will call this property the Magnetic Subtle Energy Effect.

    Experimental Results and Perspectives

    The ability of Dr. Kronn's Subtle Energy generator to imprint high-intensity, specific energy patterns into various substances opens wide possibilities for the research and application of Subtle Energy products. The following examples present some results of more than a year's experimentation with properties of energy patterns and how different energy patterns infused in concentrated trace mineral solutions influence Subtle Energy structure and human health.

    • 1. When charged by Dr. Kronn's equipment, almost all organic and inorganic substances can hold imprinted Subtle Energy patterns for a long time, sometimes for years. Trace minerals in a liquid concentrate work exceptionally well for this purpose. The difference between the ability of mineralized and distilled waters to hold Subtle Energy patterns suggests that minerals are playing the role of "capacitors" or holders of Subtle Energy. It could very well be that minerals play the same role in the human body in addition to their chemical significance.
    • 2. Experimentation with imprinting Subtle Energy patterns into different substances shows that the appropriate combination of a particular pattern with the substance receiving the pattern increases the beneficial effect of both the Subtle Energy pattern and the final Subtle Energy effect. For example, imprinting the Subtle Energy pattern called Stress Relief into MSM cream resulted in the cream's ability to relieve specific kinds of pain very effectively and almost instantly. It also dramatically enhanced the speed of healing soft tissue trauma. Using the MSM lotion without the Subtle Energy pattern was not as effective and using the same energy pattern without MSM cream was also not as effective, i.e. using the MSM lotion with energy produces a synergistic outcome, more beneficial than the effects of the independent components.
    • 3. Along with the positive influence on the functions of the body, balancing and enhancing the human Subtle Energy system with Subtle Energy patterns creates conditions for other therapeutic modalities to have a better, more consistent and predictable effect.
    • 4. This new technology presents unique possibilities for creating powerful imprints of energy patterns, which replicate the energy blueprints of natural substances. It allows us to understand which part of a given substance's therapeutic effect is defined by its energetic properties versus its chemical properties. For example, when we looked at the Subtle Energy pattern called Tranquility which is a "replica" of the energy pattern of Lithium, known for its therapeutic psychological effect, we observed that the psychological effectiveness of Tranquility is relatively equal to real Lithium4. This suggests that Lithium's psychological effect is more of a Subtle Energetic effect than it is a chemical effect. Dr. Kronn's method of programming the Subtle Energy generator now allows us to "replicate" any Periodic Table element as an energy pattern. What we can now call the "Subtle Periodic Table of Elements" opens wide possibilities for experimentation in many areas of Energy Medicine.
    • 5. By using the Subtle Energy pattern of a substance, rather than the substance itself, we are able to take advantage of the energetic therapeutic effects of specific substances and alleviate the possibility of dangerous or even poisonous side effects of the physical forms of these substances. For example, Tranquility ("subtle Lithium") does not have the negative side effects of Lithium, the element.
    • 6. Experiments with Subtle Energy patterns designed for psychological applications show that their effect is nearly immediate. For example, the Stress Relief energy pattern gives significant relief of anxiety in a few minutes. This level of emotional impact supports the theory that human emotions are stored in the energy field in a way that is much like a computer program.


    1 --This book [6] was written long before the Dark Matter phenomenon was observed.

    2 --According to an analysis of the Tree of Life schematic [6], the substance of the world preceding the Etheric World—the world of Yetzirah—is also subject to gravitational force.

    3 --A study of "magnetization" by Subtle Energy imprinting in experiments described in [14] was conducted under control of a super-conductive magnetometer, SQUID, which has an accuracy of 10 –14 T. In these experiments, no presence of a magnetic field was detected.

    4 --See final section of this article beginning with "The Effect of Energy Supplements on the Human Body," including "Acute-Chronic Case Studies" for more detailed information on this.


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