Research Summary of Dr. Kronn's Work

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A new discovery has been made in the field of "Bio-Energy Technology" by Dr. Yury Kronn, a physicist from Russia. We believe this technology will become one of the cornerstones of "Energy Medicine" as well as open new horizons for scientific research on the nature of this energy and its role in human physiology, psychology and consciousness.

Bio-Energy, called "Chi" or "Prana" in Traditional Oriental Medicine, has been regarded since ancient times as the life sustaining force of the universe. Dr. Yury Kronn, internationally known for his research on the nonlinear interaction of laser light with matter, discovered a way to harness this force using the methodology and technology of modern physics. He has developed plasma based computerized equipment using a low intensity alternating magnetic field for generating bio-energy. It contains a unit where bio-energy is separated from the electro-magnetic field so that the output of the Bio-Energy Generator (BEG) does not emit any measurable electromagnetic energy, only bio-energy.

After years of experimenting with the technology Dr. Kronn developed a proprietary method of programming it to generate various bio-energy formulas, called Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas, producing different biological effects. He has also developed a transfusion chamber that can infuse into substances specific Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulations for a wide variety of applications.

Outstanding positive effects on cellular, physiological and psychological levels were registered in a number of experiments using rigorous scientific methods: functional MRI, Heart Rate Variability testing, Brain Mapping, as well as biological tests on human cell revitalization and seed germination and growth. Infrared spectrum analysis and Charge Density Pulse effect were also employed to detect the impact Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas produce on the physical properties of substances. The following are some of the results observed under the influence of specific Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas:

  1. Rapid and significant improvement in the parameters of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) including balancing the sympathetic-parasympathetic response, as measured by Heart Rate Variability tests. Keeping in mind that the ANS is responsible for nearly all of our life functions, it is clear that the use of the Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas to stimulate ANS performance can significantly improve one's physiology and thus one's quality of life.

  2. Revitalization of human cells subjected to gamma radiation. Professor of Radiology at UC Irvine, Dr. Joie Jones, found that the Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas designed by Dr. Kronn for cell rejuvenation revived over 80% of radiated cells (in comparison with 50% of the cells that survived in control samples).

  3. Excitation of the visual cortex in the brain by oil infused with a Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formula created for the corresponding acupuncture meridian, and applied to acupuncture point B67 (known in traditional acupuncture for its effect on vision). Prof. Joie Jones observed a long lasting effect on the visual cortex using functional MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Prof. Jones is known for his pioneering experiments observing the stimulation of the brain with acupuncture needles and ultrasound applied to acupuncture point B67.

  4. Significant and long lasting changes in the infrared absorption spectrum of deionized distilled water were observed after a short exposure to Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas. This result shows the influence of bio-energy on physical substances and calls for further research on the technological applications of bio-energy.

  5. An unusually strong Charge Density Pulse (CDP) effect has been observed with both distilled and spring water infused by Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas from Dr. Kronn's generator. It was found that each formula produces a unique CDP curve. Dr. W. C. Levengood, the discoverer of the CDP phenomenon, made this observation. It was experimentally proven that the CDP effect makes it possible to measure the comparative bio-energy levels and energy fluctuations in biological systems.

  6. Selective stimulation of different rhythms in electrical brain activity using specific Pure Energy Rx formulas as well as synchronization of the left and right hemispheres was observed using EEG and brain mapping.

  7. A significant increase in the vitality, germination rate and growth rate of seven year-old wheat seeds. The Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulations tested using standard germination procedures consistently demonstrated the ability to add vitality to the wheat seeds, increasing germination rates up to 34% and sprout growth up to 77%, as measured on the seventh day after germination.

These results along with information from health practitioners, as well as testimonials of many people indicate that physiological, psychological and mental functions can be dramatically improved using specific Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas.

Positive results with people suffering from phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, sleeping and attention deficit disorders have been observed. Specific bio-energy formulas were found that proved to be very effective for profound relaxation, for increasing concentration, for stimulating memory and mental abilities and for developing a deep meditative state.

All of these findings raise the vitally important question of the relationship between bio- energy and human physiology and psychology. Dr. Kronn's technology opens totally new possibilities for research in this area.

We believe that this "Bio-Energy Technology" developed by Dr. Kronn gives us new ways of improving human health, preventing diseases, rejuvenating the human energy system, managing stress and stimulating extraordinary mental abilities.

The ability of Dr. Kronn's equipment to produce and deliver stable, repeatable and specific Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas and to manipulate them in a way similar to the technology of electromagnetism puts bio-energy research in the realm of hard science. For the first time it throws the door wide open for systematic research on the properties and applications of bio-energy.

Pure Energy Rx Vital Force formulas can be easily delivered to large numbers of people in a variety of ways. For instance, many organic substances have bio-energy storing capabilities. Another example: concentrated trace minerals have proven to be effective "energy capacitors" holding bio-energy for years. They can be used as stand-alone products or as an ingredient in existing health care and nutritional products. Consequently, there are almost unlimited possibilities for the practical implementations of this technology.

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