December 7, 2012
Santa meditation

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Vibrant Living Tips

Loneliness impairs the immune system

loneliness A 2005 study provides more support for the theory that social support may strengthen the immune system. This study actually found that social isolation and loneliness can impair the immune system. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that lonely and socially-isolated first-year students mounted a weaker immune response to the flu shot than other students. Lead author Sarah Pressman explained that these results this way in an APA release: "You can have very few friends but still not feel lonely. Alternatively, you can have many friends yet feel lonely." It seems that feeling lonely clearly impairs the immune system's response. COMMENT: It is the feeling of loneliness that is the activating factor when it comes to immunity. So...embrace the feeling that you are not alone. VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Rose Quartz Elixir for unconditional love and for healing deprivation.

Exercise a better anti-depressant that Zoloft

exercise James A. Blumenthal, Ph.D. and his colleagues surprised many people in 1999 when they demonstrated that regular exercise is as effective as antidepressant medications for patients with major depression. The researchers studied 156 older adults diagnosed with major depression, assigning them to receive the antidepressant Zoloft (setraline), 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, or both. According to Blumenthal "Our findings suggest that a modest exercise program is an effective, robust treatment for patients with major depression who are positively inclined to participate in it. The benefits of exercise are likely to endure particularly among those who adopt it as a regular, ongoing life activity." In September 2000 the team released the results of a follow-up study. Blumenthal and his colleagues continued to follow the same subjects for six additional months and found that the group who exercised but did not receive Zoloft did better than either of the other two groups. COMMENT: Most people who exercise are probably aware of this effect--probably most attributed to the release of endorphins. VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Stay focussed and confident with your exercise program with Success & Achievement Elixir.

A positive attitude keeps you alive

positive attitude Over 50 percent of deaths in the United States can be attributed to behavioral and social factors, says psychologist Oakley Ray, Ph.D., of the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University who reviewed the last century of research on psychosocial factors and health. Furthermore, recent research provides evidence that stresses that affect the brain can hurt the body at the cellular and molecular level and diminish a personís health and quality of life. But, the research also says that maintaining a positive frame of mind can help a person overcome some of these stress effects, fight disease better and ultimately delay death. A balance between an individual's coping skills and his or her stress level can also be the tipping point of whether one is more susceptible to illness or not, said Ray. According to the literature, coping skills can be defined as having a good knowledge of the world you live in; having inner resources and believing you have some control over life events; having social support, which is proven to have a direct affect on mortality rate; and having a spiritual orientation to oneself and the world. COMMENT: Positive people take better care of themselves, whereas negativity can cause lackadaisical attitudes, self-loathing and several other emotional states that suppress the immune system, as well as contribute to bad choices of environment and diet. VIBRANT LIVING TIP: When negativity strikes, spray it away with Clean Sweep. Neutralizes all forms of negativity from EMF to human emotions.

Company & Product News

DigestZyme Family Size
DigestZyme We're very happy to announce that our popular Transformation Enzymes formula, DigestZyme, is now available in a large family size! This size has twice as many caps at a fraction of the price per cap. Regular size DigestZyme has 120 caps in a bottle for $40. The large size of 240 caps is only $66--that's a 40% savings per capsule.

DigestZyme is recommended for Body Types 1 and 4. If you don't know your body type, you can find out here with this quick 7-question survey. DigestZyme is a balanced enzyme formula that includes enzymes for digesting most types of food. As we head into the holiday season with its own particular set of stressors and dietary changes (can we say cake and candy?), give your body the support it needs with DigestZyme. Great for kids, and even it's great for Fido, too!

E-3 Energy Cream on sale
E-3 For the remainder of the month of December, E-3 is on sale for 30% OFF. Use the discount code ESP30 when checking out through the website shopping cart.

Now get E-3 in a 2 oz. size making it very convenient for carrying in a pocket or purse, and it won't get you sidelined at the TSA station! Travel with E-3 for those sore, aching feet from chasing your airline flights, or those long shopping trips in that foreign country... Great for any minor (or major) injury. Just apply directly to any painful or uncomfortable area of the body.

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Featured Subtle Energy Formula

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep Clean Sweep Spray cleans any kind of negative energy. Tangible energetic emanations linger in the environment from all kinds of sources, including distress and suffering, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships, and negative thinking--as well as from electrical devices, such televisions, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and wi-fi. Few people are aware of the fact that negative energetic emanations can affect healing time, state of mind, family dynamics, and mental focus.

The good news is that Clean Sweep has an almost immediate effect on the human nervous system. It relieves emotional tension, and creates a sense of well-being and security. It can help to calm and relax aggressive people by soothing negative thoughts and tendencies. Overall, the body's entire system is more relaxed and has more energy for dealing with the rest of life's challenges--energy it had been using to counteract the impact of negative energies in the environment.

As it cleans the space, Clean Sweep also protects from further accumulation of damaging energy for up to two days. However, in areas where negative energy is continuously introduced, it makes sense to use the spray more often. Some people like to use it 2-3 times a day.

Clean Sweep is all-natural, water-based, and contains no chemicals or fragrances. The energized structured water solution can be used safely around all living things. MORE INFO

Gem Elixir of the Month

Turquoise Turquoise

Traditionally known as the "Stone of Healing and Protection", Topaz is also the traditional stone for December birthdays.

Spiritually: Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Enhances intuition and meditation.

Emotionally: Dispels negative energy, stabilizes mood swings, dissolves self-defeating behavior and depression.

Mentally: Instills inner calm and alertness and aids creative expression. Enhances communication skills.

Turquoise is traditionally believed to be a "profound master healer". It is considered strengthening to the entire anatomy, easing all conditions. It is thought to enhance the physical and psychic immune systems, regenerate tissue, stimulate absorption of nutrients. Turquoise is thought to add energy to all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies, and protect against environmental pollutants.

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Personally, from the president...

The Interconnectedness of Light

Sai Maa I recently had an opportunity--and blessing--to attend a couple of "Masters of Light" workshops with Michelle Leuschen here in the San Diego Area. Her purpose was to introduce the classes to the practice of "direct enlightenment," or the lighting of the brain, a practice also taught by her guru Sai Maa.

The truly remarkable thing about this idea is that it uses imagination as a tool of enlightenment. This is certainly not a new idea, but what is new, in my opinion, is that the practice is no longer strictly in the realms of spiritual teachers, gurus, adepts, mystics, or other advanced practitioners. This is something ANYONE can do--that is, if you have a functioning imagination.

The first thing we did was a diksha (DEEK-sha)--basically a blessing. This blessing is specially for the light of Sai Maa (pictured right). We picked partners and exchanged "doing" diksha on each other. Here's how it worked:

  1. Center yourself into the heartspace--basically putting your attention on your heart area.
  2. Ask for the Light of Sai Maa.
  3. Hold the hands, palms upward, on either side of the receiver's head just above the ears.
  4. Slowly move the hands so the palms are above the head about an inch with thumbs touching.
  5. Slowly move the hands until palms are resting on the receiver's hairline area.
  6. Remain until you stop (could be 30 seconds to a couple of minutes)--whatever feels right, or your get some sort of intuitive signal.
I received diksha first, and for me, there was a faintly bluish-pinkish light that came in through the top of my head and cascaded very slowly down through my body. It was extremely calming and I noticed all thinking stopped (this was reported by several people). There was a sense of an infinitely gentle yet powerful energy seeping down into every cell of the body.

Then, when I gave it, the same thing happened, and I noticed I was smiling broadly without really smiling at anything in particular, or smiling at any thought, since there were none.

After the diksha, Michelle encouraged the class to report what they had experienced. It was slow going because everyone was obviously blank-minded and very blissed out. I did manage to blurt out, "A bluish light. Very nice. Very nice," as I sat there with my buzzing body.

Since then, I've incorporated self-diksha into my daily practices in the morning, and have found it to be very useful for preparing myself for the rigors of daily routines and business. It has increased my calmness and my appreciation for life in general.

Although I've experienced various types of "dikshas" before, sometimes called other things, this one, for some reason, impressed me as a useful tool for expanding my awareness and well-being. And what is truly remarkable, is that we all have the capacity to call in this "light" of consciousness, and in so doing reap the considerable rewards of that calling. Just a few minutes a day can have profound effects. Try it!

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, President

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