November 2, 2010

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I love this material from Marc David of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating...
Did you know that pleasure is an actual requirement in the nutritive process?

All organisms on the planet, be they lion, lizard, amoeba, or human are all programmed at the most primitive level of the nervous system to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Our brain and digestive system are constantly scanning every eating experience to see if we have reached the requisite level of pleasure. Once we hit this sweet spot, so to speak, the brain sends out a simple signal: "Full, satisfied, pleasured and thus it's time to stop eating. Mission accomplished."

This system works efficiently and beautifully. But there's one common glitch: Many of us overeat. We seek more pleasure, and we go past the point of our healthiest amount of food. And we think we have a willpower problem with food. Too many eaters are caught in a battle between their desire for pleasure and the natural need to keep things under control.

Here's one simple solution:


It may interest you to know that relaxation has a powerful metabolic value, especially when it comes to getting the pleasure you want and need from food. The simple science of the powerful connection between pleasure, appetite and relaxation is summed up as this: Stress de-sensitizes us to pleasure.

Any time we are anxious, in a rush, in fear, stressed, silently in self-judgment, or repeating unkind mantras to ourselves--"I'm too fat, I'm not good enough, I'm unlovable..." --we quickly shift into the physiologic stress response. The body releases the stress hormone, cortisol, which blocks our pleasure receptors. So, we need to eat more food in order to register the usual amount of pleasure we would receive when we eat in a relaxed way. 

This makes perfect evolutionary sense. In a true fight-or-flight stress response, the body needs to be highly alert to pain and injury, and not tuned in to pleasure. (When the wolves are after us, we wouldn't want to get side-tracked looking for chocolate...)

So the bottom line is this: If you want more pleasure from food, there's an alternative to eating more of the ice cream. Simply breathe, relax, de-stress, enjoy, and the body will naturally derive the pleasure that it seeks.

Vitamin P - Pleasure, and Vitamin R - Relaxation, are two beautifully synergistic nutrients...

My Slym Magic Experience

After about five weeks on the Slym Magic System, I've noticed the formulas are a good appetite suppressant. It also seems to have an effect on emotional buoyancy (my own personal experence), which seems to calm the need for emotional eating--the most important thing to most people. I'm still in trial phase, because as a rule I don't believe in diet pills. I think you have to address eating from the emotional. Relaxation eating seems very logical to me, and to address the self-talk about being disempowered by your waistline. It's not really so much about unhealthy eating as it is daily self-care.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, Caretaker


smiling Smiling for Health
This one act most of us do at least once every day (hopefully), creates more significant physiological and psychological changes instantly than just about any other thing we do. The surprising thing about smiling is that just the act of smiling, even when we don't feel like it, creates biochemical changes in the brain that lifts mood, reduces stress and releases endorphins. >>>> MORE
subtle energy Subtle Energy Research for Health
Because the subtle energy world is an immeasurable sea of energy, how do we know it is there? What physical evidence is there of its existence? Dr. Kronn has resourced some very interesting yet previously largely ignored research at the turn of the century, and backed it up with ancient knowledge from the medical antiquities of China. He then discovered current research and set up his own experiments that leave no doubt as to the existence of subtle energy and that subtle energy is the causative force behind the veil of the physical world. >>>> MORE
luck The Science and Feng Shui of Luck
As a Feng Shui consultant, I profoundly believe in our potential for creating our own fabulous Human and Earth Luck. It was with great joy I read an article in the November issue of Women's Health (btw-the magazine was in that same gift basket I won!) called "Make Your Own Luck." Here are some of the ideas from the article that are in alignment with the Three Fortunes philosophy from Feng Shui (Heaven, Human and Earth Luck)... >>>> MORE


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