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November 9, 2007 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAYIssue No. 85

Hello, Vibrant Reader!

autumn We've been very excited about Candice Covington's adventures in India over the past couple of weeks. Her purpose in going over there was to locate a good source for some exotic essential oils that she is going to be making into formulas. We have agreed to market those new formulas, and I think they will be a significant cut above what's out there right now. Candice has kept us up on the latest, and you are invited to read her latest message (see link below).

Back on the health front, there are two issues that have gotten some media attention lately that I would like to add my support to. One is limiting the use of cell phones. Dr. Mercola has been an outspoken advocate for this for a long time, and recently spent two days with Dr. George Carlo. Dr. Carlo was given millions in grant money from the telecommunications industry in the 90's to prove that cell phone use was safe. What he found was definite evidence to the contrary (ARTICLE).

The other issue is the often-overlooked gluten intolerance, sometimes referred to as celiac disease. It has been one of the most pervasive undiagnosed conditions, affecting millions of Americans who have been told it is something else. AlterNet has an excellent article about this and a case history of one woman who cried when she finally had an answer to her "mysterious" condition (ARTICLE).

Although it's been a bit drier than normal here in Western Oregon, autumn is definitely fully upon us. The trees have all turned their festive oranges and reds, the grass has greened back up and filled in its winter growth, and there's a fresh nip in the air that just makes you feel like taking a deep breath. As I exhale, I give thanks for all the grand blessings life bestows upon us every hour. We have only to reach out and embrace every moment.

Until next week...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


Cyclone Cider: Herbal Flu Shot...
by Mike Adams, Health Ranger

cyclone cider Every herbalist worth the name has a version of this fantastic formula. It's now available for sale, but is quite expensive. I don't pay high prices, though. I pay somewhere around $10 a quart to make it myself. Fire Cider, Cyclone Cider--call it what you will, I call it magic.

Grab a few handfuls of the following, all fresh: ginger, onion, horseradish, garlic, and lemon. Roughly chop them up and pack into a 1-quart canning jar, leaving a few inches at the top. Add anywhere from 1/2 to 2 teaspoons (or more if you like it really spicy!) of cayenne pepper. Cover with organic raw apple cider vinegar. Cover the top of the jar with a square of waxed paper before placing lid on, then seal. This is to stop the acid in the vinegar corroding the metal lid.

Shake well and leave on your kitchen counter, out of direct sunlight. Every time you walk by that jar, give it another shake. You may also want to talk to it, sing, recite poetry, smudge sacred herbs, dance, tell it a good joke or whatever you like to make your medicine more potent.

For two weeks, shake the jar and do your magic. At the end of two weeks, pour it through a kitchen strainer, wash your canning jar out well, and return the liquid to the jar. You may want to add, at this point, a few tablespoons glycerin (which will give it a pleasant sweetness, a nice foil for the hot, tart taste) or honey. If you add honey, you'll need to refrigerate it, but glycerin requires no refrigeration. I strongly recommend buying some 2 ounce dropper bottles because you'll want a bottle at your desk, in your kitchen, by your bedside, and in the car. Use liberally to boost immunity, fight infection, soothe the throat, open the sinuses, stimulate circulation and energy, and generally improve health. Add to soup or salad to spice them up and give a boost--though I usually just drop it directly into my mouth... >>> MORE

Center for Natural Alternative Solutions

Featured articles...

Candice Covington in India
Candice Covington Our resident aromatherapist, Candice Covington, and her husband, Charles, are in India in search of exotic essential oils for new formulas to be released soon. She reports from Bangalore: "We have selected our first batch of essential oils to be sold as single notes. We found a treasure in a local Bangalore family. This family's focus is on using native Indian plants from the south, they are in process of converting and certifying all of their farming practices to be organic. They personally over-see the whole process from, tilling the soil, planting the seeds, tending of the plants to harvest and distillation. In fact, the oldest daughter of the Krishna family Chandra Lekha is training in the art of perfume, and will be an active part of her family's growth in this business. We look forward to growing with them as well..." >>>> MORE

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Pure Energy Rx E-Formulas New Discount on the E-Formulas!

$5.00 off!

After nearly 10 years, we have decided to reduce the prices on our most popular product, the E-Formulas: E-1 (Balance), E-2 (Digest Aid), E-3 (Energy Cream), and E-4 (Foundation/Immune). We have been offering these dependable formulas for $30 in the 1 oz. bottle, and the 4 oz. of E-3 Lotion. That is now reduced to $25.

We have also decided to discount the case price (12 units), for each of the E-Formulas to $250, so you are getting two free with the purchase of a case of 12 (it was previously $300). That's a $50 savings!

We are continuing to offer the Life Energy Super Pack (all four formulas), for $100. And, remember, you can save an additional $10 if you decide to do a monthly autoship.

We always recommend using the E-Formulas along with our Transformation Enzyme products, as well as our Specialty Products. If you haven't checked these out lately, please do!

Women's Health booklet

By Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney, Women's Health is a definitive look at the relationship between digestive enzymes and hormones, and how hormonal imbalances in women can be traced back to enzyme deficiencies. This book is a logical, no-nonsense evaluation of the current medical approaches that overlook digestive enzymes as an ultimate solution. Dr. Fuller-Looney makes her case by showing that the symptoms of protein malabsorption are the same as the symptoms of menopause. DOWNLOAD HERE

Body, mind, spirit news...

  • Dieting the most difficult for emotional eaters
    Although it seems simple, a new study confirms the obvious: those who eat for emotional reasons--loneliness, depression, anger--have the hardest time losing weight and keeping it off...
  • Brain boosting by healthy people questioned
    A rise in healthy people popping pills to boost performance in exams or work, raises long-term ethical and safety concerns about the effects of such treatments, British doctors said on Thursday...
  • Hot stone therapy not all that new
    Within the last four years, it has become the rage at Spas and Therapeutic Centers all over the world. Contrary to popular belief, Hot Stone Therapy was NOT first discovered in the desert of Arizona or by massage therapists' visions of saints. This is an age old therapy dating back 5000 years to India...
  • Diet, growth are major cancer causes: report
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - What people eat and how fast they grow are both significant causes of cancer, but many Americans still incorrectly believe that factors such as pesticides on food are bigger causes, experts reported on Wednesday...
  • Cat's eye view of DNA sheds light on human disease
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The first full genetic map of a cat -- a domestic pedigreed Abyssinian -- is already shedding light on a common cause of blindness in humans and may offer insights into AIDS and other diseases, researchers reported on Wednesday. And the cat genome shows some surprising qualities that cats and humans appear to have uniquely in common...
  • Gluten Is a Quiet Culprit
    Gluten causes countless Americans crippling stomach pain. Why do so few of them know about it? The story of Laura Linden's escape from chronic stomach pain, thanks to a good, thorough doctor...
  • Coca-Cola's "Dasani" bottled water under fire
    Coca-Cola's "Dasani" brand bottled water product is under fire this week with a global effort to shame the company into admitting the truth about the source of its Dasani water. What truth? That Dasani water comes from tap water--the same stuff used to flush your toilet...

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