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Dear Readers,

Autumn Shay

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  • Rosacea & Diet...
  • Grape Seeds hit cancer...
  • Bliss in 10 Steps...
  • Aging Women's Skin...
  • Poison Plastic...
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  • spacer.gif Napolean Hill writes a chapter in his influential book, Think and Grow Rich, entitled, "Thoughts Are Things." He makes the point that how we treat our thoughts determines the quality of our life: disrespect our thoughts, and we receive disrespect in life; fail to acknowledge the power of our thoughts, and so end up with little power in life. Acknowledging the truth of the power of thoughts to create our reality, coupled with heartfelt goal to achieve what we want, we are unstoppable. As Hill writes: "Truly, 'thoughts are things,' and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects."

    As one of my yoga teachers once declared, "Your issues are in your tissues," pointing out how my thoughts were creating my aches, pains and difficulties in my body. The semi-conscious habitual patterns of thought had actually manifested as physically felt issues in my back, hips and legs. As I began to take responsibility for the power of my thoughts, I was able to consciously replace the "ughs" and "ouches" with loving thoughts, against a backdrop of achieving freedom of movement and vibrant health. Everything transformed into a smile and a validation of my desire. I began to shift my attention from what I could NOT do to what I COULD DO, and as I held that focus, the more I was ABLE to do.

    Neale Donald Walsch titled one of his audio programs, "Gratitude is the Attitude," espousing the metaphysical fact that as you feel gratitude for what you HAVE now, the more situations will be created to give even more reason for gratitude. What you focus your attention on expands. Focus on pain, and it expands, focus on freedom of motion, and it expands. Focus on fear and sickness, and the sicker and more terrified you become (it's how drug companies promote their products on TV, and how governments and religions have controlled their populations).

    So let the focus be on gratitude for the health you have. You could be blind, deaf, and paralyzed, but you can think--be grateful for that and it will expand. And as the reasons for gratitude expand, perhaps you find hearing returning, and as you give thanks for that, sight returns; and as you feel that wave of gratitude about that, you are now able to walk.

    Great perspective is granted to those in gratitude. Yes, my toe hurts, but I am grateful I can walk, talk, hear, see, feel, drive a car, go to yoga class, be loved by family and friends, and have all the opportunities I do. It's a Universal Perspective, because it is a limitless universe. The only thing limiting it is our thoughts, and first unlimiting thought to have is GRATITUDE.

    I've always seen the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas as connected. We give thanks for all the great things we have, and then we receive more!

    We continue to get so much out of our Sageera membership--something to be truly grateful for! Founder and publisher of Sageera, Mariana Bozesan, talked this month with Certified Trainer, Wes Taylor. He speaks about emotional eating, pointing out research showing that women use eating three times more often than men as a way to comfort themselves. Men are five times more likely to use alchohol and drugs. In this fascinating and revealing teleseminar, Taylor shows how to stop the cycle of this type of self-abuse and how to get your emotions to serve you, rather than the other way around. Great stuff.

    In vibrant health,

    Shay Shay signature
    Shay Arave
    Pure Energy Rx

    Featured Article

    Life Coaching with Charly Emery...
    Charly Emery This month Charly uses the metaphor of her experience in the recent Kona, Hawaii, earthquake to learn about how the earthquakes in our lives are often full of the most opportunities, and that shaking things up gets us out of our comfort zones to accomplish the changes we truly want to experience. "Remember that in the face of your personal earthquakes, often, the greater the disruption, the greater the opportunity for your growth and the sweeter the potential reward." >>> MORE

    Featured Product

    E-3 Energy Cream...
    E3 Our most popular product is now on sale! If you haven't tried the soothing benefits of E-3, treat yourself! E-3 lotion deals with the causes of pain--interrupted energy flow--and re-establishes normal flow instantly reducing or eliminating pain and allowing the body to heal faster. Great for any aches and pains, excellent for cuts and bruises--we've seen this lotion cut healing time in half over and over. Try it on headaches, jaw pain, arthritic joints, or the pervasive back pain. Rub on the soles of the feet for a soothing and tonifying effect on the internal organs. This month we're offering our Fall Special of one FREE bottle of E-3 with your purchase of $100 or more! Order online or call us toll free 971-269-7050. We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful benefits of E-3... and to our loyal E-3 customers--now is the time to stock up! >>> MORE INFO & TESTIMONIALS

    F.Y.I. - Interesting Health News Tidbits

    Rosacea and diet...
    Rosacea spacer.gif Rosacea, a type of skin inflammation, causes the skin on your nose and cheeks to appear red and flushed, and in some severe cases can cause disfigurement. This is the condition, called rhinophyma (pronounced "rhi-no-FY-muh"), that gave the late comedian W.C. Fields his trademark bulbous nose. In many rosacea patients, the eyes are also affected, feeling irritated and appearing watery or bloodshot.
    spacer.gif Treatments for rosacea are many and varied, but as with most conditions, natural medicine dictates looking at the diet for possible causes. Significant improvements in many rosacea sufferers have been noted over the course of 2-3 months.
    spacer.gif 1. Aid Your Stomach. Start with 600 mg of hydrochloric acid with each meal, because many people with rosacea don't produce enough of this acid in their stomachs. A lack of hydrochloric acid kicks off a chain reaction that can result in redness and flushing. You can buy hydrochloric acid at natural food stores. Reduce your dose by half if your skin clears or if you have stomach discomfort. Since supplementing helps your body produce more of its own hydrochloric acid, after three or four months you should no longer need to take hydrochloric acid supplements.
    spacer.gif 2. Eat Beneficial Fats. Consume foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can calm rosacea-related inflammation. Aim for four servings per week of cold-water fish like halibut, herring, mackerel, salmon, and sardines. Or, if you are vegetarian, take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily by the spoonful or drizzled on salads. If you don't see improvement in two to three months, take enzyme supplements rich in lipase. Many people with rosacea have a deficiency in this enzyme that helps digest omega-3 and other fats. You can stop taking the enzymes when your skin clears, but continue consuming the fish or flaxseed oil. If your skin begins to flare up again, start taking the enzymes.

    Grape seeds freeze cancer...
    grapes spacer.gif Scientific findings this month report that chemicals found in grape seeds inhibited the growth of colorectal tumors in both cell cultures and in mice. Grape seed extract has already been demonstrated to have anti-cancer effects on other tumor types, as well, and is commercially available from several formulators. The skin and seeds of grapes are rich in proanthocyanidins, antioxidant flavonoids that remove harmful free radicals from cells.
    spacer.gif The experiments went something like this: After first exposing grape seed extract to two different kinds of human carcinoma cells, researchers discovered a dose- and time-dependent inhibition of cell growth. Live cancer cells that were exposed for the longest time-- about two days--decreased by 92 percent when given the highest dose.
    spacer.gif Then, experiments on mice showed a 44 percent reduction of advanced colorectal tumors, and also demonstrated for the first time the molecular mechanism by which grape seed extract inhibits cancer growth. It increases a critical protein, that effectively freezes the tumor cell cycle, and can push a cancer cell to self destruct. The amount of this protein within the cells increased 150 times after 12 hours of treatment. The longer the extract was used, the more cancer cells were frozen before they had a chance to divide.
    spacer.gif The research team now intends to determine the lowest effective dose, and the highest non-toxic doses, for grape seed extract used on mice. >>>> BUY SOME >>>> SOURCE

    10 Steps to bliss...
    bliss spacer.gif Author, Spiritual Healer and Workshop Facilitator, Natasha J. Rosewood, knows what bliss is, and she's got a 10-point program to get there. Rosewood says, "What exactly is bliss? Bliss is heaven on earth. Bliss is living in the present moment in your earthbound experience while surrendering to the Divine. Bliss is giving up control and channeling your highest self, allowing the creative flow of the Universe to come through you. Bliss allows you to lose yourself in the dance."
    spacer.gif One person's bliss can be another's misery, but as humans, we do all share remarkably similar brain structure and biochemistry, especially when it comes to pleasure and well-being. So when we have an opportunity to feel good over feeling bad, most of us (unless we're masochistic) will reach for bliss. The problem is, the daily stressors of family and job logistics, difficult relationships, and emotional needs can keep us blind to obvious opportunities we all have to find bliss...even in our daily lives within stressful situations.
    spacer.gif Here are Rosewood's ten steps that can take you from stress to bliss:
    1. Be willing to make a place for bliss in your life. If you are in stress mode, this could take a little preparation, like heating the oven before you put in the cake to bake. The conditions have to be right.
    2. Know that if you are in emotional stress, open your mind to a greater good, and a miraculous solution. Embrace the idea that life isn't meant to be a struggle, so you are probably superimposing your old limited beliefs and painful past experiences on the situation, creating/expecting negative results.
    3. Realize that the way you are perceiving the situation is just one way of looking at your reality. You can choose a different truth. Are you willing to let go of stress? Do what is within your power to resolve your issues and then surrender the rest to your higher power. Prepare your mind for a blissful outcome.
    4. Just for the moment, for this day, this week, think about an ideal outcome to your issue, followed by bliss. Envision this picture in detail, even if you think it would take a miracle to make it happen.
    5. Believe in miracles. Anything is possible. Miracles are not anomalies, but merely results that emerge from on high without ego-interference.
    6. Be vigilant running interference on your negative self-talk. Whenever you hear your inner dialogue berating yourself, interrupt with "I am great and I choose bliss instead of this."
    7. Select and envision a blissful experience for yourself as a reward for being willing to go above and beyond your own stressed limitations.
    8. Commit a date and time in your diary when you feel you are ready to enjoy that blissful experience. Then do it.
    9. Make bliss a habit and always put it at the top of your list. Allocate 30 minutes a day, two days a week, or six months a year for your bliss time.
    10. Root your blissful experiences in a trigger, such as a piece of music, your pet rock, a piece of jewelry that you wear when doing bliss time. When the stress threatens to overwhelm you, use your trigger device to remind the cellular memory in your body and your spirit that bliss is just a state of mind.
    We can choose bliss! >>>> SOURCE

    Women's skin ages faster...
    woman's skin spacer.gif Men get older and become more distinguished. Women, well, we just keep getting older. Science has now backed up that dreary observation in a new study showing that the female skin actually starts to age faster than the hides of men. Using a new laser imaging technique, researchers looked at the deeper layers of the skin and measured the amount of damage from sun exposure and aging. The imaging revealed that women lose collagen faster than men.
    spacer.gif Collagens are a group of proteins (including elastin) in the skin responsible for the skin strength and elasticity. The human body makes a lot of collagen in youth. But collagen production declines with age.
    spacer.gif With this new technique that reveals the state of collagen, the doctors shine ultra-brief pulses of laser infrared light that go to the skin without damaging the first skin layer. The pulses of light then stimulate the skin tissues to emit light back. Collagen emits blue light and elastin green, allowing the researchers to measure the relative amounts of each.
    spacer.gif On average, the relative amounts of collagen and elastin and the physical appearance of the skin were related to the patients' age. This appeared to be correlated to gender, with women's skin aging faster than men.
    spacer.gif The technique, currently at an experimental stage, could someday help analyze skin diseases that affect collagen and even test anti-aging cosmetic products. Before this technique, in order to measure collagen, you had to cut out a piece of skin. Ouch! >>>> SOURCE

    Green Tip
    Poison plastic...
    by Lois Gibbs

    duck toy spacer.gif Twenty five years ago I was raising my family in Love Canal near Niagara Falls when I discovered that my home was sitting next to 20,000 tons of toxic chemicals. That shocking discovery spurred me and my neighbors to lead a three-year struggle to protect our families from the hazardous waste buried in our backyards. Our fight at Love Canal led to President Jimmy Carter announcing an Emergency Declaration, which moved 900 families from this hazardous area and signified the victory of our efforts.
    spacer.gif Today we have learned that we cannot escape poisonous chemicals in our communities. They are not only in factories and toxic dumps, but in everyday household goods like shower curtains and cosmetics. One of today's most dangerous toxic offenders is PVC, the poison plastic, also known as vinyl.
    spacer.gif Products made with PVC include some children's toys, shampoo bottles, lunch boxes, and home building materials. Many of these seemingly innocent items may pose serious health and environmental threats in production, at home, and in the trash, releasing dangerous chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects. When you smell that new plastic tablecloth, you are inhaling toxic fumes. When a baby chews on a new vinyl plastic toy, they could be ingesting harmful chemicals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency put vinyl shower curtains to the test and found some alarming results: one new shower curtain can lead to elevated levels of indoor air toxics for over one month. Why is it that the problematic additives in PVC toys have been banned in Europe, but they're still sold in our country?
    spacer.gif While the health and environmental dangers of PVC plastic have been well documented for decades, in recent years some fortune 500 companies have been waking up and starting to replace PVC with safer, healthier products. Almost one year ago, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott announced the company was committed to, "replacing PVC packaging for our private brands with alternatives that are more sustainable and recyclable within the next two years." Other retailers and companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Ikea, H&M, and Johnson & Johnson have also committed to phasing out PVC in products and/or packaging. The economy is beginning to move toward safer, sustainable materials and indicates a trend that US businesses should pay attention to.
    spacer.gif In the meantime we can all use our consumer power to help shift the market away from PVC products by avoiding anything labeled "vinyl" or with the number "3" or the letter "V" in or under the classic recycling symbol.
    spacer.gif Years from now I hope we can look back not only on our victory at Love Canal, but also at the elimination of PVC from common household products and packaging. Then we can all feel proud to know that we have left a safer and healthier world for our children. --Lois Gibbs is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ). >>>> MORE >>>>

    Organ of the month: THYMUS...
    Thymus spacer.gif The thymus gland is a small gland in the upper chest. It weighs one third to one half ounce at birth, and reaches its peak weight of about 17 ounces at puberty. Thereafter, under the influence of many factors, including adrenal and sex hormones, the active thymus gland cells begin to die off, with much of the thymus gland tissue being gradually replaced by fat and connective tissue.
    spacer.gif In the 1960's research showed that immature white blood cells would "incubate" for a period inside the thymus gland, and exit transformed into one of the specific types T cells. By the 1970's, the thymus gland began to be viewed as an endocrine gland, similar to other endocrine glands, such as the pituitary or thyroid, secreting thymosin, and perhaps other hormones, which can act at sites distant from the thymus to influence cell immunity.
    spacer.gif By the 1990's, at least 4 different peptide hormones naturally secreted by the thymus gland had been discovered and clinically tested. Collectively, these thymus gland hormones have been shown, in human, animal and in vitro studies, to have a broad range of action, well beyond merely maturing and differentiating T cells.
    spacer.gif Thymus gland hormones can increase key immune signals, called "lymphokines", causing greater numbers of T cells to develop more quickly, which is important to rapidly fight invading germs. Thymus gland hormones reduce autoimmune reactions, such as occur in rheumatoid arthritis. Thymus gland hormones can increase disease-fighting antibodies when they're needed, yet reduce the levels of the "allergic antibody" in those suffering allergic rhinitis, asthma, and atopic dermatitis.
    spacer.gif Thymus gland hormones increase the number, activity, and healthy structure of T cells, and T cells secrete Human Growth Hormone. Furthermore, they can stimulate the pituitary to release GH. Another important effect of thymus gland hormones is their immune normalizing action.
    spacer.gif Transformation Enzymes has developed an enzyme and Thymus support formula (Protease IM aka ImmunZyme) that addresses the stresses on the immune system, and helps to keep the system strong and normalized during the flu season. >>>> SOURCE


    Superfood of the month: Super CellZyme...
    SuperCellZyme spacer.gif Super CellZyme contains all 45 of the vitamins and minerals that are required to feed the cells together with the enzymes that are needed to allow those nutrients to do their job. It is made from 100% plant sources and concentrated whole foods such as, broccoli, carrots, spinach, garlic, green peppers and barley. It also features ocean and fresh water organisms, such as kelp, blue green algae and chlorella, excellent protein sources. Try SuperCellZyme for:

    ? Fatigue
    ? Stress
    ? Lack of energy
    ? Lack of strength
    ? Lack of endurance
    ? Eating disorders
    ? Anemia
    ? All nutritional disorders

    >>>> MORE INFO

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