October No. 1, 2017

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Dark Matter Could be Consciousness

dark matter Traditionally, scientists have been stalwart materialists. But doing so has caused them to slam up against the limitations of materialism.

What is turning some scientists into a completely different breed of believer is that in quantum mechanics, particles don’t have a definite shape or specific location, until they are observed or measured. Is this a form of proto-consciousness at play? According to the late scientist and philosopher, John Archibald Wheeler, it might. He's famous for coining the term, "black hole." In his view, every piece of matter contains a bit of consciousness, which it absorbs from this proto-consciousness field.

He called his theory the “participatory anthropic principle,” which posits that a human observer is key to the process. Of this Wheeler said, “We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago." In his view, much like the Buddhist one, nothing exists unless there is a consciousness to apprehend it. On another front, Dr. Matloff posits that the presence of a proto-consciousness field could serve as a replacement for dark matter.

Dark matter supposedly makes up around 95% of the universe, although, scientists can’t seem to find any. So, for the sake of argument, if consciousness is a property that arises on the subatomic level with a confluence of particles, how do these tiny little bits of consciousness coalesce?

Neuroscientist and psychiatrist Giulio Tononi, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, proposes a slightly different take on panpsychism, called integrated information theory. Here, consciousness is a manifestation with a real, physical location, somewhere in the universe. We just haven’t found it yet. Dr. Tononi has actually put forth a metric for measuring how much consciousness a thing has. The unit is called phi. This translates into how much control a being can enact over itself or objects around it. The theory separates intelligence from consciousness, which some people assume are one in the same.

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Re-wire Your Brain with Mindfulness

rewire The idea of neuroplasticity has given new hope to people with physical, emotional, and mental impairments that had hitherto been regarded as unchangeable. Conversely, just as it is possible for the software to change the hardware for the better, it can also change the hardware for the worse. Plastic does not mean elastic. Neural pathways become entrenched, and the more entrenched they become, the more they resist the process of rewiring. The older, entrenched pathways are paths of least resistance amongst which neurons like to communicate with each other, propelling us to keep repeating similar feelings, thoughts, and actions. Every time we use a particular pathway, it increases the likelihood that we will do it again.

Says author and researcher, Nicholas Carr, "The more a sufferer concentrates on his symptoms, the deeper those symptoms are etched into his neural circuits. In the worst cases, the mind essentially trains itself to be sick.” In short, whenever we’re stuck in habitual suffering, we’re not just wasting our life energy and time, we’re actively entrenching this suffering in our neurological pathways, making it more likely that we’ll suffer in the same way again. Suffering is not a free ride.

Every time we use a particular pathway, it increases the likelihood that we will do it again.Every time we use a particular pathway, it increases the likelihood that we will do it again.

The essence of a Buddhist practice is to use mindfulness to develop singularity of thought (concentration/ samadhi), which can help us to get out of habitual thinking and feeling and help us to stop triggering our habitual neural pathways of suffering. Mindfulness, in effect, allows us to consciously rewire our brain for improved well-being.

Mindfulness is intentional and based on our free will. Free will can be applied in many ways. An athlete or musician will construct neural pathways in his or her brain through endless deliberate practice. However, the practice of an athlete or musician will rarely be self-aware, and while it may push pathways of suffering out of sight, it won’t transform them. Mindfulness may be the only state of mind that is wholly deliberate and wholly self-aware, and that is able to embrace other states of mind, transform them by re-framing and replacing them with desired states, and foster well-being, thereby allowing us to consciously rewire our brain.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Mindfulness is a form of meditation, and comes about automatically when we meditate. The skill is in the persistence and practice of redirection: when a negative or attitude or point of view is encountered, one simply replaces it with a choice of something desired. Use our Meditation Elixirs to facilitate this activity and raise the quality of your life.

4 Apps That Put You In Control of Your Mind

apps Project: EVO. This app is designed to improve symptoms of inattention, executive function, and working memory. The company is testing others to help address Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, and autism. Research from earlier this year showed that the app helps children with cognitive impairments, including sensory processing disorder. Another study found that the video game interface might treat underlying causes of depression and not only just manage the symptoms.

Moodhacker. Its interactive platform encourages healthy habits, targeting sleeping patterns, nutrition, exercise, and social support. By tracking patterns and moods it aims to help users better understand the flow of their day and make better decisions. A study of 300 employees found that it helped promote work productivity, reduced absence from work, and lowered workplace distress, when compared to other depression-related websites.

MONARCA. This bipolar disorder app tracks user’s activity, moods, sleep patterns, medication adherence, stress levels, and alcohol consumption, as well as noticing triggers and early warning signs. It then shares the data with clinicians. Of course, there are dangers with self-assessments, but one study of 78 participants found that MONARCA users showed fewer manic symptoms after six months when compared to a group using a placebo app.

Headspace. This mindfulness meditation app has dominated the meditation market since its launch. It takes advantage of years of research on the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy programs, especially when it comes to reducing anxiety and depression. I also appreciate co-founder Andy Puddicombe’s thoughtful guidance and welcoming voice.

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This Quantum Life
by Boyd Martin, Caretaker, Pure Energy Rx

The Magic of Repetition

In my mind, the most NOT talked about thing about actualizing, manifesting or any form of creative alchemy is repetition. It's kind of magic's dirty little secret.

We forget sometimes that in the creation of our lives, what is repeated the most is most visible. We are all mighty creators, but by constant repetition of our limitations, constant repetition of our frailties, and constant repetition of limiting beliefs, we act and feel far from the mighty creators we started out as.

The subconscious is accessed and programmed by repetition. If we aren't consciously programming our subconscious, then the rest of our experience will program it for us, and because conditions in our life came about through repetition of viewpoints, conclusions, choices and judgements, we are going to be experiencing pretty much the same thing from day to day.

The subconscious can be visualized as a vast array of off/on switches, and these off/on switches are in circuit with the DNA in our genes. The important thing to know is that these switches require the repetition of an exact "command" in order to be switched on or off. A command is formed by our CHOICE. If we CHOOSE to accept or create a certain point of view, or feeling, for example, "I'm just not good enough to get what I desire", this conclusion becomes active.

When this happens, the mind begins to look for corroborating evidence of its truth. When the evidence is found (as it invariably is), this acts as an amplifier for that initial choice of "I'm just not good enough to get what I desire". Now, repeat this enough times, and the subconscious adds this switch to its vast array, and soon the experience of "not being good enough" goes on automatic, adding yet another layer to the subconscious programming.

The conscious mind now begins to observe all sorts of ways this "I'm not good enough" command is true in life, and without any countering commands, it just keeps getting re-enforced and soon, our life experience is in a miserable, downward spiral.

That's why when we CHOOSE to change our life into something exciting and worth living, all the reasons why that can't happen immediately show up. This is the "switch" that we had previously carefully and skillfully installed! Now it becomes a matter of repeating the choice--over and over--until the subconscious program is overwritten--that switch is turned off, and a new switch is turned on: "My life is exciting and worth living."

The complicating factor is ego. Our sense of self has a dark side that basically campaigns for the subconscious. Whatever the dominant program is that is running in the subconscious, the ego owns it, makes it personal, and defends it. That's why after we've made the CHOiCE to change, experiences will come up that seem to invalidate that choice, and we take it personally. That's the dark ego talking. The trick is to get the ego on your side. Get it to be a cheerleader for your positive choices.

We can do that by simply noticing that the sheer act of making the choice to change caused life experiences of the opposite. If we frame those negative experiences as progress, and are, as a result, encouraged, the ego will soon jump on board and start telling you how great it's all going!

I've been studying with a powerful shaman lately, and she keeps repeating, "Why would you continue to choose to feel BAD about your circumstances after you have already CHOSEN the circumstances you desire?" Good point. And it has everything to do with training the conscious mind to train the subconscious mind toward what we truly desire.

So it all boils down to CHOICE and REPETITION, folks. Pretty damn simple, actually. Although some would argue simple is not easy, and this is first. The hard part is feeling those old feelings that jump up to try to re-enforce the program you are choosing to change, and the ego is taking it personally (before it switches over to your side). At a certain point, after much repetition, these feelings and experiences fade away, and are replaced by the joy and ease you are choosing. It's a process. Enjoy it, and the magic that is sure to follow!

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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