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October 13, 2008 RELEASED TWICE MONTHLY Issue No. 107
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big waves The economic "Pearl Harbor," as described by financier Warren Buffett, has become, for me, a grand opportunity to examine how I run my life. And, I think once anyone can take a step back for a moment or two, can also see the value in this calamity--the silver lining, if you will.

If may seem a hackneyed phrase, but it has been given new life: "The only thing to fear is fear itself." It is fear itself that destroys confidence. It is fear itself that destroys trust, and it has been fear itself that has wreaked havoc on the global financial markets.

I kept repeating to myself, as I watched the cascading tsunami of dire news, "peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys." There has never been an end at the bottom of a wave. Indeed, what caused the economic meltdown was a perfect storm of greed, denial and panic--a Big Wave, if you will. Therefore, there will be the corresponding peak to this low ebb, and with all the rocks, trash, and hazard now exposed because of the low ebb, something fundamental can be done to clean it all up.

As a result, my hope soars, the furrow has left my brow, and I continue to live in gratitude for all the opportunities for growth we as humanity have created. It's actually a beautiful thing.

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Shay Arave
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"A spiritually-oriented person values all of life's experiences and sees each one as an opportunity to evolve spiritually." -- David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

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new day 10 Ways You Can Turn Around the Economy
Last week, author Alan Cohen, sent out a message with advice on how to relate to the economy and make the current situation work on your behalf. Here are 10 vital tips he shared that will help you navigate through this period...

1. The economy is an expression of the consciousness of those who create it--all of us. We vitalize the economy with expansive thinking and action, and we deaden it with fear and contraction. You have power over the economy--especially your own--by consciously choosing the thoughts you think, the attitudes you hold, and the actions that proceed from them.
2. The economy is not a fixed entity, but is quite liquid, constantly changing in accord with the thoughts and emotions of those who create it. The economy you see today is a result of the attitudes and actions that sourced it yesterday. The economy you will see tomorrow is a result of the attitudes and actions you think and do today.
3. You have the ability to create a personal economy independent of the one experienced by the masses. There are always people who thrive in a floundering economy, and people who flounder in a thriving economy. The two greatest architectural achievements of the twentieth century--the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building--were funded and constructed at the height of the depression.. There is always money out there for people who know how to use it. A visionary thrives under all conditions.
4. Engaging in conversations of lack only adds to the pool of thought that creates lack conditions. Talking abundance creates abundance. Join others in only those conversations that affirm what you want to create.
5. You are wealthy by nature, rich in an infinite number of ways that have nothing to do with money. Money is one thin slice of the greater pie of prosperity. Remember how rich you are regardless of money, and you will attract money to match your wealth consciousness.
6. In the Chinese written language, the symbol for "crisis" is a combination of the symbols for "danger" plus "opportunity." What opportunity lies before you as an individual and us as a nation?
7. This is a fertile time to check and reset your priorities. If you have been distracted by the quest for money or trapped by your business, you can refocus on your family, loved ones, and activities that truly bring you joy. If you end up being truer to values that fulfill you, this "crisis" will have served you well.
8. Circulate your wealth. The only antidote to financial contraction is to move energy. When you spend money, you become part of the solution. If you don't have money to spend, be generous in other ways. Give of your time, skill, and love. Even giving compliments is a way to stimulate the economy.
9. Remember that the tide always comes back in. The entire manifest universe functions in cycles. Every wave has a trough and a crest. No wave has ever ended with the trough. There is always a next crest.
10. Don't wait for the economy to get back on its feet before you can be happy. Find happiness right where you stand, and you will be the richest person in the world. Alan Cohen's Site

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