September No. 1, 2016

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Stay Aware of What you Say to Yourself

self talk What we say to others is not nearly as important as what we say to ourselves. We talk to ourselves all day long at the rate of 150-300 words per minute, or over 50,000 thoughts per day. While you are reading these words you are having a simultaneous dialog with yourself about what you think of this writing while also "discussing" internally the most important items on today's "to do" list as well as other pressing matters. This thinking, or SELF TALK, occurs through the CONSCIOUS area of our mind.

What most people are unaware of is our self talk becomes an instruction to our SUBCONSCIOUS whose duty is to carry out the "orders" from the "boss" or the conscious area of our mind, positive or negative. The subconscious is our own personal servo-mechanism that works on our behalf 24/7. It never sleeps.

It is also important for us to realize that our Self Concept is created by our own Self Talk and it is our self concept that determines our level of performance in any area of our life. We have hundreds of individual self concepts which make up our overall self concept. We may have a high self concept of ourselves as a skier, i.e., "I am an excellent skier." Conversely, we may have a low self concept of our self as a golfer, i.e., "I am a lousy golfer. I seldom shoot under 100!!" Our subconscious then works hard to insure our performance is consistent with our self concept, for better or for worse.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Part of the habit of negative self-talk is a lack of mindfulness, which is caused by over-identification with one's story. We tend to seek evidence that our story is real, and when that story is negative, coupled with a poor self-image, our self-awareness diminishes, leading to a dwindling spiral of negativity. Snap out of it with Clean Sweep! Just mist yourself and the room you're in to immediately neutralize negative emotions that affect your self-awareness, thus making it easier to choose a more positive story.

4 Ways to Sabotage Your Healing

self sabotage 1. The not-being-worthy identity: A very common subconscious belief that I have seen surfacing for many, is the "I do not deserve to get well"-pattern. It emanates from the lack of self-love. While deep down, you do not believe that you deserve to get well, you will keep doing things that will make that manifest as a truth. That way, you were right. What you know, and what you are programmed to believe, is not in balance, and inner chaos will arise. Even though your inner belief system is telling you that you are not worthy of this amazing health that you so long for, you consciously might want it more than anything.
2. The fear of the new identity: The "fear of losing what we know"-pattern. It is the flip side to change, so to speak. It is the direct opposite of inviting in the change that is needed, this fear of losing what we already have. Even if what we have been experiencing is not good for us--hurting us even--it is still what we know. Even if we are in an abusive relationship, and we know that we are, it is what we are familiar with. Breaking free means uncertainty, and insecurity. The obvious scenario is that we would rather stay in pain, in fear of the unknown.
3. The attention identity: A child will do what it feels it needs to do, to feel loved and accepted, and if a need was fulfilled when health was impaired, the pattern will stick for life. This does not mean that to get attention you are making yourself sick, not at all, but not being healthy will be associated with something that feels familiar and safe. That way, once you change your health for the better, you might feel unsafe, and fall back to the old comfort zone. The self-sabotage might sound like this: "Nothing works for me. I have tried everything, and nothing works". This will draw in even more of the compassionate attention that you believe that you need. The truth is that you do not need any bodily dis-function, or anything else for that matter, to get the attention that you need.
4. The dis-ease identity: You feel like your chronic diagnosis is serving you in some way. A number of things might be lingering as a subconscious belief and understanding. These are beliefs that will keep you locked in your current situation, clinging to what is, even if it is suffering and pain. We all need to feel that we belong, and when we have not had that feeling growing up, we will search for it in any community or situation. Our communities are the ones that have stuck by us, and have taken us in. We've felt welcomed and loved. The dis-ease might even be our livelihood now, our business. A very good and sane reason to hold on to it, now that it is "working" for us.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use our meditation elixir, Deep Insight. This formula opens up unconscious patterns into the light of consciousness, allowing you to spot painful or unsuccessful patterns and habits.

Experiencing AWE is good for you

awesome What led Dacher Keltner, renowned UC Berkeley psychology professor and director of the university's Greater Good Science Center, to focus on the little-studied emotion of awe? This feeling we get in the presence of something vast "was so tightly connected to things that have changed my life-the Sierras, art, great music, radically different cultures-and it was a scientific unknown," Keltner says. As he wrote 11 years ago in a seminal paper on the subject in the journal Cognition and Emotion, "Awe is felt about diverse events and objects, from waterfalls to childbirth to scenes of devastationů Fleeting and rare, experiences of awe can change the course of a life in profound and permanent ways."

Keltner is now reaching the end of an unprecedented three-year project focused on awe. And the research that has emerged shows a multitude of psychological and physical benefits: increased happiness and curiosity; lower narcissism; a boost in altruistic tendencies; and less bodily inflammation, which can help boost life expectancy. The work also dispels a current misconception: that awe is a religious emotion. "Awe is part of religious practice," says Keltner, "but our studies find that most awe experiences are tied to our relationship to nature, art, and the goodness of other people."

Keltner says you can encourage your own sense of awe by getting out in nature, hearing inspiring speakers, creating your own sense of ritual (especially within families), and sharing music, theater, and all the arts.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: We experience awe as something so much greater than ourselves or out normal experience that it is amazing. Amazement and awe go together, so making a point of seeing amazing things can put you in that state of awe that has so many positive psychological and physical benefits. Order our Success & Achievement Vital Force Crystal. It amplifies awesomeness in yourself and what you perceive. Try it!

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This Quantum Life
by Boyd Martin, Caretaker

Live Lightly, Feel Deeply

live lightly My friend and remarkable artist and poet, Paul Bond, posted this on Facebook: "Aldous Huxley, the renowned 20th-century intellectual who wrote 'Brave New World', came to regret only one thing in life: how 'preposterously serious' he had been when he was younger.

"There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That's why you must walk so lightly. Lightly, my darling... Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you're feeling deeply."

Yeah, leave it to Huxley to pretty consistently blow my mind. He pulls apart two normally connected states: feeling light = feeling happy or frivolous; feeling deeply = feeling heavy. In fact, we even have the hippy vernacular, "That's heavy, man" in reacting to a spiritually deep, existential concept. And we pull back so as not to be sucked into the quicksands of our own life's ultimate meaning.

Huxley is suggesting to instead feel deeply the existential truth in the experience of life, without any need to heap loads of significance on it, or make it more important than anything else in this world.

If you've done any "manifesting" study, you know that usually the lightest of requests submitted to the Universe creates the fastest results. The Universe's responses, our body's needs, the consciousness of non-corporeal beings, God, even the thoughts of others, come into our awareness as whispers. We get used to a certain amplitude of cacophony in our modern society that seems to "drown out" these whispers and makes life seem "heavy" and isolated. We feel we need to work hard, slave away, keep our noses to the grindstone and only accept those obviously physical things as valid to our perceptions. The rest of the whispers lose their relevance.

deeply lightly Remember the butterfly flapping its wings causing an earthquake on the other side of the world? It's the leveling of the playing field between extreme amplitude and zero state--all is the same meaning, all is simply an effect. Everything is important, and yet nothing is, because it is all one system--one infinite connection of everything.

Perhaps it's a habit to only pay attention to big, loud, explosive experiences that rattle our senses and create flight or flight responses, when these types of experiences are the exception, not the rule. By keeping our filters turned up to protect ourselves from the intermittent drama-trauma of life, why not re-tune?

Take down the filters. Allow it all, feel it all, but skip lightly around and through it without caring or needing to somehow "do" something about it. The "doing" is not what is important. What is important is who you are being, because the Universe is responding only to how you are being, one way or the other. Why not lighten your life by being light? Be engaged with the vast and mysterious depths of life and yet enjoy the "unbearable lightness of being"?

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin, President


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