Sept. 4, 2011


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Beatrex Quintanna, dear friend and astrologer living in Cardiff-By-The-Sea, California, held a class last week in regards to the astrological planets and their meanings. We are living through a Grand Trine--a very positive, profitable and rewarding time now through the end of the year. This configuration happens roughly every 19 years. Where were you in 1992?

For me I had ended a marriage, and was working on a health opportunity. It was at that time in my life that I decided to look into alternative health, having been terribly disappointed by conventional medicine and their lack of viewing the whole person--mind, body and spirit.

Now, 19 years later I'm faced with another health opportunity, and like the last one, it has me waffling between strength and courage. Although daunting, I know on the other side of this I will find greater peace and strength.

Since early this Spring, I've transplanted myself to San Diego, and have been studying with Nancy Tappe, a gifted intuitive who was the first one to discover and define Indigo Children, and I have been attending bi-monthly study groups with Beatrex Quintanna, also a world renown writer and astrologer.

I've accepted a position working with Rodney Schwan, master aromatherapist, and adjunct educator for the Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice. I'll be working with Rodney creating a bridge between allopathic and alternative medicine. Our first scheduled event is November 11, 2011--the title of our workshop is "The Art of Sacred Healing." It will be combining Rodney's life-long pursuit of aromatherapy and the arts, assisted by Joan Marie, certified yoga instructor.

I'd like to acknowledge all the people over the past 10 years who have supported me, so that I can support you: Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney and Ken Looney of Transformation Enzymes; Dr. Yury Kronn of Energy Tools; Barbara Rogers and her natural nearly edible Simply Divine skincare; Joanie Falconer of Oasis Colonics and her amazing products; Ennis and Levi Yoder and their carrot top tea; Candice Covington and her transcendant Tattvas oils and amulets; feng shui master, Gwynne Warner; Dr. Hector Garcia and Matrix Energetics; Janet Barrett, Intuitive; Dr. James Novak, M.D. Integrative Medicine, San Diego; and all the wonderful clients and customers of Pure Energy Rx.

You can follow my progress on the blog, I've been very busy assessing my situation and studying up on it since I've been here, but will be doing more blogging soon.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, Caretaker


The More Things Change...

peace What is it within ourselves that disconnects us from our family, our community, our nation, our world--the earth itself? That disconnected thing within us is what allows all manner of behaviors and outcomes betraying our basic natures. This betrayal is where we lose our faith, where we begin to fear life, harbor suspicions of our fellow humans, and maintain that tried and true cynical "dog-eat-dog" world view. When in fact, we are hard-wired to be selfless, to share, even to experience others as ourselves. We all fundamentally embrace the Golden Rule, and automatically want to help others. >>>> MORE


Re-Charge Your Chi!

breathe If youíve been feeling any lethargy, melancholy, burn-out or low-energy, a most wonderful antidote is to change up your energy and bring in fresh chi by adding variety. Sometimes, you just need to change things up to free yourself from a rut and renew yourself. Here are some simple and enjoyable ways to bring lift your personal energy with the chi of change:

  • Finish your shower with cold water
  • Visit a place with negative ions like a waterfall or the ocean
  • Drive a new route
  • Do everything backwards and upside down (literally!) for the day
  • Try new pure aromatherapy oils in a diffuser or bath
  • Take a break from media and electronics for a day (no computer, phone, cell phone, radio or television)
  • Clear clutter thatís really been niggling you
  • Listen to new music
  • Try new food
  • Take a dance break
Try this breathing exercise for renewed vigor and an appetite for life: Go outside and tilt your head gently upwards so that you are easily looking at the sky. Open your mouth and very slowly inhale through your nose. Visualize that you are pulling in pure air from the beautiful skies above. At the natural end of the inhale, instead of starting to exhale, first swallow this air. Just swallow it as if it were liquid sunshine. As you swallow, see this energetically infused air traveling through and spreading into every area of your body. Finally, exhale through the nose. Repeat three times.

Remember that a Feng Shui Consultation or Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony will really help to shift the energy of you and your environment. -- Gwynne Warner, 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui


How to Relax When You're Busy

relax When we are in relaxed mode, we notice the sensations of the wind and sun, the sounds of water and laughter, the brilliant colors of nature, the smiles around us, the grass or sand between our toes. We are feeling instead of thinking. The sensations of our bodies flow into our minds, and it makes us relaxed, happy.

We can re-learn this mode of being with practice. Do it now. You're reading a computer or mobile device screen, so your mind is in the world of the Internet Ö but your body is in the physical world. If you're sitting, your butt can feel the chair. Your back might be a bit hunched. Your fingers are on a keyboard or mouse. Is the air around you cold or warm? Are there sounds you can notice? Is your jaw clenched? Notice your breathing.

When you put your focus into physcial sensations, you are entering relaxed mode instead of thinking mode. It's not that you're completely relaxed, but you're in the same state of mind as the times you are relaxed, like yoga or the beach or lazing away a Sunday in bed. Once you learn to do this, you can do it any time. In fact, all the time.

If you're taking a shower, feel the water running down you, soak in the temperature and the sound of running water. If you're eating, taste every little nuance of the food, smell the food, feel the texture in your mouth, feel the movement of your hand going to your mouth. Do this as you work, as you talk on the phone or respond to emails or walk to a meeting or drive to an appointment, noticing the sensations on your skin, the colors around you, the sounds of humanity, your breath coming in and leaving you. Do this at home, as you do chores or prepare food or clean up or get ready for work. Do this throughout your day, and you will be in a constant state of relaxation and enjoyment. It will transform everything you do, if you do it. It will turn busy-ness into being present, harriedness into enjoyment. Life will be lived, instead of ignored.
Thanks to Leo Babuata, Zen Habits


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