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September 30, 2009 RELEASED TWICE MONTHLY Issue No. 125
halloween pets Dear Friends and Vibrant Readers,

This is the season for our bountiful harvests, and we have a bountiful harvest of new formulas and products we're very excited about!

Dr. Kronn and Energy Tools has just created their new Vital Force Energy Crystals made from the perfect Swarovski Crystals. These crystals are a perfect "carrier" substance for the subtle energy information zapped into them by Dr. Kronn's amazing process. The crystals come in four different shapes, and are bio-energized with several subtle energy frequencies such as Healing Love, Success & Achievement, Forgiveness, Chakra Cleansing and EMF Protection.

We have been wearing the crystals for a couple of weeks now with lovely results. The energies are just wonderful! I particularly like the Healing Love and Forgiveness crystals, and Boyd really likes the Success & Achievement.

And, that's not all! Energy Tools has created a trio Meditation Elixirs: Cosmic Eye, Deep Insight and Success & Achievement ionic mineral elixirs in the cobalt blue 1 oz. dropper bottles. These elixirs are potent and effective. Boyd reports that while using Cosmic Eye over the course of several days, that his short-term memory is extremely sharp, and creativity is heightened.

Using the Deep Insight and Success & Achievement are particularly good in yoga class, creating a calm and resolute space greatly assisting meditation and concentration.

Read all about these new formulas and crystals, and try them out. We know you'll love them!

Also, I've had the great fortune to connect with a talented
healer and advisor, Aja Brownell. She has created a very
concise and useful article for us, "We Came Here to Remember
Love." Check it out!

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


"The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you. The world is what you are." -- Thomas Dreier

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olive oil Olive Oil: The superfood that does it all
The olive, or zaitoon in Arabic, is a sign of friendship and peace and it is a cure for over 60 diseases. According to religious beliefs, after the flood of Noah, the first plant seen was the olive tree. The olives, the olive oil and especially the olive leaves are full of nutrients, vitamins and healing. They contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties and many vitamins and nutrients.

The olive oil will alleviate muscle pains. You can warm the olive oil slightly and rub it on the pain. It is also a treatment for hemorrhoids, leprosy, pleurisy, skin diseases, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia and fungal infections including ringworm, and it increases sexual desire.

Olive oil is great for the complexion as it makes it glow. When it is mixed with salt, the mixture can be used as a remedy for gum and teeth problems. Olive oil provides protection from poisons, helps in the digestions process, expels worms and makes the hair shiny and beautiful. Olive oil is also great for anti-aging and longevity.

Olive oil is a good treatment on boils, rashes, itching, mouth ulcers, allergic dermatitis, scars, boils and small pox. The olives them self, are used to rid the body of constipation and the leaves are smashed to rid excess perspiration. Ear aliments are alleviated by using the juice of the leaves mixed with honey. Olive oil used in the eyes will relieve inflammation.

Some doctors also recommend olive oil for the treatment of epilepsy. Olive oil is a good diuretic and therefore very good for the ridding of kidney stones. Olive oil will heal sinus problems and if mixed with barley water will rid the body of constipation.

It is stated, but not proven, that olive oil rids the body of gall bladder stones. It is good for intestinal inflammations and distress. Olive oil is also good for excess acidity and gas. It has been noted that people who take regular amounts of olive oil do not suffer from colds and the flu as much. >>>> MORE

HCG Dieters Cookbook
HCG Dieters Gourmet Cookbook - HCG Dieter Gourmet Cookbook contains over 200 recipes for the 2nd phase of the Dr. Simeons HCG diet plan. With this cookbook you'll be able to go through the restrictive phase of the diet and still enjoy tasteful and original meals. All the recipes in the HCG Dieter Gourmet Cookbook are sugar-free.

Vital Force Crystals
A unique application of the Subtle Energy technologies of Dr. Yury Kronn has resulted in a new way to enhance quality of life and increase well-being. These Vital Force? Crystals are specially charged, beautifully iridescent Swarovski Crystals, meticulously crafted in Austria to the highest standards of quality. Potently enhanced with the Vital Force subtle energy charge of Healing Love, this crystal radiates a soft warmth that flows through the body's meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind. By opening blockages and allowing the energy to flow, it helps relieve physical pain as well as soothing frayed nerves and ragged emotions. >>> MORE

Meditation Elixirs
We are pleased to present a new line of subtle energy elixirs for stimulating inner development, achieving higher consciousness, clarifying and manifesting your highest intentions... Subtle energy works like the body's "software" to govern all functions of the mind and body. Vital Force subtle energy products are encoded with information your mind and body can use for higher development, for healing and for functioning at their optimum levels. Vital Force subtle energy products help you to use the "intent" of your mind to direct subtle energy where it is most needed. >>> MORE

We Came Here to Remember Love
Aja Brownell Author and teacher, Aja Brownell is our guest author this issue. She says, "'We Came Here To Remember Love...' is the living architecture that shapes my days. May these guiding principles help you navigate your expanding universe and bring abiding peace: 1. Life is short, invite Willingness to your party. Willingness remains my constant companion. I am willing to show up. I am willing to be accountable; to communicate; and to be all who I can be. I am willing to help anyone who seeks my support or counsel. Try it -- at first like a game you choose ? then, observe the advantages that flow from being eager, open and prepared, appreciative of whatever or whomever stands in front of you. Learn to be responsive to the beauty of your life." >>>> MORE

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