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September 14, 2007 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAYIssue No. 80

Hello, Vibrant Reader!

summer harvest I took this photo of our Summer harvest this year. Although our tomato plants were really sleepy this year, my good friend Paula, had a bumper crop of beautiful heirloom tomatoes, nicely complimenting my bumper crop of rosemary, basil and sage. The local flower store provided the purple dahlias. In the background you can see St. Francis supervising. One good thing about having a cool-ish summer is that the flowers here in Oregon have just kept going!

This week, we have been blessed with two great new articles. One, by our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery, about dealing with the regret we all sometimes feel when things just aren't "going our way," or when there are delays and unforeseen difficulties on the way to our goals. And, Candice Covington gave me a personal reading recently that I have decided to post on the website. I found it very useful and satisfying, and I hope you'll be able to use some of the information she gives, too!

I've been checking out the conference calls about StemEnhance over the past couple of weeks, and wanted to share with you what I think is very interesting and important information about some of the scientific findings around the use of this concentrated blue-green algae and cancer. I've posted the MP3 audio file on our StemEnhance webpage for you to listen to (link at the bottom of that page).

If you haven't heard, we have reduced the price for our E-formulas from $30 to $25, which also applies to the case price. You can save $50 on a case now. We are still offering a monthly autoship option on the Life Energy Pack (E-1, E-2, E-3 Lotion, and E-4) that saves you another $10 on the four formulas.

We've been working this past week moving and upgrading the office space--new siding, new paint, and new energy. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Until next week...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


7 mental roadblocks that undermine your success...
Sometimes, just when things are getting good, we start dropping all the successful actions we were doing that created the goodness. Here are seven ways we can trip over our own psychological feet:

tripping over feet

  1. Procrastination: Begin by ascertaining exactly what "the last minute" is for a given project. A big project will generate many tasks that can, of course, be done the night before, but there are even more that can't. Learn to identify each type.
  2. Loose fact-itis: This syndrome involves cooking up a "fact" to bolster one's position. Usually it's just wishful thinking stated as fact, or an actual fact that is out of context, such as, "I got the house painting done," when it was actually just the first coat.
  3. Hardness of listening: It's easy to miss the forest for the trees sometimes by making assumptions about the information coming to you. Generalizing inappropriately --such as "all teenagers have nothing to say"--can end up isolating you, cutting you off from potentially valuable information.
  4. Under-truthfulness: Related to loose fact-itis, but has more to do with denial of reality. Be aware of any "sales pitches" you're putting out in lieu of reality.
  5. Over-truthfulness: Truth is like chocolate: A little is a pleasure; too much can be lethal. Context is the message. Negative, discouraging realities put in an overall context can keep things from getting depressing: "Today was a bad day. Let's make it better tomorrow."
  6. Rampant distemper: Grumpiness--for whatever personal justification--is the perfect way to bum out everyone around you, and slam on the brakes of progress. Learn to perfect that inner smile, and let that speak for you. It's contagious!
  7. Bad credit/blame management: As a rule of thumb, attempt to receive no more than 70 percent of the credit that's due you. Give away the rest. And, don't allow others to take the blame for your misdeeds. It lowers self-esteem (both ways), and creates resentment.
Of course, in our most lucid moments the crystal clear conclusion is that Love and loving attitudes never fail as a success strategy. All the above points come from a space of love and nurturing. As the song goes, "Love yourself and the world will love you back." REFERENCE ARTICLE

Center for Natural Alternative Solutions

Featured articles... The Threat Behind Regret
Charly Emery Our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery, has a new article! This one is entitled, "The Threat Behind Regret." Charly says: "Regret is one of the sneakiest, time stealing, progress thieving aspects to your life experience. It hides within the spaces of your thoughts creating multiple side roads and dead ends that extend off your most simple and successful path to get what you want." Charly lays out several useful strategies for dealing with regret, even as it stalks your success... >>>> MORE
Just Ask Miss Candice
Candice Covington Boyd Martin, Caretaker of Pure Energy Rx, received a reading from Candice recently, and has decided to post Candice's report on the session with her aromatherapy formula. Although it is a personal reading for Shay specifically, there is much useful information offered of use to anyone. Candice calls the formula, "The Queen Holding Court," and calls up the energies of Deer and the Armadillo to complete the task... JUST ASK MISS CANDICE.

Featured product special...

Pure Energy Rx E-Formulas New Discount on the E-Formulas!

$5.00 off!

After nearly 10 years, we have decided to reduce the prices on our most popular product, the E-Formulas: E-1 (Balance), E-2 (Digest Aid), E-3 (Energy Cream), and E-4 (Foundation/Immune). We have been offering these dependable formulas for $30 in the 1 oz. bottle, and the 4 oz. of E-3 Lotion. That is now reduced to $25.

We have also decided to discount the case price (12 units), for each of the E-Formulas to $250, so you are getting two free with the purchase of a case of 12 (it was previously $300). That's a $50 savings!

We are continuing to offer the Life Energy Super Pack (all four formulas), for $100. And, remember, you can save an additional $10 if you decide to do a monthly autoship.

We always recommend using the E-Formulas along with our Transformation Enzyme products, as well as our Specialty Products. If you haven't checked these out lately, please do!

Women's Health booklet

By Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney, Women's Health is a definitive look at the relationship between digestive enzymes and hormones, and how hormonal imbalances in women can be traced back to enzyme deficiencies. This book is a logical, no-nonsense evaluation of the current medical approaches that overlook digestive enzymes as an ultimate solution. Dr. Fuller-Looney makes her case by showing that the symptoms of protein malabsorption are the same as the symptoms of menopause. DOWNLOAD HERE

Body, mind, spirit news...

  • On the fringe: Eating locally
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The discoveries of a New York man during the month this summer. He ate only the plants he grew and the animals he raised and slaughtered. But his tough-talking plumber was too squeamish to watch chickens be killed for supper...
  • Stinky? It's not his sweat; it's your nose
    (Reuters) When it comes to a man's body odor, the fragrance--or stench--is in the nose of the beholder, according to U.S. researchers who suggest a single gene may determine how people perceive body odor....
  • More evidence links food additives to hyperactivity
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Certain artificial food colorings and other additives can worsen hyperactive behaviors in children aged 3 to 9, British researchers reported on Wednesday...
  • ENVIRONMENT: Ultra-capacitors make gasoline obsolete
    An Austin-based startup called EEStor promised "technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries," meaning a motorist could plug in a car for five minutes and drive 500 miles roundtrip between Dallas and Houston without gasoline...
  • The rise of the LED light bulb
    Comparing the standard incandescent bulb, the compact fluorescent bulb, and the LED bulb (with YouTube vid)...
  • Americans' most popular drugs
    Dr. Jarvik's scary ads for anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor paying off for Pfizer. Stomach acid drugs are next in popularity...
  • BLOGSPHERE: Peer pressure and healthy habits
  • Health blogger, Frances Kerr, blogs: "I've become a victim of healthy peer pressure. I have a good friend who is a complete health freak and I find her healthiness is rubbing off on me."
  • One person's social experiment reveals a great truth
    David decided to change his seat each day during a 3-day seminar, and it turned out to be quite the socio-political journey: "Change your seat, change your life."

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