August No. 2, 2017

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Conscious Breath Has Health Benefits

breathe According to ancient yogic texts, our vital life force--our Prana or our breath--derives from Pranayama, the practice of controlled breathing. Science is finally starting to catch up to the knowledge outlined in the Vedas, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and other ancient texts.

The average individual takes approximately 20,000 breaths daily, but how many of those do we consciously think about? The beauty of the breath is that it can be a voluntary or involuntary process — if we didn’t think about breathing, it would still happen, but when we do think about it, we can decide what to do with it. You can consciously choose to slow your breathing, for example, or to engage in techniques that control your breathing, which then affect your involuntary breathing process.

One simple technique to nourish and normalize the parasympathetic nervous system, and thus the major organs of the body is to breathe in for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 5, repeat several times. This type of breathing helps detox the body of stuck metabolic wastes, as well as calms the nerves.

Your breath is responsible for supplying your body with oxygen; it is literally your life source. You cannot survive without it. However, it can do so much more than that! Your breath can aid your digestion, your brain, your cellular health, your immune system, and so much more. You can capitalize on these incredible benefits of controlled breathing through meditation or simply by changing your breathing technique.

Herbert Benson, M.D. Harvard Medical School, wrote a book titled Relaxation Response in which he discussed numerous medical studies on the health benefits of meditation. The Relaxation Response is basically the opposite of the “fight or flight” response and can be described as a deep relaxation that engages the parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as meditation.

According to Dr. Benson, the Relaxation Response can counteract the physiological changes of stress and the fight or flight response, including muscle tension, headache, upset stomach, racing heartbeat, and shallow breathing. If the body reacts with the fight or flight response or any other stress response too often — and chronic stress like this is endemic to modern society — the body secretes high levels of stress hormones, which can produce a wide range of stress-related health issues such as cardiovascular disease, GI diseases, adrenal fatigue, and more.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: A disturbed parasympathetic nervous system is usually caused by prolonged stress, and can lead to a wide variety of physical ailments. By normalizing this system, the body can de-stress, so we always recommend breathing techniques and the regular dosing with our E-1 Stress Relief formula.

Mounting Evidence that the Universe is Conscious

conscious Traditionally, scientists have been stalwart materialists. But doing so has caused them to slam up against the limitations of materialism. Consider the chasm between relativity and quantum mechanics, or Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and you quickly start to recognize these incongruities.

The replacement theory is mind-body dualism. This is perhaps more often recognized in religion or spirituality. Here, consciousness is separate from matter. It is a part of another aspect of the individual, which in religious terms we might call the soul. Then there’s a third option which is gaining ground in some scientific circles, panpsychism. In this view, the entire universe is inhabited by consciousness. A handful of scientists are starting to warm to this theory, but it’s still a matter of great debate. Truth be told, panpsychism sounds very much like what the Hindus and Buddhists call the Brahman, the tremendous universal Godhead of which we are all a part. In Buddhism for instance, consciousness is the only thing that exists.

In quantum mechanics, particles don't have a definite shape or specific location, until they are observed or measured. Is this a form of proto-consciousness at play? According to the late scientist and philosopher, John Archibald Wheeler, it might. He's famous for coining the term, "black hole." In his view, every piece of matter contains a bit of consciousness, which it absorbs from this proto-consciousness field. He called his theory the "participatory anthropic principle," which posits that a human observer is key to the process. Of this Wheeler said, “We are participators in bringing into being not only the near and here but the far away and long ago." In his view, much like the Buddhist one, nothing exists unless there is a consciousness to apprehend it.

On another front, Dr. Matloff posits that the presence of a proto-consciousness field could serve as a replacement for dark matter. Dark matter supposedly makes up around 95% of the universe, although, scientists can’t seem to find any. So, for the sake of argument, if consciousness is a property that arises on the subatomic level with a confluence of particles, how do these tiny little bits of consciousness coalesce?

Neuroscientist and psychiatrist Giulio Tononi, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, proposes a slightly different take on panpsychism, called the "integrated information theory". Here, consciousness is a manifestation with a real, physical location, somewhere in the universe. We just haven’t found it yet. Perhaps this heavenly body radiates out consciousness as our sun radiates light and heat.

Dr. Tononi has actually puts forth a metric for measuring how much consciousness a thing has. The unit is called phi. This translates into how much control a being can enact over itself or objects around it. The theory separates intelligence from consciousness, which some people assume are one in the same.

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Raising "The Vibe"

raising vibe Unconditional love and compassion are among the highest vibrations of love and are not subject to preconditions, limitations, or requirements of others. They serve the greater interest and benefit of all sentient beings and the environment. Many people are realizing that unconditional love and compassion are from our higher consciousness potentials with the capacity for healing and attracting solutions for social transformation. Many of us have personally experienced the benefits of compassion – and more and more people are resonating with this powerful expression of love especially in these times of robust change. Practicing compassion is something we can all do that benefits everyone.

Try these two simple exercises to raise your vibration: 1) Find a quiet place where, for a few minutes, you can breathe easily, imagining with each breath that your mind, emotions and body are becoming still inside. In this stillness, desire the uplifting feeling you would like to have, and as you breathe, imagine breathing this new feeling into your being for a while. Imagine you are creating it with your breath.

2) If you’re feeling low, try sitting quietly and imagine radiating love, compassion and stillness into your mental and emotional nature. Self-care is often allowing ourselves to have a low moment without compounding it with self-criticism. When our light is dim, it helps to give ourselves the feeling of compassionate heart warmth. Even if it doesn't stop the pain, we know it can help energetically. You can soon feel a difference when doing these exercises, unless extremely challenged. If it doesn’t work the first time, be patient and simply try again later. Being genuine makes the difference. Practicing for a few days in a row strengthens your capacity to reset unwanted thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Simple exercises such as these can lift your happiness and outlook more than you may think. Make it fun to consciously raise the vibration of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day to match who you are in your heart of hearts. Watch your spirit lift and the stress accumulation diminish.

These practices especially help to open our heart more in our interactions, which is often the missing piece in our pursuit for peace.

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This Quantum Life
by Boyd Martin, Caretaker, Pure Energy Rx

The Discomfort Zone

I was watching a dear friend and teacher recently speak on a Facebook Live broadcast about how change is not comfortable, and about how we are using that as an excuse not to change.

Well... my dear friend, I have to disagree on a couple of finer points:

1. The reason most people need and desire change is because their comfort zones are no longer comfortable.

2. When the change one is seeking begins to happen, we feel excitement--not discomfort.

She also spoke about how the process of changing steers one through all the barriers, reasons, sensations and blockages that are holding the particular condition or situation we wanted to change in place. It's true that all of this unraveling can temporarily feel like things are "falling apart", or "caving in", however, if the intention was to change, this unraveling is the evidence validating the intention to change, so why not celebrate it?

Yes, we can definitely lose track of all the changes we have desired, so that all this "falling apart" seems dangerous or distressing--and if we go into being the victim, we risk the nullification of our intention to change.

In fact, most desire to change revolves around finding a comfort zone, where life comes to us with ease and joy, and we are free to express ourselves creatively, experience the world as a loving place, and where future changes are joyful and generative.

I would hazard a guess that the meme, "Change is uncomfortable" is really just an arbitrary point of view that ignores the mechanics of how things work in this magical 3-D world we've constructed. The bottom line is that the higher more generative life we seek change for, is, in fact, the truer reflection of who we really are. And to make that change, we have simply to focus our intent on that version of ourselve already existing as a parallel reality.

I would also profer the view that what drives most change is discomfort or pain of some level, and that it is impossible to change from an alleged "comfort zone". If we are truly in this theoretical comfort zone, why would we want to change from that?

On the other hand, why experience discomfort at all in a "comfort zone"? How about just choosing something different--perhaps with more magic, excitement and incredibleness?

If instead, we are suffering or prolonging discomfort, how about changing the current situation or condition by tuning in to the higher version of yourself, and sending out the intention to become that? More joy, more ease, more fulfullment, more amazing-ness. Then, be willing to experience whatever the universe presents to us as experience in the unfoldment of that version of yourself wherever it may lead.

I would also venture to make the observation that behind all discomfort and pain is the desire for that higher version of your life, and that any pain or discomfort we are experiencing is us in the process of actualizing that higher life. It's the perception that life is victimizing us that prolongs the discomfort, pain and suffering, and potentially completely blocks any change.

So switch it up. Be the creator. Spot where the victim is, and simply say "bye bye". Then go to where the ease and joy is that will demonstrate to the Universe--your co-creative partner--that you are onboard with realizing the greatest life you can experience, and that you are willing to go beyond that. Continually broadcast that vibration of ease, love and joy, and tune in to that same broadcast emanating from the Ultimate You right next door. Enjoy the ride, and enjoy arriving at your new comfort zone!

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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