August 1, 2012



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August is Peridot Month

Peridot In celebration of the month of August, our Peridot Gem Elixir is on sale! Get 30% ($7.50) off this elixir until midnight, August 31. Use the discount code GSP30 when you checkout through the website shopping cart. Peridot is traditionally considered the "Stone of Purification". It stimulates tissue regeneration and removes toxicity from the physical body. Peridot helps strengthen the metabolism; aiding the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, intestinal tract, ulcers, and eyes. Peridot increases clarity and patience, helping with the release of negative emotions. Promotes a positive outlook on life. Use this elixir with the Clean Sweep spray--put a few drops of the elixir in the spray bottle--for a double-strength energy clearing.



I learned about this ancient Hawaiian practice several years ago, and have so thoroughly adopted it into my spiritual practice, I had forgotten its origins.

Ho'oponopono grew out of Hawaiian shamanic (Huna) practices of forgiveness. They believed that all illness was caused by an "error" of failing to forgive a community or family member, or ancestor. The anger and frustration created from this failure to forgive caused illness, and to cure it, a protocol of forgiveness, confession and acceptance was necessary. They believed that to forgive is the essence of healing.

The word Ho'oponopono itself translates as "the act of putting things right"--with your family, community and ultimately yourself. In fact, a modernization of this practice was developed by Ihaleakala Hew Len, a student of the kahuna shaman, Morrnah Simeona. In his book, Zero Limits, Len concentrates the Ho'oponopono practice into a four-step mantra. Chanting this mantra silently or out loud when one is feeling ill, has a body symptom, or negative emotional state, helps to remove it, and bring the person to a "zero state" where healing can begin.

When I began this process, I went through my entire contacts list, including all family and friends, and repeated the mantra on each. It took a while, but I must say I got to a significant release point with the process, and noticed that many of my body symptoms resolved either immediately, or over a short time.

Now, it's pretty much automatic to repeat the mantra anytime I find myself "caught up" with another person, or when I experience body discomforts, or negative emotions. Here is the mantra:

  1. I am sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I love you.
It doesn't have to be in that order, and in fact, changing the order around some allows for a deeper understanding of the powerful tool of forgiveness.

Vibrant Living Tip: Use Clean Sweep to cleanse the negativity of judgment and non-forgiveness. Use Beryl Gem Elixir to aid in forgiveness and clarity.

BOOK: Lifting the Veil of Duality
by Andreas Moritz

Lifting the Veil of Duality If anyone was to look at my library of books, they'd think I was a literary monk--and I sort of am, actually. I haven't read a fiction book since I was a kid (not counting Castaneda), but my collection has a definite theme: I don't read a book unless I'm so inspired to that I can't resist. That is the criteria. And it just so happens that all of my books are about spirituality. Hence, the "monk" label. Where it gets out of the realm of monkishness, however, is that the books I read, I USE in my daily life. I love books that allow practical applications of spiritual techniques and perspectives.

The book I'm reading now fits all the above criteria, and I even had to buy it twice to keep reading (thanks to a hasty departure from a hotel room while on band tour).

Lifting the Veil is not an easy read (as are most of my books), and is dense enough to require reflection after each paragraph. But I like that. And the subject matter--whoa... be prepared to take a cosmic ride.

Moritz dives into the thick of the practice of non-duality in a world of duality (polarities / opposites). Non-duality is the ideal put forth most notably by Buddhism, and Moritz intrepidly jumps into explaining how such events as children dying at the hands of a gunman are actually perfect. And, that we create "evil" in life to fully explore the realm of duality in order to learn the path to non-duality--or the perception that everything is good and perfect the way it is.

This is a challenging practice, but an extremely rewarding one. At the core of a non-duality practice is the reality of self-creation. This doesn't just mean creating an identity, this means creating everything that happens to you. By accepting and embracing that responsibility, a new awareness starts to happen where you see everything happening around you as a reflection of your own value judgements--a mirror of your decisions about the world.

Moritz makes the point that by appreciating "both sides of the coin", it greatly deepens our experience of the world, and brings us to the ultimate understanding that the Universe is Basically Good, and we as spiritual beings have incarnated into physical bodies to learn this great truth. Wow, great stuff.



Who has NOT seen the "Juice Man", Jay Kordich, on TV after midnight gleefully jamming loads of veggies through his "patented" juicer? Who doesn't know that juicing is good for you? Well, probably NOBODY. And, more is written about juicing than nearly any other food preparation for health activity.

However, that said, I do have my particular take on the subject, so here goes...

After a lot of research, we decided to get the Omega 8000 slow-spead screw-type juicer. That was almost 10 years ago, and the thing is still going great. Slow speed is important because fruit and vegetable juices begin to oxidize immediately after being released, and high speed juicing speeds up that process 100-fold (sorry Juice Man).

OK, we've got the juicer, so now what to juice? Since I'm nearly a senior citizen (60 next month), I include cabbage, broccoli and kale. These are de-toxing, hormone-balancing, cruciform veggies, not known for their great taste, especially raw, and especially in juice form. I cut the sulphury taste of these veggies with an apple (the entire apple). Apples also help to suppress the appetite, and are a great source of anti-oxidants.

Next, I use cilantro and parsley. Cilantro is very good for increasing HDL in the bloodstream, and is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Throw in parsley, which is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, and one of the best sources for Vitamin K, preventing calcium buildup in joints and organs, and strengthening bones. Ginger is also a must. It is also anti-inflammatory and de-toxing, adding some digestive heat to help digest the juice. I use celery for the electrolytes and fiber, and use beets (and greens) for colon health and kidney support.

Vibrant Living Tip: Use DigestZyme enzyme formula to get the most out of juicing. The additional enzymes help the body break down the veggie cellulose to get at those precious nutrients most efficiently.

Featured Subtle Energy Product

Vital Force Crystals Vital Force™ Crystals are an impressive application of the same technology that encodes the E-Formulas with their subtle energy charge. In this case, however, the subtle energy charge has been "zapped" into Swarovski crystals.

Several different energies are used to supercharge these crystals: Longevity, Success & Achievement, EMF Protection, Inner Peace, Chakra Cleansing, and Healing Love. The sublte energy charge is palpable emanating from these crystals when held in the hand, and the field that is created around the body when wearing or holding them results in a myriad of positive effects.

These elegant Swarovski crystal pendants have been powerfully infused by Vital Force Technology with a combination of energetic imprints from rare gemstones and crystals and healing energies produced by master healers. The Vital Force Intelligent Crystals use the "intent" of the focused mind to open the gateway between mind, body and higher levels of consciousness.

We can personally attest to the potency of these crystals, and have had some wonderful successes working with them. They make thoughtful and rewarding gifts, too!

For the month of August we are offering a 20% discount on all the Vital Force Crystals. Use discount code VF20 when checking out through the shopping cart.

Personally, from the president...

Forgive and Create

shaman healer A shaman friend of mine told the story of an 80-year old healer in Hawaii who practiced Ho'oponopono. She worked for free, supported as a healer by her community, successfully treating everyone who came to her with their various discomforts and diseases.

Her process was the same for everyone: "Tell me about it," and then after the littany of complaints was complete, she would say, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." And in every case (sometimes immediately, and sometimes after a few days), the discomforts and diseases would dissipate.

I asked my shaman friend how could this be, and he said, "A being taking full and complete responsibility for their creations heals the world. Everyone who came to her she saw as an extension of her own mind--and extension of herself. There was no difference between her own left arm and the left arm of her visitor."

The implications of what this healer was doing go to the very core of who we all are and why we are here: To live in complete acceptance of the fact that the world is Basically Good, and that all events, regardless of our judgements about them, are perfect. They are perfect because they teach us about acceptance and non-judgement. These are the hallmarks of any creator. "Good" and "bad" transform--becoming like a positive and negative charge to a battery. Without both present, no current flows. And without current nothing is created.

But for most of us, our creations have gotten away from us--they have become circumstances and events "out of our control," and many of us become victims of our own creations. What judgement or decision must have been made to create THAT? Now, there is a good and useful question.

The answer to it lies in the reality that we've been playing this game for a long time--beyond what we call this lifetime, and much of our moments of creation have been forgotten. Yet, it is all right now, right in front of us. This moment of Now contains all the decisions, judgements and creations we've ever made, and the first step to exploring and resolving our creations is to forgive.

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, Caretaker

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