August 12, 2011


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It's been such a wonderful summer so far--certainly busier than most, but I'm so grateful for the opportunities for self-development and self-growth that have been presented to me. Things have been going so fast, in fact, I have little time to report on what I'm doing that may help you with creating your own vibrant life.

There are so many wonderful and engaging people doing such interesting things. I would like to remind everyone about my friend Gwynne Warner, feng shui wizard, whose useful advice on the subject we are now making a regular feature of this newsletter, under "Feng Shui Tip of the Week."

We will also be featuring the work of Candice Covington, aromatherapist extraordinaire. Her Tattvas Oils collection is truly a potent instrument for personal transformation. I can guarantee that the application of the oils to your life will bring insights and revelations.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


Earth Wants to Connect Part 2

barefoot For me, Earth always tells me to speak from the heart: what is it that inspires me? What is it I feel passionate about? What is it I feel moved to say? I find that when I reveal my bare skin to Earth by standing directly in my experience with Her, there is a reciprocal exchange of vulnerability--a revealing of a Mind and Heart of Earth. There is a lot going on there that us humans have been missing out on since we got all wrapped up in "civilization" with all its attention-grabbing politics, bright, shiny, spinning objects and brain-arresting mass communications. We've come to view this living planet that gives us life as something to protect ourselves from, and then to exploit in order to produce more bright, shiny, spinning objects for our amusement and gratification. >>>> MORE


Money Magnet

3 coins "3 Feng Shui Coins Tied by Red Ribbon" symbolizes accruing wealth by saying "Money is already here" and generates a prosperous mindset which enhances our business and wealth luck. They're also ideal for client thank you gifts, employee recognitions, birthdays and house-warmings. Use liberally!

Attract PROSPERITY in your HOME by placing these... • Loose in your purse • In your wallet or billfold next to your cash • On investment files • On retirement files • Behind your deposit slips in your checkbook • In the four corners of your home • On your computer and laptops • Beneath your land-line and cell phones • Beneath your front door mat • On the inside doorknob of your home (hang by red thread or ribbon rather than tape) • Activate your vision boards • Activate your journals of affirmations, goals, wishes and gratitude lists

Attract PROSPERITY at your OFFICE or BUSINESS by placing them... • In the cash registers, boxes or bags • In the safe • On your invoice and accounting books • On each and every important client file • On all computers • On all telephones • On all fax machines • Behind your deposit slips in your checkbook • Underneath your desk chair • In the four corners of your office • On your computer and laptops • Beneath your land-line and cell phones • Beneath your front door mat • On the inside doorknob of your shop (hang by red thread or ribbon rather than tape)

Order yours with any credit card here -- Gwynne Warner, 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui


Embrace The Law of Least Effort

least effort Most of us were brought up to believe in the Law of Forced Effort and Struggle. Particularly in the U.S., there is a strong cultural belief that success can only be achieved through relentless effort, and endless nights "burning the midnight oil." If something comes easily, we have a tendency not to value it as much as something we struggle for. Yet if we look at nature, we see that its intelligence functions with effortless ease. In the ebb and flow of the tides, the blossoming of a flower, and the movement of stars, we don't see nature straining. Birds aren't led on their migratory path by a coach calling out "no pain, no gain!" They follow their own internal rhythms, which are in harmony with the universe's infinite organizing power. In the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, this is known as the Law of Least Effort, which is the principle that we can accomplish more by doing less if we're not wasting energy struggling and trying to force outcomes that aren't ready to manifest.

To enliven the Law of Least Effort in your life, make a commitment to take the following steps:

1. Practice acceptance. In your daily life, practice accepting people as they are, and circumstances as they occur, understanding that every moment in your life is the consequence of every prior choice you have made. Rather than resisting who or what is currently in your life, practice acceptance of what is present and reinforce your commitment to make more conscious choices from this moment on.

2. Take responsibility. Having accepted things as they are, take responsibility for the choices and actions that you have taken in the past and those you have available in the present moment.

3. Establish your awareness in defenseless. Don't waste your life energy defending your point of view or attempting to convince others. Remain open to all points of view without rigidly attaching yourself to any one of them. Whenever you find yourself trying to force an outcome that is not ready to manifest, remember the Law of Least Effort and repeat the mantra that resonates with the principle. This mantra is Om Daksham Namah, which can be translated as "My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort."

Commit yourself to the Law of Least Effort and you will cease wasting your vital energy in friction and conflict. Liberated, this energy becomes available to you for creativity, personal growth, and healing. >>>> MORE Thanks to the Chopra Center


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