August 4, 2011


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My dear friend and feng shui mentor, Gwynne Warner, always has great advice to follow to help maximize positive energies in the home, on vacation, in the car, and at work. This month, because of the auspiciousness in the feng shui world, I thought I'd share some of Gwynne's advice. Visit her website for much more: 10kblessingsfengshui.com

This month is a super important one to practice Feng Shui as it is both the Hungry Ghost Month (July 31-August 28) AND a Mercury Retrograde (August 3-18). Hungry Ghost Month is a time when it's believed that misfortune can come to those whose chi energy levels are depleted or whose luck is running low.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of Heavenly movements which are notorious for affecting travel, communication and computers.

1. Be Vigilant: Expect the unexpected. Watch out for mischief, accidents, and losing your possessions. Use your intuition and pay attention to your dreams for what they can tell you.

2. Protect Your home's Front Entrance: Keep both front and back entrances brightly lit throughout the night to attract chi-positive, bright energy. Check to see if your locks or handles need any repair. Paint your front door a bright, beautiful red for good luck. Have Buddha, Mary, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Kuan Kung, Foo Dogs or whatever protector deity you wish inside the home facing the front door.

3. Protect Your Bedroom: Make sure you have a solid door going into all the bedrooms. Always sleep in the "Commanding Position" with your headboard against a solid wall (a "mountain at your back").

4. Personally Protect You and Your Family: Perform "One Good Deed" or an anonymous act of loving kindness every single day. Burn sandalwood incense. Wear the color red such as a red tie, purse or cinnabar bracelet. Remember to open the windows so the old energy leaves and the breeze carries in fresh, new life-force.

5. Be Proactive for the Mercury Retrograde: Back up your computer, avoid signing contracts without reading the fine print, double-check appointment times, expect travel delays and plan accordingly.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


Earth Wants to Connect

barefoot Today it was a warm, luscious morning, so I decided to eat my breakfast outside. I had moved one of the patio chairs yesterday onto the grass to make way for the sprinkler, so I decided breakfast would be nice sitting in that chair.

I walked onto the lawn with bare feet. I hadn't been barefoot yet this year because the weather here had been so cool and wet, so the sensation of bare feet on grass was, well, odd. I suddenly felt like I had stepped onto the back of a vast animal--a gigantic living, breathing creature. >>>> MORE


The Four Basic Fundamentals of Fitness
by Chris of Zen to Fitness

pushup Nowadays I see too many people push themselves too hard, use bad form and quite simply overdo it with exercise or trying to be healthy in the quest to be fit. We also have a tendency to make health and fitness much too complicated. From this I came to think about a few fundamentals--things I find really important in living a healthy lifestyle. I came up with just four, sure there are others, but these are the ones I feel everyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle or be fitter should know. The best thing is amazing workouts can be made up of just running, squats and pushups.

Bodyweight is King. The Squat and Pushup should be mastered before you move onto other weighted exercises or doing resistance training using weights. This is something I have learnt in my years personal training--the majority of people cannot do a bodyweight squat with good form or weight distribution. As for pushups few people can do 10-15 with good form--these two movements are the starting point and should be practiced and strengthened before doing anything else.

Cardio is Great. Not Essential. Some people love to run, others don't. Some like to go on long bike rides to release stress others don't. We are all different and this is most true when it comes to cardiovascular fitness and training. Learn to love and live with yourself. If you love doing cardio (running, jogging, crosstrainer etc etc) then do it; if you don't, find what you are into--the truth is that there are many many ways to gain cardiovascular fitness. Pick what works for you.

Walk Everyday. Find Rhythm. Walking gives rhythm to our lives--it literally helps us think, re-aligns the body and limbers up the knees and hips. If you live in a city walking should be your main form of transport, I always say that if the distance is walkable do it by foot. If you can fit in at least 20 minutes of walking everyday and start or end your day with a good total body stretch out you are on the right path.

Live an Invigorating Life. Last but not least--living an invigorating life is probably the most essential. This means living a life that we get strength or energy from--something that gives us a reason to be active and move--whether this energy comes from doing a job you love, being around people you have fun with, travelling or just doing stuff you love. Excitement and passion change things up and gives us the motivation to exercise, eat well and most importantly makes us feel good. >>>> MORE Thanks to Chris, Zen To Fitness


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