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Dear Readers,

Sunflowers Skins are tanned, gardens are ripening, insects are buzzing, and the sun begins its slow journey South--all a part of summer life here in the Northern Hemisphere of our fair home world. Cucumbers and cherry tomatoes abound this year in the Tristar garden, ending up in refreshing salads and powering yours truly in my daily service to you. This year, for some reason, sunflowers have been ruling the yard (picture, right). Shay has even talked about entering one of these behemoths in the Oregon State Fair.

On the healing side of things, this month we're featuring an article written by Evan Slawson, co-author of the bestselling book, Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. He's got some very inspiring things to say about how our state of mind ultimately determines our state of health. This explains miraculous healings as well as the "incurable" disease. I invite you to read it for the deep insight and hope I experienced from the words.

Today I spoke with a young woman who had some questions about body types, weight loss and enzymes, and I found myself telling her that weight loss is mostly a factor of having good, healthy practices, than specifically trying to lose weight. You drink plenty of water, get regular vigorous exercise, eat only those things that are good for you, and get the rest you know you need, and the weight will come off. Most of us know what this means within our individual lifestyles, so it's not a question of knowing what to do. It's more a question about how to make it a priority, and having sufficient desire to make the lifestyle changes we know we need to make. So there's a commitment factor, too. Rarely is there any mystery as to why we have that extra padding.

That being said (as in the news article below), nearly any diet plan will work. It's practically always following through with it that is the crux of the matter. We advocate supplementing with digestive enzymes, eating organic foods (as close to raw as possible), breathing, drinking plenty of pure water, getting sufficient rest, and getting that all-important exercise. Is there any question this works? No medical professional would disagree, and our own common sense tells us it is true.

So, here's to a productive, restful, and enjoyable summer, and here's to meeting all the health goals you set!

In vibrant health,

Boyd Boyd signature
Boyd Martin

Customer Service
Pure Energy Rx

Featured Article

What is Impossible?
Evan Slawson Co-Founder of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, and co-author of the bestselling book, Sanctuary: The Path the Consciousness, Evan Slawson shares his latest article about how what we consider to be "impossible," or "incurable," is really a state of consciousness--able to be shifted at any moment, explaining all manner of miracles and unexplained phenomena. "The question is, what do you believe is possible for yourself, for your family, for the world? If your beliefs are limited and negative then the only meaningful question is, How is that working for you? If you're not willing to change your mind, then you're looking at Einstein's other powerful theory which was, 'You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.'" >>> MORE

F.Y.I. - Interesting Health News Tidbits

  Chlorinated wheezing...
Chlorination spacer.gif LONDON (Reuters) - Rising cases of asthma in European children could be partly due to indoor swimming pools, Belgian scientists said last week. They believe exposure to chlorine bi-products, both in the air and the water, could be a factor.
spacer.gif "The prevalence of childhood asthma and the number of indoor chlorinated swimming pools in Europe are linked through associations that are geographically consistent and independent of climate, altitude and the socioeconomic status of the country," said Professor Alfred Bernard, of the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels.
spacer.gif Researchers compared the rates of asthma in 13 and 14-year-old children in 21 European countries and the number of chlorinated swimming pools per 100,000 people. They found that after taking into account other factors such as climate, childhood asthma and wheeze increased by 2-3 percent for every indoor swimming pool, according the research published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Bernard and his team found that the rate of wheezing rose by 3.4 percent and asthma by 2.7 percent for every additional indoor chlorinated swimming pool. The numbers of indoor swimming pools ranged from one for every 50,000 inhabitants in Western Europe to one for every 300,000 people in Eastern Europe. The researchers called for more study of the impact of chlorinated swimming pools and asthma risk and for better ventilation of indoor pools. >>>> MORE

  It's not about the diet...
Diet fads spacer.gif Investigators from Tufts-New England Medical Center (Journal of the American Medical Association, January 2005) studied 160 overweight or obese adults who wanted to lose weight, and randomized them to one of four popular diets:
  • The Ornish low fat diet,
  • The Adkins low carbohydrate diet
  • The Zone low-glycemic index diet
  • The Weight-Watchers low calorie diet
After one year, the investigators found that subjects on average achieved modest weight loss for all four of the diets, with no differences according to diet type. Statistical analysis showed that all four diets were equally successful at decreasing body fat, and equally difficult to stay on for a one-year period. Not surprisingly, the key to successful weight loss in this investigation was strictly adhering to the diet plan. This research confirms what most of us have known deep down all along. There are a lot of healthy eating plans to follow, the problem is not the wrong plan, it is following the plan... >>>> MORE

  Watermelons are sensitive...
watermelon spacer.gif If you want to eat watermelon for its nutritious value, you are better off storing it at room temperature than refrigerating it. Levels of beta carotene are double and levels of lypocene are 20% higher, say researchers from the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Lane, Oklahoma, USA. This new finding has surprised many people who thought refrigeration would conserve essential nutrients. As far as watermelons are concerned, the opposite seems to be the case.
spacer.gif The research was carried out because studies had already indicated what effect moisture, temperature and light may have on harvesting and packaging of the fruit's lycopene content, but nothing was known about what effect temperature may have on storage.
spacer.gif Penelope Perins-Veazie and Julie Colling stored uncut, fully ripe melons at 68 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. The next morning they were cut up and sampled for color, condition and carotenoid levels. They also stored various samples of different types of melons for two weeks at 70, 55 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The researchers found that melons stored at room temperature experienced an increase in carotenoid levels of 11% to 40%. Those stored at low temperatures saw much lower or no increase in carotenoid levels. Apart from proving this scientifically, the scientists said you can see some differences with the naked eye. After two weeks the melons that were stored at room temperature were darker than when they were first picked. The darker color is due to an increase in lycopene content. The melons stored at room temperature also had thinner rinds than those stored at colder temperatures. This means the ripening process had continued. Those stored at colder temperature had rinds of the same thickness as on the day they were harvested.
spacer.gif The researchers stressed that the benefits of room-temperature storage apply only to uncut watermelons. If you cut one and want to store it, you should leave it in the fridge. However, if you want to store an uncut one for a few days, it may be better to leave it at room temperature. If you have left the watermelon for a few days at room temperature, it is then OK to place it in the fridge to cool it down before you eat it. Cooling it does not reverse the process, it only slows it down or stops it.

  EPA doing its job...
EPA spacer.gif The Environmental Protection Agency said last Thursday that it was recommending new restrictions on thousands of uses of pesticides because of their adverse effects on public health. "Whether planting crops, de-bugging a home, working in the garden or just sitting down at the dinner table, Americans can now be assured the pesticides used in the U.S. meet the highest health standards in the world," Stephen L. Johnson, the agency administrator, said in a statement announcing the completion of a 10-year review, ordered by Congress, of pesticide chemicals.
spacer.gif The study, which focused on more than 230 chemicals known as organophosphates and carbamates, could lead to the elimination of 3,200 uses and the modification in use of 1,200 others, like chlorpyrifos, diazinon and methyl parathion, which have been long been controversial for their role in causing illnesses.
spacer.gif Environmental groups applauded the action, but claimed the EPA had not gone far enough (especially regarding safety for children), and pesticide manufacturers accused the EPA of bowing to political pressure. However, Jim Jones, director of the agency's pesticide office, defended the analysis saying it had been so thorough that other countries had asked for information on how the work was conducted. "We're the only country in the world that has begun to export the methodology, it is so sophisticated and protective of human health," said Jones. And now that the study is complete, Mr. Jones said the agency was recommending a new regimen, to review all the pesticide chemicals and their uses again in 15 years. >>>> MORE

  It's the sleep, Stupid...
couple sleeping spacer.gif If you have ever thought you were stupid to sleep with someone, consider this. Sharing your bed could actually make you stupid if you are a man--at least temporarily. Even without having sex, bed sharing disturbs sleep quality, say Gerhard Kloesch and colleagues from the University of Vienna, Austria. The team recruited eight unmarried, childless couples, and used questionnaires and a wrist activity monitor, an "actigraph", to assess sleep patterns after 10 nights together and 10 apart.
spacer.gif Men and women fared differently. While men thought they slept better with a partner, and women believed they didn't, actually both sexes had more disturbed sleep, even when they did not have sex. Lack of sleep led to increased stress hormone levels in men, and reduced their ability to perform simple cognitive tests the next day. However, the women apparently slept more deeply when they did sleep apart, since they claimed to be more refreshed than their sleep time suggested. Their stress levels and mental scores did not suffer to the same extent. Sleeping with someone also affected dream recall, with women remembering more after sleeping alone and men recalling best after sex. >>>> SOURCE

  Pomes for the prostate...
pomegranates spacer.gif A UCLA study of pomegranate juice suggests it can have a beneficial effect on prostate cancer in humans. The study, funded by a pomegranate juice manufacturer, tested men's levels of prostate-specific antigens (PSAs), a chemical produced by prostate cancer cells, and measured how long it took the PSAs to double in each patient. The men who drank a glass of pomegranate juice daily showed a doubling time of 54 months on average, as opposed to the standard average of 15 months, meaning that pomegranate juice slowed the growth of prostate cancer tumors to less than one-third the typical rate.
spacer.gif "We are hoping we may be able to prevent or delay the need for other therapies usually used in this population, such as hormone treatment or chemotherapy, both of which bring with them harmful side effects," lead researcher Dr. Allan Pantuck said. Pantuck added that many substances in the juice could be prompting the positive response, as it is known to have anti-inflammatory effects and also protects the body from cell-damaging particles known as free radicals due to a high level of antioxidants.
spacer.gif Despite these impressive findings, pomegranate juice is unlikely to ever be heavily promoted for prostate cancer, since it cannot be patented. Drug companies, pharmacies and hospitals make money on patented chemicals, not natural fruit juices, so there's no financial incentive to publicize or prescribe pomegranate juice, even when it's more effective than cancer drugs, which average about 15% effectiveness. >>>> MORE
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