July 7, 2011


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If someone told you that you could produce a food that required no soil or sunshine, can be grown all year round, takes just three or four days to grow, and pound for pound, is one of the most nutritious foods available, would you believe them? On the face of it a reasonable answer would be "no". But there does exist such a food, and it is on the shelf of most supermarkets and you can grow it yourself with little trouble. Of course, I am referring to sprouts.

Seeds from which sprouts grow are potential plants just waiting for the right circumstances in which they can burst forth and realise that potential. When the seed begins to sprout, there is a veritable explosion of nutrients inside the seed.

Sprouting of seeds causes a dramatic increase in the amount of vitamins, minerals and protein available, and this increase corresponds to a decrease in the level of carbohydrates and calories. For example, just half a cup of most sprouts will provide as much vitamin C as six glasses of orange juice. Apart from being extremely nutritious, sprouts are very easy to digest because of the fact that the sprouting process converts the starches to simple sugars.

There are significant advantages to sprouts apart from the nutritional ones. They are so easy to grow in a very small space that anyone can do it in the most restricted of areas. They are cheap to grow and provide a harvest within three or four days, so you can have a continual supply on the go all year round. You can supply yourself with wonderful nutrition without the demands of a vegetable or fruit garden. There is no soil to tend, no compost to make and no bugs to repel. >>>> MORE

With all the experience I've been getting lately keeping my bowels healthy, I'm feeling like an expert! So, I ran across an excellent article that summarizes basic knowledge about colon health with some easy-to-remember do's and don't's. It's by Stephen Holt, M.D., a teacher and practicing doctor in New York state. Enjoy!

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


Everything You Need
(To Get What You Want)

keys Last week I endured two ordeals that confirmed a theory I've had that everything we need is available right now to get what we want. Now, I have come across this theory many times in my life, and have had it confirmed often enough to keep it on my back burner of Useful Ideas.

Usually, when "stuff" happens to me is when I'm in a hurry. And this was one of those times. I had a drumming gig at the local blues festival, and due to a customer phone call that went longer than I thought it would, I was starting to run late. I quickly gathered up my backpack, grabbed my wallet, and cell phone, coaxed the dog out of the house, locked the door and started to bolt for my truck. Then it hit me. I didn't have my keys. >>>> MORE


Add Flax to Your Diet

flaxseed Flax seed was the health food of the Romans. Flax seed has a nut-like flavor and has several proven health benefits, which modern research attributes to three components of ground flax seed:

  • Fiber
  • Alpha-linolenic acid, the chief omega-3 fat found in plant foods, which accounts for about 20% of the mass of most flax seed.
  • Lignans, a group of phenolic antioxidants with anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol-lowering benefits.
Research in humans has shown that flaxseed can:
  1. Reduce blood levels of cholesterol (including the dangerous LDL-cholesterol) in people with elevated cholesterol levels
  2. Reduce blood levels of triglycerides, another risk factor for heart disease
  3. Reduce sugar absorption from food
  4. Decrease the levels of chemicals involved in producing inflammation, like C-reactive protein (CRP).
  5. Raise blood levels of the important anti-inflammatory and mood-elevating omega-3 fatty acid, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).
  6. Slow the rate of tumor growth in women with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer
The dose used in these studies is 1 to 2 tablespoons a day.

Flax seed has also been found to buffer the effects of mental stress caused by performing a frustrating task. Flax seed reduced the increase in blood pressure and release of the stress hormone cortisol from the adrenal glands. This may be important for weight loss, because cortisol is a major cause of stress-induced weight gain.

Most stores carry ground flaxseed, but look for organic golden flaxseed meal by Bob's Red Mill. It requires refrigeration after opening.


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