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Vibrant Living

Once the late blooming got underway this year, wow, it was a great time for lillies! We captured these beauties in the late-day light. A few of them ended up in vases and saturated the house with a truly heavenly scent. Ahhh...

I continue to man the Lee Farms booth at a couple of farmers' markets in the area. We've even sold some of our own wonderful lettuce out of our backyard garden. The cool spring and early summer was perfect for the huge crop we had. It has finally gotten up into the summer temps here, so the tomatoes--although late--have a LOT of fruit coming on, so we'll have more of our own crop to offer at the market. The squashes have really taken off, too, so we look forward to plenty of lovely winter soups!

The backyard (and front yard) transformation continues with the fine work of Bamboo Craftsmen. We're into Phase 2 now with flower bed stone edging, and bamboo and fern planting. Things are really shaping up! We're posting pics of the progress on the blog, so come visit!

Boyd and I have been doing the Rolfing series with a wonderful healer, Terri Poch. She was a professional fighter in younger years, and is the "real deal" when it comes to healing. Rolfing is definitely an intense modality, but the benefits and results are remarkable. As part of her Rolfing treatment, Terry uses the soothing and effective Infrared Sauna in her studio. When you come out of there, you're definitely a noodle, which serves you well for the deep massage of Rolfing.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

The Obesity Epidemic
By Boyd Martin

enzymes Remember the New York teenagers, Ashley Pelman and Jazlyn Bradley, who sued McDonald's for making them obese? One of the plaintiffs included a 15-year-old Bronx boy who says he's been eating McDonald's food since the age of six. Gregory Rhymes--at 5 feet, 6 inches tall--says he now weighs 400 pounds and has been diagnosed with diabetes. Newsday reported that the children's parents say they never saw posters in McDonald's restaurants that explain the nutritional content of the food. >>> MORE

REVIEW: What the Bleep?
by Boyd Martin

bleep Adopting the formula of the docu-drama la the History Channel specials, this full-length movie about quantum physics would seem like it was heaven sent for science geeks, but hardly a subject for a dramatic story line. The fact of the matter is that this movie is not just for geeks. It contains vital information for anyone living in this physical realm--or any other realm for that matter. All this is intercut with interesting (and sometimes hardly scientific) commentary, interview style, about quantum physics by a fascinating array of personalities. There are physicists, of course, a neurologist, a theologian/physicist, a couple of physics professors, and even the cosmic presence of Ramtha being channeled by J.Z. Knight. Each, from their own viewpoint, attempts to explain the strange and wacky world of quantum physics. >>> MORE

Birth of a Shaman
by Boyd Martin

At 50, I decided to revisit the Carlos Castaneda Don Juan adventure series. I had delved into the Yaqui way in my 20's, but now Don Juan seemed to call to me from the bookshelves and I could sense that immersion was near. I checked out Another Reality from the library, and a few days later, a friend dumped the next four books of the series in my lap from a garage sale...a pretty obvious confirmation.

After a several weeks of intimate study of the material, I began to wonder if there was going to be an embodiment of a sorcerer/teacher showing up in my life. The crows were swirling and squawking, squirrels were coming up to my feet, and the wind had a funny twist to it. All signs seemed to portend an arrival of some sort, so I was on the lookout. >>> MORE

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