June 1, 2012



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June is Agate Month

agate In celebration of the month of June, our Agate Gem Elixir is on sale! Get $7.50 off this elixir until midnight, June 30. Use the discount code AGATE750 when you checkout through the website shopping cart. Agate is thought to open and align the chakras enabling them to integrate higher consciousness and bring abundance and fullness to all areas of life. Agate helps one to remain centered in times of strife or confusion. Mentally, Agate is known to bring stability, perseverance, and help the nervous system. It is especially good for creating and/or improving a "green thumb" in the garden!

The Neti Pot

Neti Pot

I've used a neti pot daily first thing in the morning for several years now, and just love it. It is one of the ancient yogic purification practices called jalaneti, but has been adopted into modern mainstream cultures around the world because of its many benefits.

At first, the idea of using a neti pot seems a bit repulsive and some basic instincts get alarmed by the practice. But with daily use, these responses fade quickly so that using the neti pot becomes quite enjoyable.

To perform this Jala Neti, use a small ceramic (or plastic) neti pot (pictured) available at most health stores and even some pharmacies. Fill the pot with purified water. I like to just use cold water for its bracing effect, but many people prefer warm. Add to the water about 1/4-1/2 tsp. of sea salt, and stir it until it is dissolved (undissolved salt in the water will sting and is not pleasant!).

Then, you are going to pour the water from one nostril into the other; then after half the pot has been emptied, switch nostrils. After emptying the pot, gently blow out the remaining water and mucous, and then continue to exhale through the nose vigorously to dry the nasal passages.

The practice was developed originally to cleanse the orifices of the head which was known to improve meditation, attention span and concentration. On a more mundane level, neti potting relieves allergies, solves post-nasal drip, prevents colds, nose or ear infections, and acts as a general tonic to the nervous and immune systems.

Vibrant Living Tip: Use Clean Sweep before you use your neti pot. Spray around your head and sink to help further purify the practice.
YOGA: Sun Salutations

sun salutations

I've started to include this series of yoga asanas (poses) in my morning wakeup routine (sadhana: "daily practice"), and have found it really gets the day started off on the right foot (pardon the pun).

The purpose of this series of poses is to greet the Eastern Sun as it brings its fresh, new life-giving power into the world. And that is the mood and intention to hold while doing the series. As with all yoga asanas, the drill beyond accomplishing the poses themselves, is to be fully in the present moment. To do both the poses and non-thinking simultaneously can be a challenge, and therein lies the work of self-improvement.

I'm not the world's most flexible person (in fact, I've been famous for being the world's stiffest person--but that's changing), and if you're in the same boat, always remember that depth into the pose is not "doing the pose better." You do the poses to the best of your ability and move on, without self-judgment or excessive thinking. The poses will tend to stimulate thinking and self-judgment, hence the challenge.

My yoga teachers, Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb of Deep Yoga, produced a lovely video of Laura doing the poses. She is an advanced yogi, so don't get discouraged if you can't follow along exactly. Again, do what it is you can do, and that is perfect. Bhava narrates and notice he includes the breathing pattern along with the direction. This is as much a part of the series as the movement.

The other challenge is to notice when you begin thinking, then apply the ancient Buddhist technique of saying to yourself "thinking" when you notice thoughts. Another technique is to do a yoga pose for the mind by chanting to yourself "Om" in the in-breath and "Shanti" on the out-breath--or use any meaningful words to focus on as you breathe. Enjoy!



Most of us, most of the time leave breathing to our autonomic nervous systems as an automatic function. I have come to realize that breathing is one of the most miraculous of treasures that we all have that is right in front of us all the time!

By making breathing a conscious activity, the health benefits (as well as general life benefits) are immense. First of all, just considering the breath as a miracle as you observe it is in and of itself a wonderfully uplifting practice. All the millions of intricate chemical processes that happen with each breath in and out is truly astounding, especially when you consider that ALL body processes depend on the breath to continue. That sounds obvious, but in the context of the miracle of life it bears pointing out.

Conscious breathing means that you couple the imagination with the breath, and in that way create a powerful mind-body connection.

Consider this: When breathing unconsciously, when you breath in, you are merely breathing in air, and when you breath out, you're just exhaling the metabolic wastes into the atmosphere. With conscious breathing, however, you use the mind via the imagination to supercharge that air you breath in with the subtle energies you create.

Breathe in LOVE, breathe in LIGHT, breathe in ABUNDANCE, breathe in HEALTH, breathe in whatever you want to see happen in your life. Then, do the same on the out breath, but send it out into the world--to your friends, your family, the entire planet. In this way you complete the circle of life and build karmic momentum. Feel the planet breathing you, feel you breathing the planet.

By working consciously with the breath, you make your life more conscious, and you improve the world!

Featured Subtle Energy Formula

E-2 The E-2 Ionic Mineral Formula is one of the four formulas featured in our Life Energy Pack. All four of these formulas represent a simple yet complete system to cover most bodily systems.

The E-2 Formula was developed by Russian Radiophysicist, Dr. Yury Kronn, to add energy to the digestive system. This includes the entire digestive tract along with the heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys. In acupuncture parlance, E-2 is said to energize the "Golden Warmer" meridian responsible for the processing of all nutrients for the body.

E-2 is wonderful for any digestive problem, from acid indigestion to nausea to flatulance. E-2 is also a general tonic, so take it midday for those afternoon drowsies, and you'll perk right up. (For this reason we recommend not using E-2 at bedtime).

Dr. Kronn says of E-2: "E-2 is a 'soft Yang' Subtle Energy Pattern. It helps create a solid, balanced and clear-headed feeling. Along with a general energizing effect, this pattern supports the heart, small intestines and earth meridians (stomach, spleen and pancreas). It effectively fights 'dampness' in the body, one of the main results of modern lifestyles. According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, 'dampness' is a major cause of many degenerative conditions, such as disruption of metabolism, diabetes, immune deficiency, premature degeneration and aging of human tissues."

As with all subtle energy ionic mineral formulas, 5-10 drops in 4-8 oz. of water or drink, a few times a day is the usual dosage. DISCOUNT ALERT! USE DISCOUNT CODE E220 TO RECEIVE $5 OFF THIS SUBTLE ENERGY FORMULA!

HOT TIP: Also see the Life Energy Pack for further discounts.

Personally, from the president...

Riding Windhorse

windhorse In my further explorations into Tibetan Buddhism I ran across the Tibetan term "lungta"--lung meaning "wind", and ta meaning horse. So you have "windhorse", which is also the Tibetan name for those prayer flags you see around, and everywhere if you travel to Tibet or Nepal.

The concept of windhorse comes from a fundamental condition of the world called "Basic Goodness". Basic Goodness means that whatever happens it is for the good, despite what we may judge events to be. A perfect example of this was in the wonderful movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," where the hotel manager (played by Dev Patel ["Slumdog Millionaire"]) says, "It will all turn out good in the end... If it's not good, then it's not the end!"

This demonstrates the human tendency to judge events as "good" or "bad" depending on personal values, past experiences, and fixed, unconscious patterns. We tend to expect the worst while hoping for the best. As far as windhorse is concerned, this thinking is all wrong.

The idea is to build windhorse by performing a series of acts of goodness. Once you've accumulated enough of these acts of goodness, you'll experience a "wind" in your life that you can ride like a horse. Yet, this is fundamentally an exercise in non-duality--meaning that instead of "bad" and "good", there is only Good. There can ONLY be good because the in the end, after all is said and done, the universe is perfect.

It has taken me the better part of 60 years to come around to believing in and embracing this Truth. And when you take a truly objective look at all the truly great miracles that abound in every moment, you conclude that at least there is more good than bad. But go further, taking a wider view, and behold: That "bad" you thought was there actually exists within some greater goodness. So, truly, non-duality is about extending your mind beyond judgment, beyond fear, beyond pain to a world of perfection and beauty.

windhorse In fact, you build windhorse by seeing the world as perfect and beautiful--even in the mundane. From dirty dishes to dog poop to the larger world tragedies, there is a perfection of purpose, a beautifulness of intention, that is miles beyond the ego-created dramas, pain and suffering that apparently is so bad.

There's the parable of the Zen master and the boy made famous in the movie, "Charlie Wilson's War"...

There's a little boy and on his 14th birthday he gets a horse... and everybody in the village says, "How wonderful. The boy got a horse" And the Zen master says, "we'll see." Two years later, the boy falls off the horse, breaks his leg, and everyone in the village says, "How terrible." And the Zen master says, "We'll see." Then, a war breaks out and all the young men have to go off and fight... except the boy can't because his legs are all messed up. And everybody in the village says, "How wonderful." Now the Zen master says, "We'll see."

This is an exact application of non-duality to the evaluation of life events. Taking the next step, as you jump onto your windhorse, you see the boy, the villagers and the Zen master as perfectly placed, perfectly acted in order to demonstrate some beautiful truth about existence. Ride on!

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, Caretaker

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