June 15, 2011


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Several things caught my attention this past week. I commissioned a thangka from some Buddhist shamans, who hand-painted an image as a healing object for me personally (pictured right). She is the White Parasol Diety. The parasol has great significance as it is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. It symbolizes protection from illness, harmful forces, and obstacles, both temporary and enduring (in all realms and through this lifetime and all future lifetimes). I received the thangka several weeks ago, but hadn't received the description of it until recently, so now I feel so humbled and blessed that this is in my home. What great energy!

I've been checking out some yoga studios in the area, and have found one that I particularly like. I have been pretty heavy into the rigorous Bikram yoga (hot yoga), so this was a nice change of pace for me. It is Ginseng Yoga in San Diego, and they have a lovely program of gentle, meditative yoga. The studio is beautiful and the people very nice.

I've been fortunate, too, to be able to enjoy the wonderful beaches of far-southern California, and have had some great walks along some gorgeous trails in classic warm, sunny weather. From what I'm hearing about the cool, rainy weather at home in Portland, Oregon, I'm especially lucky!

Boyd reports that he has been spending time daily in our infrared sauna (to make up for the cool, cloudy weather). I've been reading more and more reports about the benefits of this particular type of sauna that uses infrared light to directly heat up the body, just as the sun does (only without the UV). Infrared saunas are great for easing stress, lowering blood pressure, losing weight and detoxifying. Boyd loves it.

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


Living Inside Out

blackbird I was marvelling today how sometimes there is an instant acknowledgement from the Outside Universe when I have an inner experience. I was mulling over how to summarize what I'd been thinking about this week--for this article, as a matter of fact. The phrase, "living inside out" just appeared in my mind, and instantly a small blackbird swooped down right in front of me as I sat having my morning Starbucks.

I used to dismiss such "coincidences" as having no meaning, but as I became more savvy about physical reality through my experience and studies, these types of phenomena changed from being coincidences, to synchronicities, to direct reflections of my thoughts and intentions.

I now like to think of this as the "micro-macrocosmic expression," where the inner experiences IS the outer experience. I believe there is an illusory "barrier" between our inner experience and our outer experience--mostly culturally driven--that when reduced or eliminated produces profound states of consciousness.

Most of us spend most of our time in a reality the reverse of this. It is where the outer experience CREATES the inner experience. This is what I think of as the Victim Life. >>>> MORE


The Protection of Tumeric

curry Not long ago, researchers at the world-renowned University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center published a groundbreaking scientific review of their favorite anti-cancer nutrient--curcumin. Curcumin, along with several other nutrients, is remarkable in that it can actually tell the difference between a healthy cell and a cancer cell.

According to Wellness Resources, here is how the researchers explained their interest in curcumin:

"...Curcumin (diferuloylmethane)...is one of the most powerful and promising chemopreventive and anticancer agents ... How curcumin exerts its powerful anticancer activities has been thoroughly investigated, and several mechanisms of action have been discovered...curcumin exerts its biological activities through epigenetic modulation."
In other words, curcumin changes the regulation of DNA to help kill cancer. In fact, curcumin not only influences epigenetic (outside genetic) settings, it also manages the downstream consequences, helping to guide multiple steps in the way gene orders are implemented.

A number of different foods have been found to have particularly powerful influences in regulating genetic response to cancers, such as broccoli and resveratrol, but many researchers consider the curcumin in turmeric to have the greatest potential in combating cancer.

It's now becoming more widely accepted that cancer is not pre-programmed into your genes, but rather it's the environment of your body that regulates your genetic expression that can trigger cancer to occur. Adverse epigenetic influences that can damage or mutate DNA and alter genetic expression, allowing cancer to proliferate, such as negative thoughts and emotions, chronic stress, chronic inflammation, poor nutrition, toxins and pollution.

Curcumin currently has the most evidence-based literature supporting its use against cancer than any other nutrient. Interestingly this also includes the metabolite of curcumin and its derivatives, which are also anti-cancerous. Best of all, curcumin appears to be safe in the treatment of all cancers.

So... hurry--eat your curry! (Thanks to Dr. Mercola)


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