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This last month I found out some fascinating information about two nutritional "missing links" in modern human diets: Fulvic and Humic Acids. Dr. Robert Faust is one of the primary proponents of these vital substances, and has spent many years researching the best methods to extract these acids for human consumption.

Humic and fulvic substances are the building blocks of our world and crucial to life on earth. They help our cells absorb vitamins and nutrients and maintain balance. They are also natural detoxifiers, antioxidants and chelation agents. Like many things lost to modernization, fulvic and humic has been depleted from our soils and food sources. Thus, adding these substances to your life is an important part of a daily health strategy. These substances are not a miracle cure, but a missing link.

I've been drinking and bathing in these substances and they've been wonderful for de-toxing and creating well being. Check them out.

One of my good friends, Mark Juarez, is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor. Mark can be credited as one of the founders of the relaxation industry. Mark founded The Happy Company for personal relaxation products, and has one of the largest selections of warming grain and herb-filled products in the nation. He just sent me his new book and "play kit," called, Charlie's Thinking Cheese. It has inspiration and appreciation cards, notes, magnets, stickers and little pocket books, all with the intention of creating joyous and successful thinking pattetns--great for kids, too (Charlie is the cute little mouse whose "cheese" creates the happy thoughts). Mark has recently created a website for the kit--please visit!

simply divine botanicalsIf you haven't checked out our new additions to our product line, you are invited to check out these great products. My friend, Barbara Rogers, has a wonderful set of skin and nutrition formulas called "Simply Divine Botanicals". I've been so impressed with these formulations I decided to add them to our shopping cart.

We've also added an excellent Vitamin D supplement Liqui-D3. It's a very potent form for supplementing and recovering Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has gotten a lot of press lately because new research is finding that deficiencies in this crucial vitamin can lead to all sorts of symptoms, conditions and diseases. We take this every day along with our very favorite Omega 3/anti-oxidant, Moxxor.

I've decided that because we're so behind getting this newsletter out, I'm extending free shipping to Saturday, June 12 at Noon, PST. So here's your chance to save $5-$10 on your order.

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

Enzymes and Modern Stress
By DicQie Fuller-Looney, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D.

enzymes Modern-day nerve and immune system stresses, environmental pollution, and an obesity pandemic ironically connected to nutritional deficiencies, are just a few of the insults our bodies cope with every hour. It is little wonder the general state of health in the world is deteriorating, and many scientists point to lack of enzyme production as one major cause. Enzymes do everything from breaking down french fries to attacking viruses and bacteria, not to mention attempting to digest whatever we put into our mouths. So when it comes to health, lifestyle is everything. Understanding how our bodies work, and what we can do to support that work is part of taking responsibility for health. Beyond needing clean air to breathe and pure water to drink, the right foods and the enzymes to digest them are the next most important thing. >>> MORE

The Principles and Practice of Energy Medicine
by Aruna Bakhru, N.D.

being One of the basic premises of these energy based medical systems is that there is a circulation of energy in the body that follows an orderly path along the meridians. This energy is known as chi or prana. We already have proof of the existence of electrical fields' e.g. EKG, EEG etc. In addition to the circulation of energy, there is a force field of energy in and around a human body similar to the field around a magnet. This field can be impacted positively or negatively and it can be seen by certain sensitive individuals. It is also known as the aura. It generally extends a little beyond the body hence the term "Don't invade my space," if someone stands a little too close for comfort. Then, there are the chakras. These are whirling vortexes of energy, situated along the spinal column. These are not physical but energetic in nature and they act as step down transformers. They step down the higher finer vibrations down to the physical level and these are believed to produce their effects at the level of the meridians, the mind and also at the hormonal level. >>> MORE

Quality of Life...
by Boyd Martin

Last night I watched the Discovery Channel's "Extreme Martial Arts." I've always been inspired by the discipline, purity, and soulfulness of martial arts training and accomplishment, and this show had it all. One segment was about breaking things such as concrete blocks and wooden slabs, using pure intention and force. At one point, after a few injuries were featured, the announcer quipped, "It's not about the pain. It's about not minding." That set me off in a couple of directions pertinent to physical well-being and how we get into compromising situations with our bodies. The most inspirational people to me are those who are extremely physically challenged, and yet accomplish great things or accomplish normal things, but only through sheer determination, inner vision and heart. They have risen above their "handicap," and have actually applied it to their advantage in creating deeply soulful lives. They are "not minding" their situations, and are finding within themselves the power to experience a high quality of life. >>> MORE

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