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June lily spacer.gif This month's interview is with Fredericka Fairchild, M.A., located on Shelter Island, New York. Playful, fun and intensively intuitive, Fredericka has been a joy to discover and share worlds. She has studied with masters in Western mysticism, and has developed up a deep relationship with Tibetan Buddhism from her associations with distinguished holy men of that philosophy.
spacer.gif Her higher education and initiations range from the study for three university degrees (philosophy and psychology) to esoteric astrology, metaphysics and a deep research into the meanings and therapeutic qualities of gemstones. The sheer weight of her academic labors would overwhelm a lesser soul, but with Fredericka, a tangible lightness of being is always twinkling as if the heavy questions and answers of Universal Truth are as light and simple as throwing a Frisbee.
spacer.gif I quickly realized that to limit a report about Fredericka to a few paragraphs just wasn't going to do her justice. So, our next article will delve deeper into Fredericka's message so I can satisfactorily complete my catch of her Frisbee...
spacer.gif Shay mentioned this evening that Fredericka represents the embodiment of living the vibrant life, a personality and spirit perfect for our newsletter--and for anyone who is interested in personal exploration and transformation.
spacer.gif "I am currently using all of Fredericka's elixirs, with the Stress Relief and Focus currently being my favorites," Shay mentioned on the phone line from Kentucky this evening. "I love meeting people who have a passion and follow it, who have a sensitivity and develop it, as each year goes by my roster of people I am grateful for expands."
spacer.gif So do take a minute from your day and discover Fredericka Fairchild!

In vibrant being,

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Daily Spiritual Practice...
Fredericka Fairchild Delightfully astute, beautifully gracious, and very tuned in, Fredericka Fairchild has consequently developed an adoring international clientele of truthseekers. Her abilities to mirror a person's truth back to them in a loving way, and her therapeutic use of gemstone elixirs have combined to create a long track record of successes, even for the most difficult and complex of psychologies. "Half of our misery--if not more--is that our essential self is trapped and doesn't have any expression," declares Fredericka. "The miraculous is the discovery of something that you don't know you know." >>> MORE
Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery...
Charly Emery Our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery, in her series, "Manifest What You Dream of Today," explores the how letting go releases you from recurring habits of negative thinking and opens up a world of possibilities: "There are many ways you can improve your ability to let go. How many times have you been driving down the street when another motorist does something inconsiderate or dangerous causing you to become angry? Are you still angry a half hour later or are you able to let go of the incident emotionally? When something happens that irritates you, make an effort to let go of the experience so it does not continue to encroach upon your mood or your day." >>> MORE

F.Y.I. - Interesting Health News Tidbits

Oooo...lemonade therapy...
Lemonade spacer.gif Lemonade therapy? Sign me up! Sounds pretty inviting, doesn't it? What's not so inviting is the uncomfortable, sometimes excruciating health problem that lemonade therapy is used to address: kidney stones. A recent WebMD Medical News article explains that the natural citrate in lemon juice is exactly what helps prevent certain salts from forming kidney stones. Potassium citrate does the same thing, but some patients can avoid using this drug by upping their lemonade intake.
spacer.gif In a small study conducted at Duke University, 12 kidney stone patients on lemonade therapy were followed for four years. Results showed that subjects formed fewer kidney stones and formed them at a slower rate during the time they drank lemonade. During the four-year study period none of the subjects required medical treatment for their condition.
spacer.gif The medical director of the urinary stone center at the University of California, San Francisco, Marshall Stoller, M.D., offered WebMD this simple lemonade recipe: mix half a cup of concentrated lemon juice with seven cups of water. Dr. Stoller recommends using an artificial sweetener to avoid heavy sugar intake. Of course, swapping sugar for an artificial sweetener is not necessarily a healthy alternative... Use raw honey, organic maple syrup, agave nectar, Stevia, or turbinado sugar to taste.
spacer.gif Dr. Stoller adds that people prone to develop kidney stones should drink enough liquids to produce 1.5 to two liters of urine each day. But before you up your fluid intake with lemonade, talk to your doctor to make sure this therapy will be a good fit for you. (Thanks to HSI) >>>> MORE

The way of water...
Water shower spacer.gif We all know that water is actually good for you. In fact, many of the "diseases" of our time are actually manifestations of dehydration. What we may not think so much about, though, is how water is entering our body. Swallowing it, of course, but what about the skin? Lungs? Expand your water awareness, and try some of these fun home "water therapies:"
  • Showers. Alternate hot and cold water to aid circulation. Showers are also great for washing away the accumulated tension and worries of the day as they relax your body and break up the psychic residue left by the negativity of others with whom you have interacted during the day.
  • Baths. Nothing tops a bath to help alleviate muscle soreness. If your bath is warm enough to make you sweat a bit, it is providing the added benefit of releasing wastes through the steam-opened pores of your skin. For relaxation, fill a tub with comfortably hot water and add a few drops of mild bath oil to moisturize your skin, or add your favorite scented oil. Light a candle. Burn some incense if you like. Have a glass of juice. Play some soft, slow music. Nurture yourself.
  • Swimming. Regular swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise. Or you can exercise in water to achieve similar benefits. Whether you know how to swim or not, it is therapeutic just to get in the shallow water and splash out your frustrations or problems. Be a child again-play!
  • Sweating (in a sauna, steam bath, or sweat lodge) or soaking (in a spa, hot tub, or mineral springs). These ancient remedies for stress and pain are as valuable today as they have been for centuries. If you can't get to a spa, soaking your feet in the bathtub or a basin at home is a simple way to enjoy and heal yourself.
  • Hot compresses. Grate some fresh gingerroot and wrap it in cheesecloth. Place the bundle in a large pot of water. Heat the water, but do not let it boil. Turn off the heat and soak a towel in the water. Carefully remove the towel; let it cool until it is comfortable enough to handle, then wring it out. Apply the towel to any ailing body part. Leave it on until the heat is exhausted. Then do it again.
  • Rituals. Compose a ceremony in which you use water to symbolically cleanse your body, mind, and soul from illness, darkness, "sin," and painful memories. This is a beautiful way to love yourself.
Go get yourself a big glass of water right now. Drink it slowly and experience it with all your senses! >>>> MORE

Cook with coconut oil...
Coconut oil spacer.gif Heart disease and obesity are rare in tropical populations who follow traditional diets high in coconut oil and coconut products. Back in the 1930's, Dr. Weston Price, a dentist, traveled throughout the South Pacific, examining traditional diets and their effect on dental and overall health. He found that those eating diets high in coconut products were healthy and trim, despite the high fat concentration in their diet.
spacer.gif But, can you cook with coconut? Yes. Not only that, but coconut oil is the ONLY safe oil to cook with that is stable enough. What about olive oil? Due to its chemical structure, cooking makes it susceptible to oxidative damage and increases the risk of disorders such heart disease, among others. Polyunsaturated fats, which include common vegetable oils such as corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and canola, are absolutely the worst oils to use in cooking. Omega-6 oils are especially prone to this because of all the double bonds they have which are highly susceptible to heat damage.
spacer.gif Most people believe that frying creates trans fats. That is not the major problem; although some are created, they are relatively minor. There are FAR more toxic chemicals produced by frying omega-6 oils than trans fats. Frying destroys the antioxidants in oils and as such oxidizes the oils and causes cross-linking, cyclization, double-bond shifts, fragmentation and polymerization of oils that cause far more damage than trans fats.
spacer.gif There is only one oil that is stable enough to resist heat-induced damage, while it also helps you prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and even lose weight--coconut oil. Curiously, coconut oil contains the most saturated fat of all edible oils. We continue to be inundated by media portrayals of saturated fats as dangerous, but now you know better... >>>> MORE

Pesticide season...
Dog mask spacer.gif There's a funny kind of inconsistency at work in America today. While interest in pesticide-free food has led to a stunning 20 percent annual growth rate in the organic food market, most Americans continue to use pesticides in and around their homes. In all likelihood, that includes you. If you've never thought of these products as pesticides, think again: many contain the same scary bug-killers that go on "conventional" fruits and vegetables. Dousing your pets with them can expose the animals and your family to poisoning, as well as to serious, long-term health problems.
spacer.gif The most dangerous types of pesticides are organophosphates and carbamates--nerve poisons that should be avoided completely. The Natural Resources Defense Council has been working since 2000 to get them barred from household and pet products and has so far succeeded with two of the worst. Even products with "safer" ingredients carry health risks for people and animals. For instance, Hartz Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens, with the active ingredient, phenothrin, was recently cancelled because it caused hair loss, salivation, tremors and death in cats. Yet phenothrin, a synthetic form of a substance found in chrysanthemums, was once considered one of the less toxic pesticides. Of course, fleas and ticks can be a health problem in their own right, but that doesn't mean an all-out chemical assault is necessary. Instead, you can try these simple physical prevention procedures:
  • Keep the grass on your lawn short.
  • Vacuum thoroughly and often, and dispose of the vacuum bag afterwards in a sealed plastic bag so that the trapped fleas cannot escape back into the house. (This will also help with other pests, such as moths.)
  • Limit the places your pets can sleep and wash their bedding in hot water weekly.
  • Keep pets out of bedrooms and hard-to-clean rooms where fleas would be a problem.
  • Bathe them every couple of weeks in soapy water.
  • Brush them regularly and inspect them for parasites.
  • Consider keeping cats indoors (which not only reduces the chance of fleas and ticks, but car accidents and disease) and only allowing dogs to roam in areas where fleas can be controlled.
>>>> MORE

Bringing to light the lowly mushroom...
Mushrooms spacer.gif Mushrooms may soon emerge from the dark as an unlikely but significant source of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin that helps keep bones strong and fights disease. New research, while preliminary, suggests that brief exposure to ultraviolet light can zap even the blandest and whitest farmed mushrooms with a giant serving of the vitamin. The Food and Drug Administration proposed the study, which is being funded by industry.
spacer.gif Exposing growing or just-picked mushrooms to UV light would be cheap and easy to do if it could mean turning the agricultural product into a unique plant source of vitamin D, scientists and growers said. That would be a boon especially for people who don't eat fish or milk, which is today the major fortified source of the important vitamin.
spacer.gif The ongoing work so far has found that a single serving of white button mushrooms, the most commonly sold mushroom, will contain 869 percent the daily value of vitamin D once exposed to just five minutes of UV light after being harvested. If confirmed, that would be more than what's in two tablespoons of cod liver oil, one of the richest, and most detested, natural sources of the vitamin, according to the National Institutes of Health. >>>> MORE
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