May 7, 2015


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Quantum Health News

How Your Mind Affects Your Body

mind-body We are at last beginning to show that there is an intimate and dynamic relationship between what is going on with our feelings and thoughts and what happens in the body. A Time magazine special showed that happiness, hopefulness, optimism and contentment, "Appear to reduce the risk or limit the severity of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension, colds and upper-respiratory infections; while depression--the extreme opposite of happiness--can worsen heart disease, diabetes and a host of other illnesses."

The role of the mind and emotions in our state of health appears to be a vital one and by understanding this relationship we can claim a greater role in our own well being. It is only a part of the overall picture, but it is the part that is invariably overlooked.

"A basic emotion such as fear can be described as an abstract feeling or as a tangible molecule of the hormone adrenaline," writes Deepak Chopra in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. "Without the feeling there is no hormone; without the hormone there is no feeling ... The revolution we call mind-body medicine was based on this simple discovery: wherever thought goes, a chemical goes with it."

Discover how your mind and emotions affect your body:

  • What happens when you get irritated or frustrated?
  • How does worry affect you?
  • How do you react when someone is angry with you?
  • How do memories affect you?
  • Ask Yourself About illnesses and injuries. Think back to past illnesses or times when you were hurt. Note the parts of your body that were involved. Have you always held your stomach muscles in tight, have you always had recurring headaches, have you always hurt the same side of your body?
Use the answers you get from these questions to understand yourself more deeply. They may give you the clues you need to find your healing.

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Affecting insomnia using meditation

insomnia What if there's a simple, cost-free activity you can do at home that might reduce insomnia, fatigue and depression? That's what Harvard Medical School is saying. They call the practice "mindfulness meditation" and describe it as "a mind-calming practice that focuses on breathing and awareness of the present moment."

In a study of 49 middle-age and older adults with trouble sleeping, those who completed a mindfulness awareness program experienced less insomnia, fatigue and depression than those who completed a sleep education class. The study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Both groups of participants met for the same duration of time and with the same frequency over a six-week period. But the former group was taught practices such as meditation to help them focus on "moment-by-moment experiences, thoughts, and emotions," while the latter group was taught ways to improve their sleep habits.

One thing that separates the two teachings is that mindfulness meditation triggers what Herbert Benson, M.D., director emeritus of the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, calls "the relaxation response." This deep physiological shift in the body is the opposite of the stress response and can help ease stress-related ailments such as depression, pain and high blood pressure.

Here's how Harvard describes a simple method for eliciting the relaxation response:

  • "Step 1: Choose a calming focus. Good examples are your breath, a sound (‘Om'), a short prayer, a positive word (such as 'relax' or 'peace') or a phrase ('breathing in calm, breathing out tension'; 'I am relaxed'). If you choose a sound, repeat it aloud or silently as you inhale or exhale.
  • "Step 2: Let go and relax. Don't worry about how you're doing. When you notice your mind has wandered, simply take a deep breath or say to yourself ‘thinking, thinking' and gently return your attention to your chosen focus."

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Dowsing's link to new mind-body connections

dowsing "Dowsing dates back to the earliest times. The Tassili Caves in the Atlas Mountains have an 8,000-year-old wall mural of a dowser with a forked stick," says Brian Crissy, Appalachian Chapter vice president. "The Pharoahs 4,000 years ago and Chinese emperors 2,500 years ago used dowsing."

The rods that many associate with dowsing are often used, but not always, says Crissy--the "subtle energy flows" demonstrated via such rods, pendula and bobbers can also be detected solely through inner feelings and visualization. "There is a high-vibrational energy everywhere that dowsing can detect and affect," he continues. "It is probably what Werner Heisenberg encountered when he concluded in 1927 that human awareness affects reality. Conventional science has oddly chosen not to study it, but this subtle energy is very real and important and affects us in many ways," he explains.

This esoteric technology can be used for many purposes: from locating water, divination, enhancing one’s natural abilities and more. The underlying principle is that from intention and imagination, physicial reality manifests. "Carl Sagan once said, 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'," says Crissy.

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Company & Product News

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Infused Salt Lamps This new application of subtle energy infusion into a Himalyan Salt Lamp has catapulted the natural benefits of salt lamps to a whole new level. We have infused the lamps with harmonizing, stablizing subtle energies that greatly heighten the similar existing properties of the lamps, making the experience of the lamps a palpable and impressive one. Put one in the office or TV room to neutralize EMF, or "electro-smog". Put one in the bedroom for a soothing night light and negative ions for a restful sleep.

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This Quantum Life
by Boyd Martin, Caretaker

Giving Up Utopia: The Double Down

Buzz Lightyear Last issue I wrote about letting go of your personal Utopia. I got some flack about that statement, being accused of dashing any hope for living, and dealing an existential blow to dreams and goals.

Well, maybe that's a good thing. The whole idea of living the quantum life is to live in possibility. Yes, Utopias are a single possibility. The thing is, there are infinitely more possibilities than that. What looks like Utopia today, is not what it's going to look like five years from now. In fact, it is almost guaranteed it will never happen, ever, because there is a judgement about how life is not living up to this projected Utopia and a huge conclusion that happiness is only possible within that Utopia.

The Universe responds first to conclusions and judgements. "I can't be happy until these conditions are met." The Universe hears, "I have unhappiness with these conditions," and so continues to deliver that. This is because how you respond to not having certain Utopian conditions is the energy the Universe is referencing in its response.

A much more effective quantum living approach is "These are the current conditions of my life. Now... How does it get better? What else is possible?" Live in those questions for a while without bemoaning anything about those conditions. Instead, be curious about how things are changing for the better--meaning changing toward more and more possibility that in turn offers more and more choice, and therefore, more and more awareness. After a few days or weeks of this, things will start showing up you had no idea were possible--and, they're wonderful. You enlisted the quantum-ness of the Universe and it reflected back to you the energy of "how does it get better".

Long-Term Barbie A couple of years after the passing of my partner and founder of this company, Shay Arave, I started entertaining thoughts about being in a new long-term relationship. Nowadays, it's logical to jump on the various dating sites and see what pops up. One of my preferences is that the person be spiritually oriented, and preferably well versed in metaphysical matters.

This narrowed things down considerably, and I ended up on Spiritual Singles dot com. After six "dates", I started realizing I had concluded (as well as my dates) that the only "real" relationship was a long-term one, yet, how could I know what would be "long-term" without being with someone long term? It started feeling like a disengenuous paradox somehow. All these people looking for a "long term relationship", without realizing how judgemental that is.

What exactly is going to convince them this or that person is long-term material? This person is cool because they're a vegetarian, interested in astrology, blonde, attractive, has kids, but they're grown and out of the house, has a dog, doesn't like cats. Perfect. Well, what happens when these things change? What happens when they decide to start eating meat again? Decide they don't like astrology, lose their hair, gain 50 pounds and decide to get a cat? The point is, we have no idea at all what a long-term relationship looks like until we have a relationahip that has gone long term. All three of the ones I've had (one for 17 years) ended disastrously. I had to admit I had no clue.

quantum entanglement The quantum living approach? "This is my relationship life. How does it get better than that?" As I embraced living in this question, new possibilities almost immediately came to me--and some very intriguing ones I hadn't even considered. The choices began to mount, and my awareness increased, especially about my judgements, conclusions and preferences. I realized I didn't really want a "long-term" anything. I just wanted to share my life with someone who respects me and what I do and allows me complete freedom in the creation of my life. I'd be happy if that was for just 20 minutes or 20 years. I'd successfully deconstructed the "long term relationship" myth for myself.

So, by remaining in the question when you want to change something, feeling that energy of How does it get better? without judging or concluding anything, it just might bring you everything you've actually ever wanted and most likely beyond.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin, President


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