May 30, 2013


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High Fructose Corn Syrup = Cocaine in the Brain

twinkiesResults presented at the 2013 Canadian Neuroscience Meeting shows that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can cause behavioural reactions similar to those produced by drugs of abuse such as cocaine. These results, presented by addiction expert Francesco Leri, Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science at the University of Guelph, suggest food addiction could explain, at least partly, the current global obesity epidemic partly caused by these ingredients.

The same brain circuits are involved when people crave high fructose corn syrup as when drug addicts think about drugs. There is significant activity in all areas of the brain, especially in the hippocampus when consuming potent sweeteners. That region is related to learning, memory and is also related to a lot of things such as sensory and motor impulse and emotional behavior. The stimulators also sent messages of satiety to brain circuits in the orbitofrontal cortex and striatum, which have been linked to craving and desire in cocaine addicts.

High-fructose corn syrup, which is a mixture a potent concentrated cocktail of the simple sugars fructose and glucose, came into use in the 1970s and by 2010 the average American was consuming about 80 pounds of it per year. Overall, dietary intake of fructose has increased by an estimated 50 percent in the last thirty years.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: High fructose corn syrup is nearly impossible to avoid as it is ubiquitous in most "main aisle" products in grocery stores. Because nearly all corn syrup is GMO, it will not be in all-organic products. If you can't avoid it, make sure to supplement your meal with digestive enzymes (DigestZyme) that will help breakdown the sugars and metabolic by-products.

Laughter: The Great Healer

laughter “Nonsense wakes up the brain cells. And it helps develop a sense of humor, which is awfully important in this day and age. Humor has a tremendous place in this sordid world. It’s more than just a matter of laughing. If you can see things out of whack, then you can see how things can be in whack.” ~ Dr. Seuss

The science of mirth is no laughing matter, but it is wonderfully amusing. We've studied laughter, it is its own science called gelotology. Laughter helps us socially, mentally and physically. The philosopher John Morreall believes that people first laughed as a sign of relief after they were exposed to danger and then shared a collective sigh as that danger passed. Laughter is the way we bond with one another. Laughter is contagious, and so are the bonds that are formed among people who laugh. We usually feel closer to those we’ve shared a laugh or two with. It doesn’t even need to be expressed verbally.

When we feel a heart-felt chuckle, it can cure a panoply of ills. Laughter lowers cortisol levels (which are linked to all sorts of stress-related diseases including heart disease and high blood pressure.) Getting the giggles also increases the antibodies in your blood, which boosts the immune system so we can more easily evade bacteria, viruses and parasites.

In a recent study, laughter was found to boost the immune system by as much as 40 percent! In the study women watched funny films in one group and dull boring films in another. When the films were completed, researchers took samples of the women’s killer cells, our natural disease fighting cells, and mixed them with cancer cells to see what would happen. The women who had laughed out loud in the films had much healthier immune systems, capable of even destroying cancer cells, than the women who had watched some boring tourism films.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: We've had several comments about Clean Sweep where after spraying it in a room of negative people, in a few minutes most everyone is laughing and having a good time. Clean Sweep makes way for that crucial sense of humor to assert itself and do its healing work.

What Happens in Vagus...

Vagus Nerve At the center of our bodies resides a long, sinewy nerve that extends all the way from our medullas down through our chests to beyond our stomachs. This nerve, known as the Vagus Nerve, happens to be at a most fascinating intersection, not only between our two physical nervous systems (our central and autonomic nervous systems) but also between our conscious minds and subconscious minds. As such, it also acts as a bridge between our gross bodies and our subtle bodies. And it’s a nerve probably 99% of the population have never heard of nor even have a clue where it’s located. And yet the Vagus Nerve (ironically pronounced the exact same way as sin city itself, Las Vegas) may be the single most relevant organ in our body relative to our peace of mind and happiness.

Research indicates that a healthy vagus nerve is vital in experiencing empathy and fostering social bonding, and it is crucial to our ability to observe, perceive, and make complex decisions. Tests have revealed that people with impaired vagal activity have also been diagnosed with depression, panic disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, panic disorders, violent mood swings, fibromyalgia, early Alzheimer’s and obesity. Given the state of society today and the vast array of dis-eases associated with unhealthy Vagus Nerves, it doesn’t take a medical doctor to conclude that by healing our collective Vagus Nerves, we can heal a lot of societies woes. Scientists have discovered that artificial Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), through electrical impulses via a surgically implanted pacemaker like device, shows promising results in reducing depression, anxieties and even conditions such as epilepsy and obesity.

Laughter and weeping are also powerful stimulators of the Vagus Nerve. Yogic breathing techniques also directly impact the Nerve, soothing and normalizing the entire parasympathetic nervous system via the Vagus Nerve.
VIBRANT LIVING TIP: Use Formula E-1 to energetically support the Vagus Nerve. E-1 normalizes the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to enhanced mood, immunity and well-being.

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Personally, from the president...

How All of Us Are Wrong About Healing

soapbox The recent "prophylactic" double mastectomy by Angelina Jolie really got me up on my soapbox a couple of weeks ago. There was so much wrong with it:

  1. The "genetic marker" Jolie and her horribly profit-motivated doctors were so focused on is a promotional hype of the worst kind. The BRCA1 gene has been linked to only 2% of diagnosed breast cancers in those carrying the gene.
  2. The monumental fear-mongering Jolie's actions represent, particularly because she is a world-renown celebrity, amount to psychic terrorism of the worst kind.
  3. There is NO, nada, zero evidence that "preventative surgery" allowed anyone to "avoid" actual cancer in the long term. The entire premise is flawed, based on on "risk assessments" that have profit motives. The BRCA1 gene has a patent on it, so any research or diagnostic procedures around it must be licensed, which is why the BRCA1 marker test is prohibitively expensive, and not covered by most insurance.
  4. Drastic surgery like this is a major amputation. If anything, Jolie is majorly stressing her immune system and making it more possible for her to "get" cancer. Just the fear alone she must have to do such self-mutilation has all kinds of side-effects for her immune, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. It's like seeing a fly and because you are terrified of flies, you attack it with a sledge hammer, but the moment the sledge hammer strikes you see it was merely a shadow of a fly.
There are more reasons, but you get my point. I hope!

I further posit that we, in "modern" society, have no clue about what our bodies are telling us. We don't understand pain--other than it is something to get rid of as fast as we can. We don't understand the whole concept of "symptomology". And we certainly do not understand the concept of "disease", or "healing".

chakras In holistic energy medicine--quantum medicine, if you will--a person is considered a spiritual being who is quantum-entangled with a body. It is sort of like having a pet. The "pet", however, is made up of complex energy patterns that it is continually attempting to balance, harmonize and bring to homeostasis. A person's thoughts, feelings and actions all affect this matrix of body energy.

We have made an agreement with this body system that whenever there is a "disturbance in the force", there is a corresponding signal to the body's command center, the brain. This signal can be in the form of everything from pain to mild discomfort. No matter what it is, it is a disturbance in the energy field of the body, and those sensations we all feel are the body's efforts to return to homeostasis.

This is where we have given up personal responsibliity, canceling our intuitive abilities, and handing everything over to "medical professionals" whose entire livelihood depends upon something being wrong with us. They perform perverse tests against mostly arbitrary "norms", have outrageously wrong ideas about nutrition, and an entire belief system that ignores the FACT that the body is a living energy system. These "experts" INSIST the body is instead a MACHINE that suffers "deficiencies" and "breakdowns" over time. We all buy into this, and like zombies, get our annual "checkups" that compare our blood, urine and hair against what is accepted as "average", "normal" values. If we're outside the lines of what is "normal", these medicos parade out the latest pharmaceutical "science" to somehow "regulate" something our bodies are already working to regulate.

This interference with the body's process of re-establishing balance leads to further "symptoms" that require more and more actions by the medicos. It's not surprising that the greatest sources of diseases and conditions are hospitals.

The questions abound: Why is preventative medicine not practiced by the majority of doctors? Why are doctors not required to be trained in nutrition? Why are spontaneous healings hardly ever seriously researched? Why are alternative methods of treatment that have been shown to work, not researched, and instead attacked as "quackery"? The simple answer is self-defense.

big pharma Doctors are in the business of disease, not health. Most "conditions" are treated in such a way that virtually guarantees failure. Even if there may be a temporary improvement, at some point down the line, the condition returns, or some other condition crops up as a result of the treatment. A perfect example is chemotherapy, with its 3% lifetime "success rate", and which has been proven to make cancers more aggressive. Yet, we keep submitting to this outrageous procedure believing it's our "best shot".

I'm a big fan of Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., who calls what she does "the future of medicine." On a recent conference call she was berating some of what is considered "normal" for such tests as cholesterol. She noted that 40 years ago, 220-240 was a "normal" reading. Now it's considered too high, requiring drugs to bring it down. Blood pressure is another one, which can vary greatly from person to person, environment to environment, often depending on the person's belief system. She believes in letting the body run its own processes, and support it with smart self-care.

Now I'm not saying that Western Medicine has no place in the world--that would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. What I'm referring to here is the extreme narcissism of it and its refusal to acknowledge that the body is a self-correcting energy system. Emergency medicine has an important place, as does preventative medicine. But that's just about where it should end.

What we, as body owners, must understand is that the body is in a constant state of change, re-balancing, and normalizing. It knows what to do. Too often we jump off into fear mode at the least little twinge, and go running to doctors or healers under the mistaken belief that something is really wrong. Well, something might be really wrong, it's true, but the body is already working on it, and knows what to do about it. We need to relax, breath, take a drink of water, and do our spiritual work. That is where our real job lies.

body love So how should we approach body pains and discomforts? Observe them, accept them, embrace them, ask what to do to help. Establish a pet/owner relationship with your body. Love it, listen to it, take care of it. It will tell you what it needs for you to do, if anything. If you have anxiety about how the body feels, do some personal inquiry on the true source of that anxiety, since the anxiety itself may be what is exacerbating the condition or preventing the body from quickly resolving it.

Again, it's all about energy, and we all have the super-ability to change our minds and change our feelings. The body is crying out for us to feel good, be happy and be in love. It makes the body's job a whole lot easier.

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, President


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