May 2, 2012



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Yay for May! Welcome to this edition of the Vibrant Living Newsletter, where living deeply is living vibrantly!


Enzyme Autoship

Transformation EnzymesWe now have AUTOSHIP on Transformation Enzyme formulas! By signing up for our 30-Day Autoship, you get a 30% discount off all Enzyme Formulas. You may opt out of the autoship at any time, although Dr. Fuller strongly suggests that you give the enzyme regimen at least 90 days to fully realize the benefits. To set up the autoship, simply order the 30-Day Autoship on the website.

Why supplement with enzymes? Stress. In our modern, fast-moving, electromagnetic society, the body is under tremendous stress, whether it be from overwork, deadline commuting, air pollution, water pollution, electromagnetic pollution, financial stress and the attendant emotional stress--the body simply cannot keep up with enough enzymes to handle the toxic effects of all this. Enzymes are the body's way of assimilating, dissolving and eliminating both nutrients and toxic substances, but the body has only so much capability to do so (see Enzyme Deficiency Symptoms). Regularly supplementing with enzymes allows the body to "catch up" with its toxic load, and then actually be able to spend energy on rejuvenation and repair.

So, "set it and forget it" with the 30-Day Autoship, but first, make sure you know your Body Type, as that will make the best use out of the formulas for your particular type.

New Travel Sizes of Our Most Popular Formulas

Clean Sweep We're excited to announce new travel sizes for the Clean Sweep and E-3 Energy Cream formulas! After the TSA revised their allowed size of containers down to 3.5 oz., we received many requests for a smaller travel size in these formulas because they are especially handy for traveling.

With Clean Sweep you can literally spray away negative energy in your space, which is excellent for hotel rooms, cramped airliners, airport auto traffic, restaurants--anywhere there is negative human emotion, electromagnetic radiations, or your own emotional turmoil. Within seconds, Clean Sweep clears the air and harmonizes the space. The phenomena was first measured by researchers at the University of California Irvine, and further tests over 10 years on plants revealed startling effects with a wide range of radiations--increasing plant survival from 10% to 80% in the presence of Clean Sweep. Get the 2 oz. travel size for only $10.

E3 Our E-3 Energy Cream is the "go to" formula for pain relief of all kinds--including headaches, backache, foot pain, and even indigestion--all frequent results of long-distance travel. E-3 gets to the source of the pain and re-establishes energy flow through the painful area. It's the way acupuncture works. So we call it "Acupuncture in a Bottle." Others call it "magic lotion" because it works like magic! Get the 2 oz. travel size for $13.50--a little goes a long way, and frees you up to enjoy your travels!

May is Emerald Month

emerald In celebration of the month of May, our Emerald Gem Elixir is on sale! Get $7.50 off this elixir until midnight, May 31. Use the discount code MAYGREEN750 when you checkout through the website shopping cart. Traditionally, emerald is thought to soothe fears and increase sensitivity. It stabilizes the personality, and imparts strength of character to overcome misfortunes. It brings domestic bliss and loyalty; enhances unconditional love and partnership. If you're in a difficult relationship use the emerald elixir along with Clean Sweep to help resolve issues.

Blonde Enlightenment

Nicole Coombs I have been fortunate enough to have found a "real deal" shaman in the form of Nicole Coombs, who unabashedly brands herself as "Blonde Enlightenment."

Although she specializes as a relationship coach ("The Saucy Love Psychic"), and slants her message toward women ("Dishin' on love like only a girlfriend will"), my reasons for seeking out her services were more along the lines of some deeper spiritual discovery. I do consider myself to be an "urban shaman," although my focus as a shaman has been more on divining the symbols and signals Life brings and interpreting them towards widening my consciousness--as opposed to making it a formal practice for others.

But, every once in a while, when the mud of life starts bogging things down, it's extremely useful to gain the help of someone else of like mind to give that extra push to navigate to drier, smoother ground. Nicole has been great for that, and her enthusiasm and diamond-clear perceptions make her a pleasure to work with.

For me, she has employed a type of cranio-sacral modality that is more energy-based than the physical manipulation most associated with it. She creates a wonderfully comfortable and clear space that allows for deep meditation and journeying. Every time, I've received very significant messages and have gotten my mind blown. A good thing, because it's just necessary to blow up the mind now and then to get it out of the way!

I highly recommend Nicole's services, whether it be for personal spiritual impasses or to improve a personal relationship, or even find one. Seek Nicole out at her website, blondeenlightenment.com.

Vibrant Living Tip: I highly recommend Nicole's Blonde Enlightenment Facebook Page.

Pure Energy Rx formulas to assist with shamanic sessions:

Deep Insight Deep Insight Elixir -- Stimulates improvement in interpreting inner experiences and increase the efficiency of information reception, while helping to facilitate psychic awareness and intuitive development.

Divination with Tarot and I Ching

Tarot Since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated with divination. At first because it seemed so magical, and later in my development because it helped connect me to a larger universal awareness of mundane life.

Although I love astrology, my two other favorite modes of divination are the ancient Tarot and equally ancient I Ching. While the etymology of the word "tarot" can only be speculated on, some experts say it's of Arabian origin from the word for "deduction." This is a good word for the Tarot, because by reading the rich symbolism printed on the Tarot cards, you can immediately recognize what the cards are referring to in your present life, and will allow subconscious messages about your life to come out--oftentimes with great revelation. There are hundreds of types of Tarot decks, but the standard is the "Waite Deck" developed by Christian mystic and occultist Arthur Edward Waite in 1910.

With the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes), the symbols are in the form of a hexagram, or six lines in a figure made up of solid or broken lines. The hexagrams are read from bottom to top grouping the lines in threes, so there are two parts to the hexagram. The most famous and most-used interpretive text book for the I Ching is by Richard Wilhelm (1950). To obtain or build the hexagrams the most common method is throwing three coins (pennies, usually) and noting which coins are "heads" and which are "tails" and assigning a numerical value to each. You then look up the hexagram you built for the messages, which invaribly are quite profound.

Divination is not about fortune-telling, which I feel is a misuse of these systems. Instead, these are systems to allow you to look into your own mind for meaning and greater connection to the world you have created.

Vibrant Living Tip: Order Beatrex Quntanna's Tarot: A Universal Language for an in depth and entertaining look at the 52 cards of the Tarot.

Pure Energy Rx formulas to assist with shamanic sessions:

Cosmic Eye Elixir -- Improves memory, and stimulates the "third eye" psychic center of the brain. For the serious meditator, this remarkable combination of energies provides an illuminating but stable foundation to work from. For the adventurous, the Cosmic Eye Elixir can be helpful in stimulating "out of body" experiences.

BOOK: Broken Open, by Elizabeth Lesser

Broken Open book I've been known to cry at movies before, but never from reading a book. Yet, Elizabeth Lesser's masterpiece, Broken Open consistently had me tearing up from the brutal honesty and poignant celebration of the human condition brilliantly offered on these pages.

My CPA gave me the book to help me deal with the loss of my life partner in January, and it was really the perfect book to read for dealing with my grief. My best friend passed over after 15-years in relationship, and her passing has been one of the most important things that has ever happened to me. I say "important" because going through the dying process with a loved one will most certainly "break open" your heart and open a whole new world of apprecation for life, other people, and your role in the world. This book is all about that, and I feel as blessed to have been given it as I feel for having had the gift of my partner's life.

The book also points up the essence of living a vibrant life--living vibrantly is living deeply, and the deepest way to live is to fully accept death. It sounds counter-intuitive, but by "dying" to all the machanizations we all use to avoid experiencing life, we can open up to a wonderfully abundant world where everything is a miracle: our breath, our body, our friends, the sun, the sky, the grass under our toes. It all is such a blessing, but we don't know about it until our hearts are broken open.

With frequent quotes from my favorite poet, Rumi, and Lesser's guru, Ram Dass, the book gently leads you on a narrative of Lesser's own life as a metaphor for your own. Whether or not you have lost a loved one, this is a great read--so if you haven't had this kind of loss, you will be able to appreciate it when it blesses your life.

"So much of what we do each day is a diversion from what our lives are really about. A traumatic event is like a knife slicing through our diversionary tactics and exposing the vein of truth--the truth of what we really want, of how we really feel, of the wrongs we have visited upon each other, of the love we crave from each other. In our habitual lives, we exercise the foolish luxuries of complaining, avoiding and blaming. We gossip about the annoying behaviors of friends or colleagues, shutting them out of our hearts, turning our backs on their complicated beauty in favor of their obvious flaws. It seems easier to do this than to move toward each other..." -- Elizabeth Lesser

Featured Subtle Energy Formula - Review

E-1 The E-1 Ionic Mineral Formula is one of the four formulas featured in our Life Energy Pack. All four of these formulas represent a simple yet complete system to cover most physical ailments.

The E-1 Formula was developed by Russian Radiophysicist, Dr. Yury Kronn, to balance and harmonize general body systems. It normalizes body responses, and adds the energy the body needs to return to equilibrium. Hundreds of doctors use this formula to stablize the body for testing purposes to get a truer "read" on what's going on with the body.

Popular everyday uses of E-1 include taking it at bedtime for a much improved sleep, in many cases relieving insomnia. Use E-1 for emotional stress. Veterinarians love E-1 for its immediate calming effect on animals. It works the same for humans. E-1 can help with over-acid conditions, allergies, hypertension, blood sugar imbalances, and any other condition where there is "too much" or "too little" body response to a condition. E-1 adds energy to the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which are the nerves commanding the major organs and energy centers, so it is great for traumas, too.

As with all subtle energy ionic mineral formulas, 5-10 drops in 4-8 oz. of water or drink, a few times a day is the usual dosage. DISCOUNT ALERT! USE DISCOUNT CODE E120 TO RECEIVE $5 OFF THIS SUBTLE ENERGY FORMULA!

HOT TIP: Also see the Life Energy Pack for further discounts.

Personally, from the president...

Why Deep Living is Vibrant Living

vibrant living I used to think that the phrase "vibrant living" meant leaping joyously around in life, beaming a big smile without a care in the world. But it wasn't until the advent of the passing of Boyd Martin, the founder of Pure Energy Rx and my life partner, in January, that I truly understood what living vibrantly really means. The phrase is tossed around flippantly by other hawkers of health products, so I think it's time to comment on it.

Nothing can be considered vibrant, or even living, unless it has depth. It is the richness of feeling, and the gratitude for it that really defines what is vibrant. Vibrancy requires appreciation for life, a reverence for change, and a supreme faith that it is all good. Tibetan monk, Chögyam Trungpa speaks of "basic goodness"; that all of life and our lives personally are basically good. "There is a gut-level sense of health and wholesomeness taking place in our lives, as if we were holding a solid brick of gold. It is heavy and full, and it shines with a golden color. There is something very real and, at the same time, very rich about our human existence."

I see it as a choice, really. Are we going to, as in the Matrix movie, take the "red pill" and proceed headlong down the rabbit hole to the Truth of Everything, or do we take the "blue pill" so we can continue to float along on the predictable surface of life, self-assuredly complaining, judging, and avoiding ourselves and our lives? We choose to do one or the other. It's that fork in the road that is before us at every moment. We choose to be grateful for everything we used to take for granted, we choose to appreciate difficulties that break open our hearts and allow us to embrace the perfection of God's plan.

This deeper choice doesn't happen in the mind, because the mind is ruled by the ego--that little separate self that keeps trying to prove it's alive without really connecting with anyone or anything. The deeper vibrant choice is made in the heart, or in the gut as Trungpa would say. It can only be from the heart because the heart contains the true intelligence of who we are. Only the heart can live in the Now, and only the heart can truly trust the mysterious processes of Nature. While the ego sits on the sidelines criticizing the game and the players, the heart is all in the game, loving the players, deeply grateful for the opportunity to play.

At the final depth there is nothing but love. That is the basic goodness of life. It is the deepest vibrancy of all that is alive. Love is the compass of the heart, never waivering like a universal North Star. By letting go and falling deeply into gratitude, we fall in love with life. We regain our clarity of vision, we see everything in the Truth of Love, deeply vibrant, deeply alive.

In vibrant health,

Boyd Martin, Caretaker

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