May 18, 2011


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In my missionary work here at the Optimum Health Institute, I see more and more people coming to OHI because of stress. Emotional stress, physical stress, emotional stress about physical stress. One medical practitioner I talked to said they are treating a record number of clients for stress.

And, who can blame them? Natural disasters, social upheaval, financial meltdown, and even a real nuclear meltdown with sickening radiation everywhere. People are crying out for help with their stress.

Luckily, at OHI, their dietary program with other healing modalities offered here can at least address the physical results of stress, but to really get to the cause of stress, you have to look at how you react to situations--the mindset of emotional expectations that create stressful mental and emotional states. One person can get all stressed out because of a flat tire, but another person can see it as an exciting opportunity to test out the tire changing equipment in her new car. One person can stress out because they catch a cold or flu, another welcomes it as a chance to detox and rest.

So, it's not about what happens so much as our reactions to what happens. Please check out Boyd Martin's article this week, "The Big Lie Behind Stress" for further insights into this uniquely human pre-occupation with stress.

Also, we offer some remarkable products that specifically address stress you can check out: E-1 Stress Relief Formula (ionic minerals bioenergized with subtle energy); Clean Sweep Energy Spray which can immediately de-stress any situation; Transformation Enzymes that help the body adapt and deal with environmental and other stressors; and our popular Meditation Gem Elixirs from Vital Force, to help you gain insight into your reactions toward stress.

Life is truly a dance with yourself. Acceptance of this Truth allows stress to fall away and puts you in the driver's seat!

Until next time...

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President


The Big Lie Behind Stress

bubble collapse It's time to deconstruct stress. Why is it everywhere we turn? Financial stress, health stress, family stress, car stress, pet stress... just about any object, place, person or thing can get "stress" tacked onto it. One experience in particular tipped me off to the structure of stress--its scary exterior with its illusory core. Several years ago, I had a European band tour coming up in a week, and I began worrying about not having any travel money to take to a foreign country. It's very bad form to be borrowing from bandmates, not to mention the lack of self-sufficiency in an emergency. In any case, the closer the departure date came, the more and more apprehensive I became about this money problem. I didn't have a good or practical alternative available on this short notice, and clients with my day job had already paid me--that going to pay up bills in advance in preparation for the extended trip. I ended up the day before departure just dreading my situation--so much so, I almost bailed out. >>>> MORE


Everyday Preparedness

volcano With weather and earthquakes seemingly on the rise and rising in intensity, along with economic uncertainty globally, and the general increase in the stress levels of populations (doctors report all-time highs treating their patients for stress-related conditions and illnesses), it makes more and more sense to have a backup plan--a Plan B--for your life and lives of your family members. Peace of mind will follow by working out these five points and how they could be addressed:

  1. Know who your friends are. These are the people in your life with whom you feel comfortable sharing a backup plan and then resources in the event of a disaster. Ideally, they could be your current neighbors, or others who are short distances away, or still others that live outside urban areas that you could depend on.
  2. Have an evacuation plan. Treat it like a fire drill for you and your family. Have a procedure with assigned responsibilities. Think through what essential actions must be accomplished in the shortest amount of time. In the event of regional evacuation of populations (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, etc.), know what you will take and what to leave behind. Have communication protocols in place in the event of separation, with meeting places and backup meeting places, etc.
  3. Know most or all of these survival skills. 1) Foraging. How to find food in the wild, or turn weeds into a meal. (There's food all around you!), 2) Welding. Lets you repair and build all sorts of important things. 3) Sewing and clothing repair. Shoe repair is also extremely valuable. 4) Barter. Crucial skill set for getting by when the dollar is long gone. 5) Food storage. Do you know how to store the products from your own garden? Canning, drying, salting and freezing. Each of these skills is not only valuable to you and your family, but also valuable in trade with others. Lots of people will need their shoes repaired, for example. But very few people know how to repair shoes.
  4. Know your food and water source. Have water and food stashed on your property, in your RV, car, or a safe location nearby. Know where potable water can be found in your area. Vacuum pack grains, seeds, nuts, pastas and other dry goods. Have superfoods available such as chlorella and spirulina, goji berries, and/or nutritional teas such as green teas and mushroom teas. For long-term displacement, seeds for sprouting and crops (and barter).
  5. Have a money plan. Consider not being able to use or get to a functioning bank. What would you need? Barterable goods or skills, gold, gems, food, clothing, cash. Think it through.
Having these contingencies covered is a stress-reliever, because even if nothing happens, you at least have a reserve and a legacy to pass on to your children and family. [Thanks to Mike Adams, Health Ranger, Natural News Store]


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