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Vibrant Living

Although it's been dismally March-like here in the Northwest, the incessant rain has really made for lush vegetation! Our tulips lasted up until last week, and the irises came on strong and then gave it up with all the rain and coolishness. But, the peas are lovin' it, and the lettuce is riding high! We did get the new veggie garden in during a couple of sunny dry days, and are now eagerly awaiting those new lettuce leaves for our salads.

Exciting news for us is the addition of some beautiful and very potent essential oils created by Divine Archetypes' founder and formulator, Candice Covington. Candice is a master aromatherapist, and has traveled the world for the most "archetypally active" oils. These oils are meant to work directly on the energy systems of the body, and, wow, do they ever! At this time there are five oils from Indonesia sourced directly from the grower/distiller. All plants are either organically grown or sustainably wild harvested, and the oils are obtained through steam distillation. In order to provide maximal protection for the oils, they are bottled in violet glass (providing optimal energetic protection). During the capping process, each bottle is given a nitrogen blast in order to remove all oxygen, further protecting the oil. All of the labels are made from a tree-free paper (FiberStoneŽ) and are printed with water-based inks. Divine Archetypes also believe in giving back, so 5% of each sale goes to the Home of Mercy orphanage in Thali, Tamil Nadu, South India.

So, do please check these out and choose the most relevant one(s) for yourself, friends and family. We believe these oils can change lives--in many ways! In celebration, we are offering FREE SHIPPING through June 10th on all our products!

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

enzymes The Seven Stages of Declining Health
By DicQie Fuller-Looney, Ph.D., D.Sc., N.D.

I have learned that there are choices involved and that most conditions do not happen overnight. Every one of us is born with an inherited ability to make metabolic enzymes. However, enzymes can either be repressed or destroyed when the body's condition or environment is not in balance. The choices a person makes to avoid exercise, to stop for lunch every day and eat fast foods, or to lead a stressful, negative lifestyle can lead to the depletion of and an imbalance of enzymes. It is these poor choices that, in fact, result in the imbalances to the whole body that can allow disease to happen. No, disease does not happen overnight. It takes years of this constant neglect and over-indulgence to alter our enzyme balance and create a disease condition. >>> MORE

My Beginning Yoga Experience
by Boyd Martin

being As I walked out of the Bikram Yoga studio toward my car after my first class, I found myself declaring, "If I can actually do this yoga, it will totally change my whole life." I had only been able to attempt half the postures, with the rest of the time lying down, just dealing with the heated, humid room. But it was a revelation as to the sorry state of my body's condition, and the pathetic condition of my mind-body connection. I had already made the firm decision to do yoga class every day for two months, after reading Bikram Choudhury's introductory yoga book. He says, "Give us two months. We will change you." After living with years of back pain due to compressed lumbar discs and a sedentary lifestyle, I was ready for that change... >>> MORE

The Power of Choice
by Charly Emery

Do you choose? Or, do you make decisions? That may sound like a silly question to some of you; however, there is a distinction between making choices and making decisions. Regardless of how similar they may seem to be, a life created entirely by decision-making can be extremely different from one created with the power of choice. Decision and choice can go hand in hand or be mutually exclusive. As you embark on the journey of creating the life you envision, your choice can be an invaluable part of creating what you truly desire. Choice can help you take ownership of your decisions and have peace about them. It can also enable you to recognize limitations that may or may not be your own thus providing you with more freedom. Becoming more aware of the role choice plays in your life can have a profound effect your ability to take more responsibility for your actions and create enhanced results. Every moment holds the extraordinary gift of choice that many overlook. >>> MORE

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