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Vibrant Living

We're so excited about spring this year! We've put in our first veggie garden for salads and juicing. We've also stepped up our sprouting jars for sunflower seeds, almonds, mung beans and sesame seeds. We just acquired an Excalibur food dehydrator, and have been having great fun with creating seed crackers, dehydrating the sprouted seeds and nuts, and are looking forward to dehydrating some garden produce coming up soon. I've come up with some fun recipes that I'll be sharing on our blog.

We've upgraded our Gem Elixir website with more elixirs and more information so it's easy to find just the right elixir for your needs. We've gotten some great reports back from thrilled customers on these elixirs. I use these regularly, and I can testify to both their potency and effectiveness.

This past month has been very good for teaching me about the value of challenges--be it physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. It is really all one thing. There isn't a separate "body" over here, with a "mind" over there, and a "spirit" somewhere around. It's all my life in all its dimensions--the physical is a reflection of an emotional state or issue; some spiritual conundrum affects my ability to think or feel, that in turn affects my body. It's all connected. So, anything I can do to uplift my life affects everything in my life.

So here's to spring! The newest upliftment for all living things.

In vibrant health,

Shay Arave, President

enzyme Is Your Body Burning Up With Hidden Inflammation?
by Mark Hyman, MD

Could something as simple as a quick and easy blood test save your life? Absolutely. It is called a C-reactive protein test, and it measures the degree of HIDDEN inflammation in your body. Finding out whether or not you are suffering from hidden inflammation is critical, because almost every modern disease is caused or affected by it. If your immune system and its ability to quell inflammation in your body are impaired, watch out. You are headed toward illness and premature aging. Fortunately, addressing the causes of inflammation and learning how to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can dramatically improve your health. >>> MORE

Your thoughts, your body
by Shay Arave

being Extensive scientific research has been done over recent decades on the mind-body connection, as well as the food-wellness complex, so even the most skeptical cereal-box-HMO hugger may be enlightened. Of course, the free market being what it is, a lot of this scientific research has been harnessed to the service of profit-making often to the point where anyone attempting to figure out what route to wellness to take is going to have their head spinning. Throw in the internet, and it's usually information overload.

The key, as always, is to find those things that work for YOU. With all the thousands of effective approaches to healing and vibrant health, any individual can find at least one or two things that are real to them, and that will make a difference for them in particular. >>> MORE

by Evan Slawson

Paul R. Scheele is the author of the book "PhotoReading" and conducts Learning Strategy seminars around the country. Scheele has developed techniques which he believes can allow you to read 25,000 words per minute. PhotoReading claims that using new techniques you can abandon the "prevailing elementary reading model" and begin using "whole mind reading."

The faculty at a college in Minnesota, where Scheele is based, tried to prevent the PhotoReading seminar from being offered. The professors wanted to cancel the PhotoReading seminar on the grounds "the idea is impossible." A colleague of Scheele's agreed to provide a free demonstration. A volume of U.S. patent law was projected, page by page onto a video monitor at a rate of approximately 30 pages per second, which equals approximately 690,000 words per minute. Scheele's colleague was tested and scored 75 percent comprehension. The colleague also drew approximations of six patent illustrations and correctly identified their numeric sequence. Scheele writes about the naysayer's reaction: "The paradigm had shifted right before their eyes. Do you suppose they supported the seminar and PhotoReading? No. Seeing was not believing. To shift your paradigm you must believe it before you see it."

Many people react with similar disbelief to things that are observed in healing. Apparently we live in a world where protecting our current beliefs is more important than accepting the reality of our current experience. >>> MORE

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