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May 20, 2009 RELEASED TWICE MONTHLY Issue No. 118
Dear Friends and Vibrant Readers,

hiking Exercising the body, I believe, is underrated. The body can tolerate (or craves) more exercise than most people accept. And, as the saying goes, "Use it or lose it"--especially the older you get.

I find the more active I am, the better I feel. There are all sorts of medical reasons for this (cardiovascular, parasympathetic, lymph stimulation), but there is an emotional component to it that I think gets overlooked, and seldom mentioned.

When you're in motion and breathing, you feel yourself being alive. You feel yourself accomplishing. You feel yourself having the adventure of life. It's just more uplifting to be active. Often, exercising is recommended to people with clinical depression just for this reason.

On the other hand, if you just don't feel like moving, and yet you HAVE to move (chasing down a 6-year old, or getting the vacuuming done before the mother-in-law arrives), it's easy to get focused on your resistance instead of the task at hand. Here is your perfect opportunity to change the exercise mindset. Feel your aliveness, enjoy the good thing you're doing for your body and BREATHE. It's not for the 6-year old, it's not for your mother-in-law--it's for you!

Of course, increasing your overall lifestyle activity level usually means changing your routine and there are the resistances that come with that. It does require some discipline, but focusing on the benefits and the good feelings that come with activity can keep you motivated.

Here are some low-impact choices you can make to your routine:

  • If you have a remote phone, walk around while you talk, and then always return it to its cradle.
  • Instead of hiring the kid across the street to mow the lawn, do it yourself.
  • Park the car in the back of parking lots so you have to walk a ways, and then jog.
  • Take the stairs not the elevator.
  • Put dishes, pots, pans, cleaning supplies, etc., in locations requiring you to walk, stretch or bend to get a hold of them.
  • Be aware of your breathing, then breathe in for a count of 6, breathe out for 6. Do this three times. Refreshing!
  • While sitting or reclining, tense and release your legs, arms, stomach, shoulders, face, hands.
  • Check into yoga classes or official nature walks. Talk to your neighbor about going with you.
  • Walk the dog.
  • Plant a garden and raise your own vegetables.
You get the idea. Instead of trying to find the physically easiest way to get things done, start the habit of trying to find the physically refreshing way to get things done.

And, when all else fails, at least BREATHE.

In vibrant health,

ShayShay signature
Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


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"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... We must do that which we think we cannot." ?- Eleanor Roosevelt.

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laugh 10 Ways to Laugh Your Way to Happiness
Feeling cranky or sad? There is one thing that can snap you out of it in a nanosecond: Laughter. You can do it with anyone safely, and it?s mess free, drug free and it doesn?t require money.

A good laugh alleviates tension and makes you feel good all over. We can help heal ourselves ? and our friends and family ? with humor and laughter.

No matter how bad things get, or how awful they may seem, your world can change with the simple move of your facial muscles ? a slight twitch of your lips that starts as a smile and grows into a big, loud, hilarious laugh.

Here are some ways to get the ball rolling...

1. Applaud - When you applaud like your mean it you cannot help but smile and chuckle. Just the act of clapping can awaken your body and senses. Clapping makes you feel happy and joyous!
2. Laugh with Friends and Family - You don?t have to be outrageous and totally wacky. Friends can share a laugh together over the most mundane and silly things.
3. Share a Happy Meal - Just one breakfast meeting a week with people of a similar sense of humor is great medicine for the soul. Do you love jokes? Find friends who are good joke tellers and jokesters.
4. Create a deck of ?Happy Cards? - This may seem silly, but who cares? Buy a pack of plain index cards and some pretty magic markers and write individual sayings, jokes and quotes that make you laugh. Pull a card out when things look bleak.
5. Laugh Like Crazy - If you are with a small group of friends who are not feeling too peppy, or just one bummed out buddy or Debbie Downer type, start slowly with a straight face, so they don?t even know what you are up you. Then formulate a smile?then turn it into a chuckle?then build into a contagiously happy laugh.
6. Take Humor Risks - When you are stuck in your own thoughts, do something just a little wild to get out of it. And do the same thing to help a friend who needs a good laugh.
7. Start a Good Mood Virus - Take the lead in spreading good cheer. When we allow ourselves to feel good and filled with joy, we radiate it. Just as our bad moods can be contagious, our good moods can pave the way for many miles of smiles.
8. Keep Smiling - Every time the sun fades lift the sides of your mouth into a smile. Remember?-you cannot be depressed when you are smiling. >>> MORE

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Body, mind, spirit news...

  • Achieving Fame, Wealth, and Beauty are Psychological Dead Ends, Study Says
    If you think having loads of money, fetching looks, or the admiration of many will improve your life ? think again. A new study by three University of Rochester researchers demonstrates that progress on these fronts can actually make a person less happy...
  • Want to Improve Your Relationship? Do the Dishes Because You Really Want To
    If you do something positive for your mate, does it matter why? The answer is yes, according to new research from University of Rochester research assistant professor Heather Patrick...
  • Can you see the emotions I hear? Study says yes
    By observing the pattern of activity in the brain, scientists have discovered they can "read" whether a person just heard words spoken in anger, joy, relief, or sadness. The discovery, reported online on May 14th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, is the first to show that emotional information is represented by distinct spatial signatures in the brain that can be generalized across speakers...
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid Revisited
    BLOGOSPHERE: Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) has many functions, but it's one of the most effective free radical scavengers, and the only one known to easily get into your brain. It also has the ability to regenerate other antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, and glutathione. So, when your body has used up these antioxidants, if there?s ALA around, it helps regenerate them...
  • Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Investigates Claim
    Scientist Adrian Gibbs says he intends to publish a report suggesting the new strain may have accidentally evolved in eggs scientists use to grow viruses and drugmakers use to make vaccines, a claim the WHO is taking very seriously...
  • Certain foods may thwart age-related vision loss
    A new study suggests that older adults who eat diets rich in citrus fruits, leafy greens and fish oil, but low in "glycemic index," may have a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration--the leading cause of vision loss among older U.S. adults...
  • 22-year study finds adults aren't active enough
    The research team followed 884 adults, initially aged 18 to 60 years old, who lived in large cities, suburban, and rural areas. Among participants active at the beginning of the study, those disadvantaged in education and income were more likely to decrease their levels of physical activity over time, compared to participants who were university educated and with a higher family income...
  • Probiotics may help ward off postpartum obesity
    Pregnant women who take probiotic supplements starting in the first trimester are less likely to develop central obesity after they've given birth, according to a new study. (Central obesity was defined as a body mass index of 30 or higher or a waist circumference greater than 80 centimeters, about 31-1/2 inches)...

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