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May 8, 2009 RELEASED TWICE MONTHLY Issue No. 117
weeding Dear Friends and Vibrant Readers,

It is that time again...weeding those gardens, bending, reaching, crawling on hands and knees clearing out old growth for the benefit of those colorful beds of veggies and flowers known as part of the summertime fest. I was thinking while weeding yesterday, that pulling the entire root of the weed is like transforming an old issue. If you do not remove the root, the weed returns, and like an issue, getting down to the origin of the issue--its thoughts and feeling--and transforming its meaning is the only way to create a lasting and productive life change.

Recently I found new meaning in the breath, especially so in my yoga practice, showing up in my day-to-day while practicing deeper, rhythmic breathing in my work and daily activities. Breath, when practiced consciously, can be a form of release work--call it a distraction from those constant, daunting thoughts that dwell in the past. Things we wish we could change and can't, longings we wait for yet are late in arriving, thoughts that keep us out of the moment and stalled in the past. When you find yourself in the past, living a disappointment, go to the breath. Breathe in through the nose and out through the nose, relax...and do it again: In through the nose and out through the nose. As you exhale through the nose feel the breath loosen the shoulders, neck, upper chest; and inhale again, like a wave of motion, inhale and then exhale over and over.

Here are some of the physical benefits of nasal breathing.

  • Makes exercise much easier because it restores sympathetic-parasympathetic balance so that you finish a workout energized, not exhausted.
  • Stimulates the vagus nerve in the upper abdomen, allowing you to exercise more strenuously at a lower heart rate.
  • Keeps the rib cage flexible so lung capacity is optimized, and you can oxygenate your body and brain more efficiently.
  • Minimizes occurrence of colds and sinus infections, because air that is breathed into the lungs through the nose has been warmed and filtered by the cilia in your nasal passages.
  • Improves metabolism because the better aeration of the lungs oxygenates the blood and burns more calories.
Healing from the past is something we all spend time doing, whether we are conscious of this process or not. Like weeding a garden, the deeper we dig and more thorough we are with the cleansing or breathing out our distress, the more beautiful the outcome. We have less debris to manage, more space to grow and flourish and far less luggage following our trail.

Spring is a wonderful time to clean up your garden and uproot ways of being that are long worn out and useless. Give it a try with the breath, and I will be right there with you. Once again, thanks for clicking into the Vibrant Living E-zine and for being my inspiration.

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


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"Looking at everyday human interactions, imagine how many times we cast spells on each other with our word. Over time this interaction has become the worst form of black magic, and we call it gossip." ?- Don Miguel Ruiz

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fearlessness 10 Tips for a Fearless Life
Fear. We've all felt its icy hand--whether it's a sudden grab, or a subtle, lingering presence. No matter how it functions in your life, no doubt you're happiest and most fulfilled when it's not at the wheel, steering.

Buddhist writer Susan Piver offers simple techniques you can apply to everyday fears--from asking for help to remembering to breathe.

1. Let Yourself Be Afraid - The next time you notice fear rising, whether it appears as anxiety, melancholy, or anger, stop, grab a piece of paper, and write one short sentence that describes your fear.
2. Ask for Help - If you notice panic rising, reach out to someone. You could strike up a little conversation with the person next to you, call a friend, write a letter, or send an e-mail.
3. Put Others First - Ask yourself: "If I were to get past my worst fears, who else would be made happy?"
4. Cheer Up - The next time you feel shaky, pause. Say these words to yourself: "I could always just cheer up." And then cheer up.
5. Relax - Locate fear's position, simply relax that area. Let your jaw or stomach go or take a few deep breaths.
6. Stop Talking to Yourself - When you notice you're beginning to spin out, instead of thinking about your suffering, feel it. You'll be amazed at how much faster suffering resolves.
7. Bring Someone With - Before you step into your scary situation, visualize this person by your side, holding your hand, or in your arms.
8. Time It - Take a look at your watch. Try to stay afraid for as long as you can. The very second you notice your mind starting to think about something else, stop and look at your watch.
9. Listen to Silence - Bring your attention to whatever sounds are present. Listen to what's in between or under the sounds you hear and keep your attention on that.
10. Learn to Meditate - All the suggestions above are predicated on one thing: the ability to maintain mindfulness and awareness, moment to moment, as best you can. No matter which type of meditation you do, if you stick with it your ability to move through fear with confidence will get stronger and stronger. >>> MORE

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