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May 4, 2007 RELEASED EVERY FRIDAYIssue No. 66

waterfall Hello, Vibrant Reader!

As the weather starts to warm up, I am reminded about the value of drinking enough water. The body is mostly made up of water--a fact easy to forget during a busy day. Body metabolism uses water to keep nearly all its processes working properly, not to mention evaporation of water through the skin is happening constantly. Water retention often happens as a result of dehydration--which seems counter-intuitive, but test it out yourself. If your feet, hands or belly swell due to water retention, try increasing your water intake. At some point, the kidneys will kick in and start eliminating the backed-up metabolic waste in the retained water.

The general rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. During the day do a water consumption evaluation, and note how much water you are drinking. If your body weighs 150 pounds, that means you need to drink 75 oz. of water (about a half gallon + 8 oz.). A good way to keep track of your water is to fill up the correct amount in a container(s) and get used to drinking that much. It may take a few days, but once you achieve that rate, you'll notice your body feels so much better, lighter and more flexible. It's because you are properly hydrated!

We're once again featuring the work of Udo Erasmus this week. He's the "fats guy," we originally discovered last summer. He wrote the popular book, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, and has developed a line of super-pure Omega-balanced oil formulas. One of his major points is that in our society there is an extreme imbalance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids in the diet, mainly due to the popularity of fast foods, and the unpopularity of vegetables and fish. An imbalance of Omega 6 acids has been shown to be directly connected to certain types of cancers and other illnesses. So do check out this important article.

We just received a new shipment of our favorite Venables Valley Soaps--handmade from a family in Canada, who uses essential oils and vegetable fats to create these wonderfully aromatic soaps. They are so delightfully scented, you can use them as potpourris. Try keeping a bar in your car--you'll love it!

Until next week...

In vibrant health,

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Shay Arave
Pure Energy Rx


Spring Cleaning Tips:

  • Buy green and natural cleaning products: There are many options for safe, non-toxic cleaning products from environmentally responsible companies. These natural cleaners are free of chemicals, phosphates, artificial colors, fragrance, harsh fumes, and clean well. Concentrated products save on packaging, are less to recycle and can save you money.
  • Recycle your empty cleaning product bottles! Watch cleaning product recipes: Use those made with common household ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.
  • Use washable cloths rather than paper towels: If you must use paper towels, than buy recycled fibers paper towels.
  • Use Natural Dryer Balls Instead of chemical fabric softeners, such as Gaiam Dryer Balls
  • Carpet Cleaning: Learn more about why all natural carpet care is better for you and the earth. Green carpet care cleans without harsh chemicals, fumes, and dries faster than conventional carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • Green House Cleaning Services: Use this locator to find a green and natural house cleaning company.
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Herbal Accelerator...Rev up your metabolism...2-4-1 SALE!

Speed up that spring weight loss with Herbal Accelerator. And to help you do that, we're offering a 2-4-1 SALE. Buy one Herbal Accelerator ($28), and get TWO! We recommend using this formula alongside our recommended Body Type formulas determined from our Body Type Survey.

Herbal Accelerator To lose those extra pounds:

  • Find out your BODY TYPE
  • Get the body type FORMULA
  • Use RELEASEZYME to help regulate the bowels.
  • Drink plenty of WATER (1 oz. for every 2 lbs. of body weight)
  • Eat HIGH FIBER foods such as fruits and vegetables
  • Get 30 min. of EXERCISE a day
  • Watch those pounds FALL AWAY!
Featured article...

The Art of Letting Go While Maximizing Productivity
Charly Emery Our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery, dives into the question of how to let go while taking the actions necessary to achieve our goals. "After the goal is identified, it's time to consider what actions will yield the desired results and go for it, right? Sure. But, letting go is the invaluable part of this course of action, which fits smack dab in the middle of the process between your visualization and your action," writes Charly. She compares molding our lives to the pottery maker molding clay on a pottery wheel--too much force and all is lost, too little, and nothing happens... >>>> MORE

Fats That Kill, Fats That Heal
Erasmus A nearly fatal accidental pesticide poisoning 25 years ago, spurred Udo Erasmus to delve deep into his research on dietary fats. This university geneticist ended up earning his Ph.D. on the subject, and writing two books. He has since become the "Father of Unrefined, Organic Flax Oil," campaigning the world about the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. Of course, he also touts whole foods, vegetarianism, and an inspired attitude, as part of a holistic nutrition program for anyone. But, he says, "If I had to pick one to focus on, I would pick the Omega 3 fatty acid simply because it is the most sensitive, the most damaged by processing. And, it is the most commonly too low in the greatest number of people." >>> MORE

Body, mind, spirit news...

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