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Spring garden spacer.gif "Our luminous body is the most incredible tool we have. The way we perceive Our body is the center post of our perceptions. If you change your perception of the body, you can change your perception of reality." --Huang
spacer.gif Think about that... Changing our perception of our body can change our perception of reality. What would that be like, what would having a different perception of your body provide you in your physical reality, in the day to day... at work and at play, with family and friends... who could you become and in the becoming what would that provide the world?
spacer.gif While interviewing David Wolfe, an authority on raw food living, and featured in our newsletter this month, he said, "Small things can become big things." So if we are committed to changing our lives, we also are committed to changing our world. As we transform in the physical, emotional and spiritual body, how we exist in the world transforms. In those small changes a collective is formed--an accumulation of intent takes place, and we stand in the possibility of transforming ourself and our world one day at a time. A small thing, but over time it becomes a big thing, as our intention and daily focus allow for long-term gain and true personal development in our lifetime.
spacer.gif An example of this would be my organic vegetable garden, three years now in the making. Each spring is a process of amending the soil with compost gathered over the fall and winter seasons. Cleaning the beds and mapping out the space--when I started this project it was little more then clay and weeds. Now the earth is loose, dark and full of worms; good signs my efforts and intention over time created results. Working with our physical, emotional and spiritual body is no different; it takes time, planning and daily effort to transform mass into beauty, strength and vibrancy.
spacer.gif David says, "Make small changes over time, this will be the lasting changes as your body adjusts to a lighter, cleaner lifestyle." As we cleanse and heal our bodies, that same cleansing and healing is provided to Mother Earth. There is no separation.

Many blessings and continued wellness,

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Featured Articles

Raw food guru, David Wolfe...
David Wolfe With both parents as doctors, David Wolfe grew up with a unique perspective on mainstream medicine, realizing at a young age that there were serious problems with the system. After pursuing and obtaining university degrees in Engineering, Political Science and Law, the day of destiny came--an epiphany--and David realized his calling to teach and advocate for the organic, raw food lifestyle. Much of his philosophy centers around "we are what we eat," so the freshest, purest diet is the best way to have control over achieving well-being in life. >>> MORE
Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery...
Charly Emery Our resident Life Coach and Synergy Specialist, Charly Emery, in her series, "Manifest What You Dream of Today," explores the difference between thinking positively, and thinking with possibilities: "How does possibility thinking differ? Possibility is infinite! When you are a possibility thinker, you have no limitations! In the realm of possibility, all things are possible; you accept that any outcome or desire can be fulfilled in an infinite number of ways. When you engage in the practice of possibility thinking, no ratio, prediction, rule or previous experience will hinder you from believing in the potential of your success. How exciting is it to know that there is no specific method or limited number of ways to achieve what you want?" >>> MORE

F.Y.I. - Interesting Health News Tidbits

Organics go mainstream...
Organic grocery spacer.gif It's getting cheaper to go organic. In a bid to capture a slice of the fast-growing organic-foods market, mainstream supermarket chains are rushing out their own store-brand lines that can cost significantly less than comparable specialty brands often found at health-food and gourmet stores. The pricing could remove a big barrier for many Americans who have wanted to try organic rice, cookies or cans of soup but have been put off by the prices. Though the store brands are less expensive, the chains say they adhere to the same federal standards for what constitutes organic as other brands.
spacer.gif SuperValu Inc., poised to become the nation's second-largest supermarket chain after it acquires Albertson's Inc., this month is introducing a line of 50 organic products called Nature's Best, including cereal, juice, apple sauce and pasta. By the end of June, the company will add 100 more private-label organic products, and plans to offer about 300 by mid-2007. Nature's Best, priced to be 10% to 15% below comparable national-brand organic products, is the latest in a surge of lower-cost alternatives. Safeway Inc. recently introduced 150 organic products under the O, Organics name. The company plans to have as many as 300 "O" products by the end of 2007.
spacer.gif Chains are looking to push back against specialty-food retailers like Whole Foods Market Inc., which have siphoned away customers in recent years. The U.S. organic-food market generated about $13.8 billion in sales last year, up from $11.9 billion in 2004 and $3.6 billion in 1997, according to market-research firm Nutrition Business Journal. The firm estimates organics will reach $15.5 billion this year. "If mainstream consumers said price has been an issue in buying organics, we've addressed the pricing issues," says Michael Jackson, SuperValu's chief operating officer. >>>> MORE

Ride a bike, save a planet...
Bike power spacer.gif As a Montana bicycle advocate, Jim Sayer's argument is simple: In the U.S., half of all trips taken are three miles and less. If just half of those trips were done by bicycle, we would save 24 billion gallons of gas each year--and reducing emissions as a result. Those figures are why most of the world is seriously committed to promoting bike travel. So why can't the U.S. stop spending billions on automobile travel and start spending a small portion on bikes?
spacer.gif It's all about attitudes--and a political commitment, Sayer pointed out. In Japan, fuel taxes are huge. In Denmark, a 180% car registration fee helps encourage bicycle travel. France just hired a National Bike Czar, under the Ministry of Transportation. Copenhagen has 2,000 free bicycles out for commuters to use. And in Bogota, a city of 6.5 million, a plan is in place to ban all cars downtown during peak commute hours by 2015.
spacer.gif Even in Beijing, where the Chinese government is trying to encourage the purchase of automobiles (God bless capitalism), 50% of commuter trips are still done by bike. >>>> MORE

Breathing for health...
Breathing spacer.gif Can the way you breathe make you sick? Yes it can. You breathe 15,000 to 35,000 times daily. Anything you do wrong that often can affect you in many ways. But when developed properly the breathing length, depth, volume, balance, rate, ease, and flow will help heal or improve most aspects of life and living. Breath is life: The unanswered questions are why, when and how.
spacer.gif Over 90% of your energy comes from your breathing. Oxygen is a primary product of breathing and the more difficult it is to breathe fully in a balanced and integrated way the higher becomes the oxygen cost of breathing. Another primary aspect is the way breathing mechanics influences the nervous system via stimulation and relaxation (sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system responses). This is huge but largely overlooked by many health professionals.
spacer.gif Research and statistics on over 45,000 breathing tests clearly show that good breathing skills correlate with wellness, and poor breathing skills with a strong propensity towards illness. It is probably no surprise to most of you that have discovered that many health conditions are caused or worsened by poor breathing. During this time we also gleaned several breathing skills that correlate with optimal health and peak performance. When those skills are improved there is a corresponding improvement in most people's health and performance.
spacer.gif A few conditions include: Addictions, Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Bad Memory, Brittle Bones, Bronchitis, Cancer, Chest Pains, Circulation disorder, Depression, Gland Disorder, Fatigue, Hypochondria, Low Sex Drive, Organ Disorder , Overweight, Panic Attacks, Pain other than chest, Phobias, Poor Voice Quality, Shortness of Breath, Sleeping Issues, Stressed Out and Emphysema. >>>> BREATHING SKILLS

Verbal first aid...
Verbal first aid spacer.gif University of Kansas professor M. Eric Wright discovered verbal first aid in 1990, when he experimented with two groups of emergency medical technicians. The control group was told to continue normal emergency response procedure, but the other group was given a set of parameters to follow:
  1. Minimize extraneous input, such as witnesses' reactions.
  2. Say a specific paragraph that includes: "The worst is over...[Tell your body to preserve itself. Encourage healing and limited blood loss]... You're in a safe position. The worst is over."
  3. Don't talk too much about anything else.
After six months of following these parameters, the trained group's patients were admitted to the hospital from the emergency room less often, stayed a shorter time in the hospital and experienced a much lower mortality rate. In fact, the results were so positive that the control group repeatedly asked Professor Wright for training so that they could help their patients better. spacer.gif Fortunately, verbal first aid is extremely easy to learn and perform, as long as you remember the following principles:
  1. Center yourself in the present moment: The best gift you can give someone is your full attention. Remember that the situation at hand isn't about you; you're there to help someone else. Go to where the injured person is, both literally and figuratively, and you will eventually take him or her to safety. For example, if the person is pacing, pace along.
  2. Let the injured or ill person know that you understand him or her: Relay your sympathy and empathy. Be sure to never argue with a person's belief system while performing verbal healing. Find a way to take the person to a healing state within his or her belief system.
  3. Give verbal healing suggestions, including reassurance of safety: "The worst is over." "Breathe evenly with me." "You're in a safe place."
If you'd like to recite a specific paragraph, you can find it in full in Professor Prager's book, The Worst is Over: What to Say When Every Moment Counts. >>>> MORE
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