April No. 1, 2017

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Why Mindfulness Meditation Works on Stress

mindfulness As a physician and professor of clinical medicine at UR Medicine, Dr. A.M. Gallegos has taught mindfulness-based stress reduction for nearly 15 years. He uses mindfulness practices such as yoga to help practitioners better regulate their responses to stressors. Gallegos describes mindfulness as taking in each experience as a new experience, and "practicing as much as possible to not allow judgment to be a factor, but instead experience each moment as a new moment."

How does this relieve stress? Gallegos explains that "the brain creates maps to help us understand our experiences, but sometimes that can make us guarded or misinterpret an experience."

Our ingrained map when confronted with, say, missing a deadline, is fundamentally the same as when we used to be confronted with a bear in the wild. So when our bodies react in the "old" way, we're revved up for action that never happens. Practicing mindfulness and taking in new experiences without judgment "gives the opportunity to appraise a situation, but with more awareness of the full context and the ability to respond rather than react," said Gallegos.

Which brings us back to Anne Boucher, who is a chaplain at the Center for Spirituality at Nazareth College and also now a yoga instructor. At Nazareth, Boucher also shares the power of mindfulness through yoga. "We help people get into the present moment and be safe in the present," she explains. "Mindfulness and yoga provide the simplest lesson, teaching people to be in the present moment: Trauma is in the past, and anxiety is about the future. For a lot of people, learning to be in the present breaks them out of those traps."

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Stress has been rated as the top cause for health challenges. To achieve a higher level of health, examining and addressing life stressors is key. Use our E-1 Stress Relief formula as well as Clean Sweep. E-1 normalizes the nervous system, while Clean Sweep clears away negative energies, such as EMF and negative human emotions. These are excellent formulas to use along with any mindfulness and yoga practice.

The Ancient Art of Qigong--The Short Explanation

qigong The majority of qigong systems will include elements of breathing, movement, and meditation. Some systems include standing or sitting still in different poses. They all generate and accumulate energy which can be used by the body. In general, qigong practiced for health purposes is done in a relaxed manner. This is very different from other forms of exercise. This also makes Qigong suitable for people in all stages of life and physical condition.

There is a coordination of body, mind, and breath--mindful movement. In some forms, there is something called the "Qigong state". The Qigong state is a flow state where the busy "monkey mind" slips away, and the movements are effortless.

Basically, Qigong is about balancing and working with energies. If the idea of "energy" seems too magical to you, you can think about energy as both mechanical and chemical in this sense. The oxygen we breath combines with the nutrients in the food we eat in the blood and circulates by the mechanical action of the heart. These are all types of energy. The electrochemical impulses of our nervous system are another kind of energy. "Qi" is another one of those, which represents vital energy.

From a Western perspective, we don’t know a lot yet about how Qigong works. We can draw from what we know about mindfulness and exercise science. Moving the body through a fuller range of motion helps to lubricate the joints with synovial fluid and may aid lymphatic draining. The movement increases blood circulation. Complex body movements can improve balance and coordination. The Chinese Medicine interpretation of these movements is "moving the Qi". The fact that you’re doing all of this while relaxed has a benefit of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system – allowing for rest and digest mode even while getting exercise.

Qigong classes are becoming easier to find in almost any good-sized city. As with any exercise practice, a great instructor is a key to getting the most benefit. Most martial arts schools that teach Tai Chi, also have Qigong. Sometimes health clubs or YMCAs will have a class--or there might be a Meetup or Facebook Group near you.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: The esoteric explanation of our E-4 Foundation Formula is that it "re-connects the lower and upper energy centers of the body", which is exactly what Qigong endeavors to do. So, take the E-4 formula before your Qigong class and get better results.

Nepal's Army is Meditating for World Peace

soldiers TM Nepal’s army schools are finishing their first stage implementation of "Invincible Defense Technology" (IDT). The ultimate goal of IDT is to prevent enemies from arising by reducing the collective societal stress that culminates in war, terrorism, and crime. IDT involves use of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique and its advanced practices. What more appropriate applicant than with the military.

In fact, militaries and police worldwide have successfully field-tested and are now using this approach. The army school in Bhaktapur, Nepal, was the first military school to implement TM. Three hundred of its teaching staff and 2700 students there have greatly benefited from practicing TM, according to TM teacher Ms. Pappy Regmi. Ms. Regmi says: "TM has been practiced by the students of Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya Sallaghari Bhaktapur for the past three years.

Mr. Samim Anwar Shamim, the former Principal of the army school also noticed improvements: "Daily Transcendental Meditation practice in the school greatly reduced the abuse problems and antisocial behavior of students. It has been the best tool to maintain discipline and healthy environment in the premises of the army school."

There are other important IDT benefits. Research has shown that the TM technique promotes development and resilience, improves wellness, and dramatically reduces burnout and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. For this reason, the Veterans Society of Nepal and the Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation jointly launched a project to teach the TM program to retired army personnel. Due to their combined efforts, retired Nepalese army officers and Nepal Army Rehabilitation Center war casualties have learned TM.

The individual benefits of IDT for the warrior are promising. Invincible Defense Technology is aptly named. The most important benefit to be gained from implementation of IDT is invincibility for the nation of Nepal. Invincible means incapable of being defeated; unconquerable. Defense means to defend and to protect. Technology is applied science. The goal of IDT is to prevent enemies from arising. The military that properly applies it can ultimately obtain victory before war. Once this goal is achieved, the military becomes invincible because there are no enemies to fight. Former Home Minister, Deepak Prakash Baskota was one of the first Nepalese leaders to advocate military use of IDT to create invincibility. In an 2012 article published in Eurasia Review titled "How Nepal Can Have An ‘Invincible’ Military" he wrote: "Leaders in Nepal could make their mark if they adopt this most ideal defense system. The implementation of IDT would mark a turning point in the history of Nepal’s national defense, and the leaders in Nepal would also be leading the world into perpetual peace."

Therefore, the military of Nepal will gain the ultimate strategic advantage of invincibility by averting the rise of any enemy and they WILL achieve victory before war.

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"Stone of Successful Love"

emerald Spiritually: Stimulates gathering of wisdom. Opens the heart chakra. Aligns the subtle bodies. Enhances psychic abilities and increases clairvoyance.

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This Quantum Life
by Boyd Martin, Caretaker

The Quantum Afterlife

The Discovery At 80 years old, Robert Redford plays a scientist who proves the existence of the Afterlife in "The Discovery", so kudos to him for taking on this age-appropriate Netflix production.

The film is a slow-moving, introspective fare, delivering the subject matter with even more gravitas than it would on its own. The cast is quirky and melodramatic, which gives impact to the last 20 minutes of the show, when Redford's character admits he had it all wrong about the Afterlife.

In the scientist's previous research, he definitively proves that a person's consciousness "goes somewhere else" at the time of death--hence, "The Discovery". This leads to mass suicides around the world, since now there is a guarantee of a glorious "life reset" after death.

The film begins with the fallout from The Discovery as Redford's character is interviewed by Mary Steenbergen's TV reporter. She attempts to get the scientist to accept responsibility for all the deaths (upward of 4 million since The Discovery), and he won't. After all, it's a matter of personal choice.

The next step for Redford's scientist is to obtain a physical recording of where this "somewhere else" is. For this he needs a cadaver--apparently more convincing than flatlining himself and some of his staff doing research on this.

cadaver The cadaver tells a mind-blowing tale, which gets me to why this film had such an impact on me, as a quantum physics buff. (Spoiler Alert) Via a quivering and ghostly video image from the cadaver's point of view, we see a known local hospital where the subject visits a family member. At first, everyone thinks the video feed is simply a string of memories, which would invalidate the premise that the machine retrieving this video is plugged into the subject's current view of the Afterlife.

But then, the scientist's son (and rude skeptic) discovers that there are small details in the video that do not match current reality: a door in a hallway at the hospital that isn't there in the video, a tattoo on the arm of the subject that doesn't match the one on the cadaver's body, and a few other things that get everyone asking, "What exactly are we looking at?"

And then, the chilling conclusion: what we call The Afterlife is simply another version of the life we've just led. So after our death, we step into basically the same life we just left--all the same people, same issues, and same settings, except we have lost the memory of where we had just been because we've left that mind behind and taken on a new one in a parallel universe.

So, no "god", no "angels', no "Pearly Gates"... just more of the same. Now, what impacted me was that this theory fits in nicely with what quantum science knows about the behaviors of sub-atomic particles. Such features as "spooky action at a distance" where electrons can be at two places at once, or share information instantaneously across huge distances, or go to the future and change its own past. These characteristics are common in the quantum particle-wave world.

We are all made up of these quantum particles, so is it such a stretch to believe that we, too, have the same "spooky" possibilities lurking within our being?

earths A somewhat shocking explanation given by engineers about how quantum computing works, is that all mathmatical problems have been solved in all parallel universes. Inform a particle in this universe of a problem, and it automatically retrieves the solution from a parallel universe. In other words, quantum particles travel among parallel universes instantaneously, and those particles are what make up our very own lives.

What if "The Afterlife" is all about making new choices--about doing things differently than we did them before to create a different result for ourselves. The fact that we use the death of the body as a way to "jump parallel universes" now seems, in light of this new possibility, rather over-dramatic and anachronistic.

I then began to realize that I've been catching glimpses of another version or versions of my life my whole life. Usually, they are higher, more wonderful versions of me, where I've made the choices that have led me to a Utopian existence. This fits with the Promise of most religions about the Afterlife--we go to a loving, beautific place where all our loved ones welcome us with open arms. What if what they are referring to are simply parallel universes where we can choose anew among those possibilities.

And what if we could just go there right now?...

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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